Navarro College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Navarro College know before they start?


I would advise myself to start my college application and scholarship/grant process a little earlier than I did. I would also advise myself to stay on top of my grades and already have a college major in mind.


Its very fun and hard at the same time. I learned alot of responsblites and how to take of myself. I learn new things and facts everyday i thought i would never know about. Its valuable to attend because its a great experience and youy get to see the world in a whole new light.


Dear Leah, This is your future self coming to tell you what college life is like. First off, be very glad you attended Fryeburg Academy and played basketball. Fryeburg Academy may have given you a lot of homework, but do it. And don't forget to read the chapters of your Anatomy book. The way Cote-Crosskill teaches Anatomy and Physiology is exactly they way the college professors teach. You may have a lot of homework, but I know you will be able to do it because you have a lot more time to do it. You don't have the same class everyday. On Fridays you only have one fifty minute class! Do not worry about college. You will do fine. Just remember to continue to study hard, read all the chapters, and college will be a breeze! Love, College Student Leah


As a naive high school senior, I believed that college would be a breeze. I never had to study for tests or even put much effort into my assignments to recieve A's on my report card throughout high school. I carried this careless attitude with me into my first semester of college, but after my first biology test I immediately realized that my slacking behavior would no longer cut it. If I could go back one year to talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would emphasize the importance of studying, as well as taking notes and asking questions. "Do not wait till the last minute to study or do an assignment and no matter how silly you may think the question is, ask!" is what I would tell myself. I would want to help myself open my juvenile eyes to realize that not everything will come easy and in the real world I will have to work hard to satisfy my desires and strive to achieve my dreams.


Make sure that you study as hard as you can for each class and to make sure you make enough time for homework and squeeze in some social time as well. Keep your study habits always the same and keep your room clean enough to find your work. Only allow yourself a few hours of television per day and make sure that you meet someone in each class so that if you miss something, or you need a study partner, you have someone there. Make sure that you get to bed at a reasonable hour and that you get plenty of good rest each night so that you can get to class on time. If you need help, ask your professors, don't just assume they don't care, because most of them do care. Most of all, just have fun and always keep your goal in mind. College is one of the greatest experiences in life and you want to make the best of it.


If i could possibly go back into time when i was a senior in high school i would tell myself to try harder instead of slacking off. I wolud tell myself that college is not as easy as high school was. One thing that i experienced in college is that you have to try hard if you really want to be there. All through high school no one told me that college is tough, i went in not knowing anything and came out with a great GPA and lots of new friends and wonderful teachers. One thing i would tell myself is to never give up try as hard as possible, in the long run everthing you ever do pays off. I wish that i could not only tell myself this information but all high school seniors, maybe no one told them and they just need a good motivational speech.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to study harder and to take more college offered classes while still attending high school. Instead of getting out of school early everyday, I would tell myself to try my best to take as many college offered classes. It would be tough, but in the long run, it would be worth it. I would tell myself to study harder because in college, the teachers don't baby you as much. If you don't turn in an assassignment, you will be in some trouble when grades finally come out.


If I had to talk to myself as a senior I would have to stress the importance of my grades. I would have to tell myself that if I want to get into a good university then I will have to keep my GPA up. There will be temptations to go out and have fun with friends, which is perfectly fine; just limit yourself. Make sure that you put school before all else. Try to make all of the deadlines for assignments. Colleges look to see if your grades start to drop, especially in the last semester, so push yourself to strive for bigger and better things. Know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to as long as you believe in yourself. The trick is to stay motivated, whether by telling yourself positive things or by surrounding yourself with the right friends and environment. The people you surround yourself with will either push you towards your goals or bring you down with them. As long as you can stay in a healthy environment your attitude towards school and grades will be great and will only get better. So be great and do great things.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself to take courage and not to be afraid. That there is a future for me besides just being a wife and mother, that I can also pursue my interests, goals and dreams and that college is very affordable, increases your self esteem, and sets you on a course of achievement that carries over to all areas of your life. Going to college is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself as it builds your capacity and capability to accomplish your dreams and goals, whether it is to be a stay at home mom homeschooling your children or a lawyer, or other professional, or if it is to be an artist or chef, no matter what your walk in life education just enhances it and makes life so much better and easier. So Jan take courage and be all that you are intended to be and don't be afraid of taking that step to a higher education!


Don't slack in school and prepare yourself more for college.