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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give my high school-self advice, I would tell myself to fill out every scholarship possible. The financial aspect of going to college has probably been th most stressful. On top of that, I would tell myself to save as much money as possible while I don't have any bills of my own. I would also tell myself to take the ACT one more time


I would tell myself to focus on networking in college as intensely as I focus on my mastery of the material. Most people find great job opportunities through people they know personally. Therefore, it is critical to your success to build a powerful network of people whom you trust and that trust you. These relationships could mean the difference between being an unemployed college graduate or one with a fulfilling and rewarding career. So high school self, focus on grades of course, however, do not spend so much time studying that your relationships suffer. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to spend more time interviewing for jobs just to practice. Even if you have no intention of taking a job, interview regularly to become comfortable with your responses and alleviate any anxiety related to lack of experience. Last but most importantly of all, be careful to carve out quality time for your family so you do not leave them feeling abandoned. Have fun, work hard, accept mistakes, correct mistakes, and love everyone!


As much as college can seem exciting and awesome to attend, it can really help you to grow inside and out. You are no longer apart of your parents guidance, it's going to be all about you and the decisions you make. A lot of freedom is involved as well, so take time out and study and get involved on campus. Deciding you major is also a major part in enrolling in college. If you know exactly what you are interested in by all means go for the gold, and if not no worries you can go in undecided. Undecided does not mean anything bad coming in as a freshman to college, it actually gives you time to seek some academic advising and see what it is that you are interested in having as a career. Last but not least, get involved and meet as many people as you can. The college experience is a big part of life that may help you to lead to your future. Getting involved is a way of networking and a lot of variety of different things. Also use every service or help that the college provides, it will take you quite far.


My advice to myself would be to work on study skills. Throughout highschool, I maintained good grades and never really had to study to do it. Being in college now, I realize that has hurt me. I would have to advice myself to listen closely to my teachers, take precise notes and study them often! Studying and note taking is a big part of college and not knowing how to do it properly can really hurt you in the long run!


Simply put, I would tell myself that there is always room for improvement. There's always room to learn something new and in that same thought, there's always ways to push yourself through things instead of skating by. What you can achieve today, you can relish in tomorrow. Realize that college isn't the same as AP classes and studying by yourself at the library, it takes dedication and drive.


I would most definitely be more strict on my studies. I would study longer and harder for test. I'm from Kentucky and highschool residents get "KEES" money for each year they're in highschool based off of each years GPA. It erks me to know I could of gotten more money to put towards my college tuition if my GPA was better. Now I'm stressed even with my "KEES" money being applied on how to pay for school. In highschool people don't realize that afterwards, it's grown up time. No more being babied with "Well you can turn in your homework next week. Or oh you were gone all last week? Heres the notes you missed." I was lucky enough to be apart of a program where half of my associates was paid for and I took actual college classes. I learned quickly the difference in a college professor and a high school teacher. They don't care if you show up, or if you turn in your work, because in college it's your money and time, they're just getting paid. All in all, highschool is so important and should be taken extremely seriously.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not choose to go to a community college that is two hours away from me because it will mess my grades up. That was the biggest mistake I made and I ended up dropping out of college because of it. So i would tell myself to just pick another community college thats closer and do school non stop until I get my masters. I would tell myself that if i stop, later school is just going to get more competitive and expensive. I would tell myself to be strong and keep going for my dream, dont slack off and everything will pay off. If not you'll find yourself leaving, and when you come back its harder than before and a struggle to pay school off. I would encourage myself and push myself to do my best.


I would tell myself not to worry about how hard it's probably going to be and to continue to believe in myself. Dreams will come true as long as you don't give up and just keep pushing forward. The struggle ahead won't be as hard as long as you hold faith in yourself. College is full of life, laughter, friendship, and love. As corny as that sounds, it's true. You should look forward to it because college will be one of the best experiences you'll have. You'll never regret it for one single moment. It gives you a drive in life as you feel you are constantly bettering yourself and never giving up. No matter how hard things will get, your success in college will sometimes be the only thing that gets you through it all. It will give you the strength and pride to achieve success in your career. College will prepare you for more than just your career, it will prepare you to become the best human being you could ever hope to be.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there are many things that I would tell myself. First of all, I would remind myself that college boyfriends come and go so keep your head in the books. You do not need anyone distracting you from your goal. Your education is by far the most important part of college. Really do all that you can to keep your GPA as high as you can because in the end it WILL matter; besides, it will make you feel great knowing you have a 4.0 ;) . Be as active as you possibly can. Do not be nervous about tryouts for the equistrian team. Just take a deep breath, relax and ride; you'll be first picked for that team if you do just that! Get out of your comfort zone and do things you normally wouldn't (hey you might just meet some extrodinary people that way!). Overall have your fun but keep your eye on the prize and in the end all your hard work will shine through. I look forward to seeing who you become in the future!


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self, hands down I would tell her to apply for every scholarship that was presented to her and to go get her degree. Do not take a year off from school, chances are, you will never go back! Study hard, but enjoy life and experience new places, people, and things. Don't settle....EVER. Work hard to be the best YOU that you can be and trust your instincts.


Cherish the time while you have it, don't take it for granted! You have it so great in high school, there are very few responsibilities and you always have people around to help you. You also need to really focus on saving money because college tuition is not the only thing you need to worry abouut. When you get to college no one is there to do your laundry and buy you food, shampoo, gas and clothes. Start a savings account now for the future as well, you never know what's going to happen. Hang out with your family when you can, after your senior year you are on your own and you may live with them again for one summer but thats pretty much it. Love them and cherish them while you can because believe it or not, you're growing up! Remember to stay true to yourself, what you feel is right and wrong. Do what makes you happy, accept opinions but remember that yours is the only one that matters. HAVE FUN!


I would definitely tell myself that there is no such thing as researching colleges and scholarships too early. I would tell myself that fun can definitely wait also stay as involved in the community as you can. Getting community service isn't the whole package, being able to network and get connections is also included. Hard-drive and determination is as stressfull as you allow it to be. In other words, it is ok to just walk away and take a break sometimes not all the time. Exercising is also good to start before going to college so that you can be healthy going in and get your body used to exercising. Don't let anyone tell you that you are working to hard and you are an over-achiever. Lastly I would tell myself that there is nothing wrong with being excited about your future!


There is so much I would change my past self, as a senior. I wish I can go back and do some duel credit classes and get some of my basics done in high school. Realizing that I have no financial aid help right now, only student loans that I have to pay off and many people in my shoes know how that feels when you're as young as I, barely nineteen and trying to do everything to get the money. I was in Business Professionals of America and choked on my first professional interview for an office job. I studdered like a fool and repeated a few things over again. I had the whole script of what I was going to say my head but I know now that to be honest with yourself and to loosen up and calm down during a interview such as that. Lastly, I wish I could have done better with my math. I should have gone to tutorials because now it bit me now that I am doing remedial courses and I barely have 3 classes. I could have least gone farther within my college basic years. I would have changed that.


If I was given the opportunity to go back to my high school senior self, I wouldn't give myself advice. Instead I would Thank myself so much for never giving up! I would say Thank you so much for taking risks and chances! I would say thank you so much!


I have never been a very forward person and tend to worry far too much. If I could go back in time and give advice to my scared little high school senior self, I would say that everything is going to turn out alright. I would assure myself that leaving home and all my friends wasn't the end of the world and neither is not knowing what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. I'm still trying to figure it out but after my first year of college I'm beginning to realize that it's not the most important thing and that eventually I will have everything figured out. I would tell myself to stop stressing so much and enjoy this amazing opportunity that has been laid out before me. I would encourge myself to let go of the past, which I'm trying everyay to do. High school was amazing but now it's time to take hold of the present and write myself an even better future.


The first thing I would tell myself is to keep an open mind about the path my career path might take. I would tell myself to apply for all the scholarships possible. I would also tell myself to find part time jobs to expand the ability to find part time work during college. As far as the transition I'm not sure I would have done much differently, as I just waited to see the best avenue to go in joining a fraternity and getting to know others.


Roger, listen closely. College is an experience like no other and it will take you on the path that will help determine the rest of your life! So take it seriously. I know it's hard to figure out what you want to do, and there is no way you can know right now what it is you want to do with the rest of your life but that's OK. Do yourself a favor and don't follow the crowd! Everyone is going to college, leaving their lives behind but you are your own person and following the crowd at this point will not help. Be your own man, make your own decision about what is best for your life and in the end you will come out better. Other people's lives are not your own and your decisions will only immediately affect you, so be smart! If at times you feel lost, don't worry because you have a long way to go and the road to get there is paved with obstacles. OVERCOME them and be better in the end. Always remember, Ad Astra Per Aspera: A Rough Road Leads To The Stars!


After speaking with other students I have learned that if you are not ready to go to college you should not go. Some students that went into college right after high school ruined their GPA, missed out on important basic information, and only went because they were told to. It seems that a lot of students missed the whole point of college because they were only doing what they thought they were supposed to do. Just recently, this guy graduated with his associates from a 2 year college and went looking for a job. He didn't even realize that he could look for a job using his associates. I was truly shocked by this. Do yourself a favor and take your time. Don't waste your money. Figure out what you want to do, set your game plan, and go for it when you're ready!


It doesn't matter where your best friends are going to school. Make your decision for YOU. It is your education and you want the best education that you can get for your major. Also, take different business classes, or art classes, or whatever electives you want in high school, not just foreign language. Yes, foreign language may help you, but taking different electives may help you decide on what major or program you want to do. Do research on different majors and careers and see what interests you so you have an idea of what you want to do in your future. But don't stress too much about college because it is about having fun, too.


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself when I was a senior, I’d say what college life was, the biggest thing I would say would be not play it safe all the time, go for things I don’t think were achievable. Even though I took out a really huge loan, most likely hurt I in the future, the experience had at CCS was priceless. I would tell myself though that only having the one semester to be more risk taking with my assignment’s take advantage with what I had in front of me, instead of playing it safe. I took assignments that I didn’t need models or really interact with anyone, because I didn’t think that I could find anyone to help, but I’d say, to go for it anyway. There were people; I would have had a better experience and knowing how to deal with situations like that. I would have also advised myself to take advantage of the help the school offered, consolers to talk too. Even though adjusting went well, I think talking to someone would have helped me understand myself better and fit in better.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to get straight A's for KHEA's money so that I would not have to worry about the money. I would have money to buy myself a car instead of relying on someone else. But not having a car, it has pushed me to make friends and get involved with other programs. During summer orientation, I set out to find a christan group to surround myself with people that have the same goal as I have and that's to graduate not party. In high school, I learned that if I surround myself with friends who have the same believes as I do then I will be successful.


Do not procrastinate. Unlike in high school, there are no extensions, or "I left it in my locker!" You either have it or you don't. With that in mind, beef up your study skills. I'm not saying you need to carry a book around every minute of every day, but you will need to know by your first semester of college how to manage your time. I have yet to hear an awesome story about a kid in college who never did homework and who never studied for exams passing any of his or her classes. Therefore, in college you will now see that how you study directly effects your test results. No, you cant skip your least favorite class three times per week in college like you are doing in high school, but why ditch classes you have to pay for? One last thing I want to leave you with. Get involved when you get to college. There is a large variety of clubs, activities, and sports. Take the time to make frineds, because when life gets too hard, everyone needs someone to call a friend.


I would say that high school is not the end. I would say to take every opportunity you have because some of those that I didn't want to take, have gotten me whwere I am today. Try and remember that the popular kids only run the show in high school. Once you get out, you will make new friends and really start to discover who you are. Don't be scared that things are starting to change, instead jump with them and be excited for what is to come. You don't know what will happen in the end, but unless you're happy, it's not the end. It may not always be easy discovering who you really are and making changes but enjoy them because eventually they pay off and you can't imagine how you could be anywhere else. The last piece of advice, I would give is to not take life so seriously. Laugh at all the silly, crazy situations becuase one day you will look back and remember that "terrible time" and laugh to yourself about how you acted. Be thankful that everything happens for a reason and learn to appreciate that!


I would have told myself to study alot more and be more focused on my grades than baseball. Because I did not put the effort i could have in high school, I didn't recieve any scholarships. That has left me to pay for college on my own and with the help of student loans that will be looming over me after I graduate. I now have to work 40 hours a week to attend and pay for school which is diffiecult on top of my schoolwork. This all could've been prevented if i made better grades in high school. I would say to myself that it may not seem like it will matter at the moment, but it will ultimately effect your lifestyle during and after college, and also your financial stability. I still regret this to this day and wish what I am going through now on no other college student.


Here I am, a high school senior about to graduate and in need of some good advice from an experienced college student. Now that I have been to college for a year I must know a few pointers to get started in the right direction on my journey into college. If you plan on having a high school graduation party, save the graduation gift money to help pay for college supplies especially if you are staying in a residential college on campus. The graduation money may not seem like a large amount but it will pay for much of your school supplies, neccessities, and living supplies. Another good rule of thumb is to apply for as many scholarships as possible and submit them early so you don't have to stress out about getting them submitted at the time of the deadline. My last tip is to pack plenty of formal attire for job interviews and college career fairs. If you can make time for a job during college get a job. Get your name out to companies looking to hire people in your line of work and who you may want to work for after you complete your studies.


I would make sure I knew how big leadership and dedication is to succeeding.


College life is very different from high school life. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool student. I'd tell myself to focus more on what I wanted to do after highschool rather than friends and other things that aren't important. Now, friends are important. Sports are important, things of that such. But, my education is priority. I would also tell myself to study more, because we all know how college can get. You can't cram and expect to pass. Now, in highschool, cramming was one of my favorite things to do. I know now that I need to plan ahead and study more and more if I expect to get good grades.


I would have told myself to do a lot better in my classes, since I kind of slacked. Also to apply to a lot of scholarships that were avaible at my school and on the web. Also to save a lot of money and help out my parents pay for college because FASA doesnt really help that much. I would have told myself to cherish every moment because time does fly. Also to tel my self what things to buy and what not to buy, I could have saved a lot of money. The most important thing I would tell myself is to be confident and know that I can do anything because when I went to college i was so scared and I didnt take chances.


take more college credit classes.


What advice would I give myself as a high school senior? I would say to befriend the teachers because they helped you get that far. After I graduated, a few teachers resigned or passed away and I never got to thank them for never giving up their students, on me. I would also say to myself to not be so self oriented. I was cheer captain and prom queen. Everyone loved me and I feel like I let that take over my life. I needed to sit down and enjoy that last year of public school. I would definitely go back and say to forget about certain guys that I had dated and actually be with the guy who did ask me out. He was really sweet and nice, but I had to date the jocks.


Your life is about to change. Honestly, a lot of your college experience is going to be stressful, emotionally draining, & sleep deprived. You will eat ramen daily, get your heart broken at least 2 1/2 times, & walk through campus in the rain because you, once again, left your umbrella hanging on the doorknob in your room. You're going to cry lot. All I can tell you is "this too shall pass." No matter what, you'll always manage to rally and charge at the world again. Do us both a favor and try harder your first semester. Your probably shouldn't be friends with James, but I know you will anyway. You're going to do a lot of things you said you'd never do. You're going to have regrets and sometimes be an emotional wreck. But it's all worth everything when it's 3am and no one can stop laughing; when you're laying on the floor with tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. Use your planner; mom is right about nearly everything; don't forget to love yourself. You'll enter senior year strong. I promise.


Some advice I would give myself if i knew what i know now about college life would be to do a lot more studying and reading. I would tell myself in order to get to my goal in life and to help out my community like I dream to, work as hard as you can now that way you don't have to work so hard later in the future. Your brain is able to grow and retain much more information in your younger years of highschool than it would in the later future. Keep up your ambition to focus on your school work in order to go through your college years with ease. Dont give up, because it will be worth it in the end!


When I was in high school I did not take my education seriously. I never learned how to properly study for a test or learn how to write a paper. So when I got to college I was overwhelmed with the ammount of work I had to acomplish. So i would tell my former self to pay attention in school and to listen when the teacher is trying to teach me how to properly study for the big final comin up at the end to the school year.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to try harder my senior year. Transitioning from high school to college was not as easy as i thought it would be. I was a straight A student all throughout high school and i still feel that college is harder than high school ever was. I would also tell myself to relax and have some fun. I always felt that it wasn't possible to make good grades and spend some time to myself which made me uptight when it came to school work. I would always stress myself out for no reason at all. I would ultimaltely just tell myself to enjoy college because it goes by way too fast.


Vince, you are at a critical life transition. Sports, fun, and activities are going to swirl around you during your college experience so take advantage of them, but don't forget your making choices that will chart the course of your life for the next 30-40 years. Make sure your passionate about what you choose. Don't hesitate to work with a school counselor or advisor for direction because sometimes you struggle to understand your own talents and gifting. I suggest going and checking out some classes and programs prior to making your choice. Don't rule out further education either. You never know what doors will open up after you graduate. The economy will change throughout your career so don't put all your eggs in one basket. Dare to dream and don't forget you want to be able to provide for your family. Consider "AND" in your decision making instead of only "OR". Sometimes there will be lateral options that other people won't understand. You will have an exciting life and career. Enjoy college, my friend.


I would give myself the advice to be more outgoing. People in college are so much more willing to reach out to those they don't know, so don't be shy or intimidated. Don't worry about what people in high school think of you because they are only holding you back. Be yourself, love yourself, and express yourself like you have always wanted because once you get into college people will embrace who you really are.


If I were a high school senior, I would give myself more permission to be a loner and not follow what others rigidly would steer me towards. I would have taken more and more classes in what truly interests me, Computer Science and Math, although I was severely discouraged from it, although I had a high aptitude. I would be more forgiving of myself, as people think this is an atypical choice for someone like me; however, my opinion says it suits me to a T! I have tutored developmentally disabled adult students in Math and English. I have tutored adult students in Baic electricity, HVAC and Photovoltaics, where I received a 4.0 in these classes, serving as a Teacher's Assistant, where I graded papers. I served as Vice President of Communiations 2012-2013 for the NV/CA Region of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, and I currently serve as a Director At-Large for the Alumni Association. I am a leader, who loves to help others, as I have been helped.


As much as I truely love going to Murray State, I would sadly tell myself "DO NOT GO TO MURRAY STATE!!!" I love everything about Murray, and all the amazing people I have met, but there is just one thing I did not get to get away from. Parents. My dad's gf works at Murray State and she knows EVERYONE, and she tells EVERYONE that I am her bf's daughter and that they should keep an eye on me. I can go to a class room and the people know me, people I have never even saw before. It is the worst thing in the world to have taddle tale adults tell your folks about every little thing you do. I cannot even go and hang out with friends without my folks asking me, "So who were you hanging out with at the park??" Oh, they also expect me home like all the time. I live on campus in a dorm that I am paying for, for a reason, it is college. Privacy is needed and I do not have it here. Time Machienes need to be invented so I can do just that.


I would walk up to my former self and kindly take me out to lunch, while also discussing the reality of college life and what I have learned until time allowed me to visit my past. I would then tell myself, "Do not to be afraid of what lies ahead and do not set your dreams aside because people tell you that you will not be able to achieve them . Do not ever feel like you are insignificant and do not be afraid to share your creativity with the world. It is okay for you to be nervous, but don't run away from your dreams, because you fear being judged and then failing. Stay focused and do not take time for granted. Be assertive and continue to express the humility, that makes you true to the person I am today." I would then give myself a hug and say, "Know that, if there is not anyone that does not believe in you, I do, because I have confidence in myself, and I know that I am capable of doing great things that will enlighten, strengthen, motivate, and entertain the world, starting from today."


Focus on class and work more rather than mostly having fun. Work hard, play hard.


Please understand that while your senor year may seem fun and you may feel that you are almost "done", this time in your life is so much more than that. If you could jump forward ten years, you would understand how important it is to make the most of this time that you have. Think ahead by doing things like taking advantage of college credit course that are offered in your senior year! My biggest regret is that I did not think ahead and therefore was not serious or motivated about college. My first year was wasted and many of the classes needed to be repeated. I know this may not seem like a big deal to you now, however once the fincancial burdens of college fall to yourself you will understand the frustration of not doing well or having to repeat a class. Since starting back I have been extremely dedicated and have mantained a 4.0 GPA. However, I often think back to how much easier college would have been if I had finished while I was financially supported by my parents and I did not have children of my own. Please, think ahead and stay motivated!


If I could go back in time to high school, I would have to tell myself that once you step out of the hallways of high school, there is no one there to pick you up and help you along. In college you have to wear the hat of adult. Neither your mother or father will be there to guide you. You will need to be smart and research options on how to stay in school and pay for it. Do not get caught up with trying to make money. The time will come for that when you graduate. College is about finding out who you are and where you want to go in life. It is during this time that you will find out what your true strengths are. Beware of the advice you take as everyone does not have your best interest at heart. Finally, know that you are smart and have earned the right to be on that campus. Reach out to your professors if you are having difficulties. There is no shame in asking for help. You are not expected to have all the answers. Go easy on yourself and know that you are beautiful.


Dear high school Self, In high school I know you are very much involved but remember that college is not the different. You are away from your parents which means an increase of freedom. This may seem like an awesome thing at this time but learn how to manage your time wisely. Spend as much time if not more in your books as you do making friends. As a freshman do not try to do everything the school has to offer, even though it may be tempting. Try out a few things such as SGA or the speech and debate team. These are the things that will look good on your resume as you prepare for law school. Also remember that THIS IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL. I capitalize that because the work load is heavier and proffessors will not feel pity for you just because you "forgot" to do your home work. Even though there is no key club, get involved in the community and give back as much as you can because that did not stop in high school. Oh and if can please please try to avoid 8 am classes. See you in the future! -Sincerely College Serah


If I were able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stay focused. The first year of college was the hardest. Also, to not rush growing up. College is a wonderful experience a lot of people are not able to go through. Rushing this special part of your life, you would miss out on so much. College was were you find your independence, your future, and yourself. I would remind myself to make good lasting impressions on the professors because they can also help guide you through to better grades and possibly the career of your dreams.


I would advise myself not to stress too much about my college decision; I know now that I made the right decision. Additionally I would also advise myself to no worry about my random roommate or dorm assignment because she i now your best friend and you love where you live. I believe that everything happens for a reason and so far I've been lucky enough to have everything work out in my favor.


I would tell myself to be more open to different types of people and new ways of thinking. just because you would do something a certain way does not mean that everyone has to do it that way. People like you for who you are and you are a good person so let the real you out and be confident. People like people who are confident in their own skin and who like themselves. Lastly, participating in different clubs and activities is the best way to meet new people and feel at home in this new chapter of your life.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself the following advice: 1. Do not procrastinate! When I was in high school, I thought I had all the time in the world to get things done. Wrong!!! College has taught me the value of time. Everything is time-sensitive. Professors don't babysit you. There's no make-up work or excuses. When it's due, it's due!!! 2. Prioritize! Don't get overwhelmed with the little things. Choose those things that are most important and get those done first. There will always be other things to do, but if you get those "big rocks" out of the way first, then you can focus on the other things. 3. Be the best you can be. Don't settle for anything. Strive for perfection. Work hard, study hard and be the very best that you can be. No regrets.


Mary, I want you to understand that college can be scary. Loans will loom over your head and finding a job won't be the easiest task you've ever done. You'll be afraid of putting yourself out there and meeting new people since you know only 2 other people at Murray. You'll have to depend on your roommate and your family until you can find your footing - and I know you will. While these other burdens may stress you, take a deep breath, and know that you will love it regardless. Use this opportunity to figure out who you are and look into every nook that Murray has to offer. You never know what you will find. Stay focused on your schoolwork and remind dedicated to your passions. Everyone at Murray is there to help you on your way, so take advantage of what they can provide for you and always be grateful to those people. Make some great friends and have a great time with them! They're probably just as anxious as you are. Life is what you make of it! Go to Murray and make it the best desicion you've made.


I would myself the advice to get use to studying hard to better prepair yourself for the work load. Also prepair for long nights of studying an lots of research writing.


You are about to enter into a different part of life that is better than what you have right now, but will not be perfect. Do not get hung up on the belief that everyone in high school will either change or stay the same, or that moving away is the only solution. There will always be snobs, perfectionists, slackers, and preps, but in the end we are all shooting for the same goal. When you enter college, you will not always be surrounded by the people you have known since kindergarten, and that is okay, because now you are given the opportunity to make new ones, and to finally become independent and may even be able to reinvent yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help finding your classroom, or if you forgot a pen at home. People are always there to help you, and the hype high school teachers put on cursive handwriting and nobody caring once you leave the "safety net" of high school is nothing but hooplahd, because around every corner is compassion and empathy. Keep your chin up and eyes forward, and do not hold back because of fear of this step toward adulthood.