Mount Saint Mary College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Getting a lot of homework at the same time. Most of the time I have a lot of reading homework to do for all my classes that due on the same day, so it gets frustrating at times.


Lack of variety in the daily grind. You see/hang out with the same people everyday. Eat the same bad food at the dining hall. And do the same thing every weekend which is either go to a bar or party. I understand thats the case for a lot of colleges but its all amplified here due to the small, small size of this school. More or less, Mount Saint Mary College is a very expensive step up from a community college. At around 30K a year, one would expect the mount to be a coveted school to attend.


The emptiness on the weekends. Also how it is not diverse enough. I wish there were more student from other part of the world that attend my school. The study abroad program at this school is bad. It is not diverse at all. A student can only go to three countries that the school will sponser on their own, if the student want to go to another country they can't, or they have to find another school and take out more loans.


The adivors were not very helpful, and did not understand my major and concentration completely. I am going for education but he did not know what I needed in my field because he was a history profesor. Also if you were not on top of ur registration you never got the classes you really needed.


The size is frustrating. People usually always know your buisness.

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