Mount Saint Joseph University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're not going to be focused on school work or looking for a big university, then The College of Mount St. Joseph is not for you.


Somebody who shouldn't attend the College of Mount St. Jospeh is one who is not dedicated to their education and futur career. If they lack the motivation to follow through and earn their college diploma, then they would be wasting both their's and the schools time and energy.


One who is not a self motivator. If you are the kind of person that need a lot of one on one instruction, then this would not be the ideal school for you. Even though the class sizes are rather small, teaching is done from a hands on prospective. Instructors are available for help and demonstration, but they really want students to try a new project out first to get a feel for things. One thing is for sure you do learn the task at hand.


Someone who is looking for a big school atmosphere and big classes.


The only people that shouldn't attend this school are people that dont work hard in their academics. It cost too much to go there and not do your best.


Someone who wants to go to a large college. There are only about 2,500 total students at MSJ. A student who wants to just get by and get a degree.