New Mexico Highlands University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I would go back and tell myself to get my grades up and look in to scholarships sooner. That is the biggest mistake I ever made. It has cost me so much money that I have almost lost the desire to finish school because once I graduate I will be in so much debt from college. I will be over 60,000$ in debt once I graduate school and that has been the most frstrating part of the entire experience.


Read more student reviews and visit the college before you attend because if you don't like it and want to transfer, you have to deal with some credits not transferring. I would have transferred if i could have because I don't like this school at all and someone needs to investigate it.


Dear high school self, Apply for as many scholarships as possible because college expenses add up even with financial aid assistance. Find part time jobs in the field that you want to go into, to gain experience and build on your resume. Start learning how to reference properly in APA style. Go in to the office when you need something because people generally do not like to answer their phones. Buy all your books used online and save the books that are focused on your field of study, they will come in handy when references are necessary. Take advantage of the resources that are available at the college and constantly look for opportunities. Enjoy and have fun being a college student because it will be over before you know it. Be responsible and do not get kicked out of college or fail a class for prioritizing your social life. Be aware that there are so many careers out there that you have never heard of. Do not limit your dreams to fit common careers like a lawyer or a doctor. Search for what fits you best, and I’m sure there is a career to make those dreams a reality.


There are several crucial pieces of advice I wish I could go back and give myself. The first one is that I really needed to find some extra help with math classes instead of just trying to make it through the class itself. I was able to pass all my classes, but because I never gained the best grasp on the concepts I struggle with it now. I've learned the hard way that getting assistance in areas you struggle is essential to success later down the line. The foundation is important. The other major piece of advice would be to explore as many career opportunities as possible while I was in high school so that choosing my major would have been easier. I struggled with choosing and it has put me behind in my graduation date now that I have made up my mind. While in college, I've made a point to be part of clubs and events on campus and it really makes every part of school more enjoyable; more than just passing between classes and doing homework. I'd definitely tell myself to take part in more clubs and events on campus.


College years are best known for the "partying" and what not. Stay focus and keep in mind that the main reason why you go to college is to earn a degree so more doors can be opened. It doesn't mean that you cannot have fun but make school your priority, learn as much as you can and take andvantage of the opportunities given to you because at the end no one else will suffer or benefit from the choices you made but you.


Some advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to take a lot of different class, in different subject, and see if what you want to major in is truly what you want to do. I would also like to tell myself that when you get there to get out and join a club; don't stop yourself or talk yourself out of joining a club or sport because you were afraid. The last thing I would tell myself is to not doubt yourself when you get there, do not doubt what you want to do with your life because when your first year is over and done with their will still be questions that have not be answered and you never know what the next semester will bring you. So over all I would tell myself as a high school senior to broaden your horizon and try something new while you are in a new place and a new situation.


If I could go back in time, I would tell the high school me to work a little harder with the classes that I did have. I would also suggest taking classes at the local colleges, just to get a jump start with my college career. I would have also gotten better study habits before going to college. That is one thing that is very important. I would have also looked and applied for more scholarships. Before attending college I would have thought about what I wanted to study, that way I would have already known and gotten started with the program that I was most interested in.


I have learned a lot about myself in the past 3 years that I have been in college. Not only have I learned more about how to be a good teacher, I finally understand why becoming a teacher is so important. I am passionate about helping students succeed. College has helped me realize how passionate and how important teaching is. Also I have met some of my closest friends in college. College has been a place that I learned what I want to do in the future and it has helped me learn what I should look for in a friend. I think that with out college I would be stuck in life, but instead I am pushing myself to get a degree and make it to a career.


This college has taught me plenty of things. Because the school is quite a drive form where I live, I have experienced living on my own and fending for my self. I now have to buy groceries pay for my schooling and to do this I had aquire a job, granted that it is work study job. This new college experience has also tought me to balance my schooling with my job, my athletics and my studies. Becuase I am on the University's Cross Country team I have to be very persise with balancing out my time.


There is so many things that I would like to tell myself if I had a chance to go back to high school. Well the first thing would be to learn and understand how to manage my time wisely. Managing my time would be helpful for me and my schedule. I think that this would help me with my classes, after school programs and homework. I would also tell myself to ask questions if there were certain concepts that I did not understand. I believe that this would have really helped. I would also have tried to get myself to go to the sessions that they had for college nights. I think if I went it would have really helped me to understand how college is and the different obstacles that are faced. The different road blocks that I am facing in college were similar to high school and college nights would have really helped me. High school was an experience that well help to get to the next level. I would have also told myself to make it a little serious in high school.


I would have told myself to take a math class my senior year. I was told by those that went to college before me to take a math class my senior in order to have your mind fresh for college, but i didn't. i would have also tried to take as many Dual-Credit classes as ossible. that way I would have came into college with a couple credits already. another thing i would have told myself, was that I should start racticing to be a lot more self-disciplined. no one is hear telling to to do your work, it's u to you to do it. that was something i had to learn the hard way. if it was u to me, i would definently go back in time and prepare myself for that.


I would advise myself to study more and read more books.


As a Native American on the Navajo Nation, I would say to my High School Senior self that New Mexico Highlands University is a school that I would enjoy. I would tell my High School Senior self that he would have a great time at Highlands despite being there for half a semester. Over here at the college he would soon join a club called the Native American Club that the Native American students and academic advisors formed. He would interact with other Native American students from local Native American tribes. I would tell him too that he would make friends with other students who aren't Native Americans and are still friends even to this day. I would tell him also that the half semester would be a success and he would make his family proud because he would get straight A's, since he didn't achieve straight A's in High School. I would tell him that to achieve this, he would have to stay focus on your work, turn in the assignments on time, and to ask a lot of questions to your new friends and instructors when you need help. This will lead to success.


As a high school senior, i was ready to graduate and be out on my own. My future plans after high school is to attend college and get my degree in Criminal Justice. I had gotten my acceptance letter from New Mexico Highlands University, and i knew that i was close to being on my own. I was happy to recieve my letter, but i then notice the amount of how much each semester would cost. After seeing the amount of the semester, I wondered to myself how am i going to pay this amount off. I then turned to my senior counselor and asked what can i do to pay this off, she then told me the only way is by scholarships. I picked out as many scholarships as i can and completed them, I read the term and policy of each scholarships and i knew that i would have to work extra hard in order to keep my scholarships. I had to get good grades and stay in school. It would help pay off my expenses, all i need to do is to keep my grades up and fulfill my dream in getting my degree in Criminal Justice.


In high school I was more concerned about where I wanted to go and the school that I could afford to get my four year education. Now that I have completed my first semester in the fall, I have found that an important advice to give myself is to apply for as many scholarships possible and be ahead of the game. Although I am very consistant in my academics, I had trouble with my financial aid and payments. Throughout the semester I have also competed in Rodeo which I also would've told myself to be wise of how I spent my money. The only two advices I really would have told myself is be wise about the money and apply for as many scholarships possible.


Dear Shannon, Be friendly, open-minded, and live in the moment. Enjoy the process of learning and push yourself past any inhibitions. Don't be afraid to show your creativity or imagination. Learn about what it is that makes you happy, pumped-up, and motivated and pursue those interests. Learn to be content with what you have, reach out and be of service to others, because when you do you'll find that all the good of world comes back to you. Always remember to be kind. Success in school depends upon dedication and a certain amount of discipline. Take care to eat well, sleep enough, and study, study, study. Ask questions! Be curious, and take advantage of the great technology available to you. Apply for scholarships. There are thousands, and they can really help ease the stress of finances, so that you can concentrate on your studies. Surround yourself with people who bring out your best qualities, are supportive, and positive. Work when it's time to work, and never forget to play. Keep your sense of humor with you at all times, share what you know, and dream big! You can do it!


If i could go back in time and tell myself as a senior in high school. I would tell myself "That Daniel I know life is hard and you been in this town that you felt like you never belong that's its going to get better. That your going to make great friends, meet your wonderful girlfriend if you stop being afriad to talk to girls. Your going to get better grades because your not surrounded by a lot of negativity. That your going to have great teachers who care about you and be surrounded by people who have the same interest as you to learn about computers like you. That your going to be having so much fun and your so happy you couldn't even dream you could be so happy from years not being happy. Your going to have all you need and want. Also spend more time with your friends your going to really miss them. Oh yea focus on the present not the past."


Try to be as confident and outgoing as possible, enjoy every minute of every day while on campus. Remember why you are in college, and don't let any obstacle overcome you, college is what you make of it! So study hard, get good grades and have a blast!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have definately given it more thought about what I want to do as far as college but later in life. I would have made myself more of a focused person right from the start. I would have gotten a head start on college classes my senior year of highschool to get ahead. But I am a strong believer on that things happen for a reason, so yes if I could go back I would have a few changes but since I can't I know that I did the things I did and got ready and chose the college I did back when I was in high school for a reason.


I would love to talk to myself back then. I would tell myself to forget New Mexico State University and to just go to Albuquerque's community college because it is cheaper and the NMSU lifestyle of party everynight is not your kind of scene. I was and still am about getting to my future. I don't care to party all night, what matter's most is getting through school and keeping any and all scholarships so that way I don't put myself or my parent into big dept. There is no room to fool around in college if you want to get ahead in life. That would be my biggest advise. I lost my scholarship my freshman year in college because I didn't work hard enough. That's my biggest regret.


study hard , focus on the tasks at hand and have fun!


While searching for a possible school, students and parents should email people at that school to request additional information, and they should utilize the schools website. Most websites will have short news articles that can give a great feel as to how campus life is at that university. For students I would recommend to take introductory courses in the prospective field during their first two years on campus so they can see if they actually will like the coursework. This is especially important for students who are unsure of what they want to major in or are stuck between choices. Introductory courses can give you an overview of what other classes will be like for that major without giving you a bunch of credits that will not count if you change majors. I had just decided against a major of criminal justice and hadnt made another decision during my sophomore year, but then I took Introductory to Psychology and fell in love with the field.


It is very important for parents not to pressure their child into a school that is close to home, unless finances are a main factor in decison making. The best thing to do are go on campus visits. Find the top three colleges that fit program and housing wise and then plan trips to each of the colleges. While on the trip, talk to advisors, program heads, and other students on campus to see what the college academic life is like. Then walk or drive around a two-mile radius to find out what stores, eateries, and other things are located in the area. Combine all the features of the whloe college experience, and the one with the most pros should be your first choice.


College can be so cliche. Any typical high school student wants to join a D-1 university for partying reasons. Well at least that is what a lot of my friends would have to say and that is the image portrayed in Hollywood films. I would tell parents and students to look for school that is suitable for them. For instance, I attend New Mexico Highlands University. I tell kids the student to teacher ratio is great for advance learnings their field of studies. There are a lot of activities to do here and it is an overall diverse campus. I strongly emphasize the small classroom learnings because professors know who you are and want to see you succeed in anything you do.


It is very important to visit many different colleges before making your decision. Make sure that you take everything into consideration. The most important thing you can do while in college is to get involved. Join clubs, participate in social functions, and join intramurals. It is vital to get involved while in college because it motivates you to do well in school. The most important piece of advice I can offer is that everyone messes up while in college, just get back on track and learn from your mistakes.


Well first check out the school and see how the people are there and see if the teachers say hi or see how nice everyone is.


My advice would be to choose a school that the person is comfortable with. There is nothing worse than going to a school and not being happy with the location, surroundings or people that attend. Money should not be a concern when choosing the right school. The cheapest school is not always the best choice. The person should look for a school with a good track record for graduating students with a particular degree while having good job placement.