Navarro College Top Questions

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The personal care the students recieve at Navarro is what makes it unique than the other schools. All my teachers care for their students and want them to succeed. I am a work study and my boss is the most caring person I have ever met. The ladies at the cafeteria remeber you and what you would like for breakfast every morning. Even the mail lady recongizes you and gives you a friendly wave. The Navarro campus is full of loving people and that is why I chose Navarro College.


Well what i thought was different about Navarro College then Mary Hardin Baylor was first the prices of the schools. Navarro College was also very close to home and I think that I needed to mature before I left for any other school. I also love that my school is not as crowded as other schools are. Navarro College blew everyone out of the water when i came time to decide what college i wanted because ,the enviroment is almost like you are at home.


Well I attend a branch of Navarro College in Waxahachie which is a small town, so the college is very well known and personable. There are many alternatives to just taking classes in school, we have Internet classes, weekend classes, adult continuing education classes, and classes offered from the small business administration, but what I like most about my school is the community and family atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and encouraging, they also do many things to encourage school spirit such as encouraging participation in on campus activities, family oriented fun, and colleges visiting our campus for recruitment.