Nashville State Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors, advisors, deans, and student services staff members are all very helpful to those who want to be at the school. I have had bad experiences in the past with university staff from other schools but Nashville State Community College has won me over by how helpful and easy they are to work with. They are encouraging and knowledgeable about the system and it makes resolving issues a pleasant experience.


An amazing enviorment, different diversites, offers interesting classes to learn about your career. Teachers and classmates will help you and connect with your life to help improve your skills.


I ;ove the enviornment that I am in. all the teaches are very helpful and so are the advisors.


The best things about my school are the staff is so helpful. The classes are not so big there are not 40 to 50 kids in one class room. Teachers will stay as long as they need to with their students if they ask for their help on something. There is a nice computer lab for the students to do their work.


Size. The small size of the school allows for a good student-teacher relationship. There is sufficient time for interaction within the class and between the teacher and students. I feel that there is always time for questions to get answered and problems to get solved. I rarely walk down the hall without seeing a former teacher or someone that I have had class with in the past. In size, NSCC mirrors the small private highschool I attended. Size was at the top of my list when choosing a school and NSCC definitely meets, and in ways, exceeds the standard.