New York University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Academically, my school is best known for our business program at the Leonard N. Stern school of finance. Otherwise, we are known as a liberal haven for students who can afford our increasingy expensive tuition. We cater to a very specific school culture, but once a student is immersed in it, NYU can be a very exciting school to be in.


The beauty of NYU is it's ability to accomadate every student that enters its doors. Each of its schools are highly regarded so it's safe to say that whatever major you can imagine, you will find it here. Above all else, NYU is the prime place to network with fellow students and alumni in efforts to secure a job following graduation. To prepapre you for these encounters, NYU offers helpful feedback and aid at the Wasserman Center for Career and Development. Given the fact that NYU prides itself in being a global community, any and all are welcome.


New York University has an excellent medical center known for groundbreaking research in medicine and psychology, and its professional and graduate programs are also widely regarded.


NYU is known for preparing students to enter the "real world" right off the bat, because right off the bat you're immersed in the real world. The campus is the city, full of opportunity and adventures if you're willing to take them.


New York University, also known for their high celebrity profile, is most known for their phenomenal study abroad sites, opportunities, and extensive connections around the world, made evident by their move to open four-year campuses and around the globe, giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons.


My school is best known for its liberal view on education and society. The school is globally regarded for its firm stances for equal rights of all despite gender, race, sexuality, and almost anything else.


My school is best known for its famous students that attend as well as the crippling debt that it puts its students into. It is an introduction into New York life. There is a high financial risk but a possible high payout later in life.


NYU is best known for Business and the Arts. More specifically, Stern School of Business is most known for Finance, and the Tisch School of the Arts is most known for their Musical Theater program.




New York University is best known for two schoools: the Stein school of business and Tisch school of performing arts.


NYU is best known for its location in Greenwich Village in New York City. Also for its expensive tuition, its successful alumni, and its well known, highly sellective schools.


It's probably best known for it's campus. The wide New York City area is open to many job opportunities, meal varieties, shopping experiences, and people networking. While most traditional colleges have a campus with rolling green hills, NYU has a campus of growing skyscrapers and rolling taxi cabs. Even so, the student community manages to get together and be close by hosting and participating in student activities and talking about events that happen around the city. It is very diverse and open to making discoveries.


Being in and of the city. Also, each program is so unique and tailor fot for its students.


The arts. At least that's what I'm most proud of my school for. It's home to such a diverse group of artistic minds, a thinking tank for new ideas and forms. I've never been more inspired than when woring on my writing after having deep conversations with friends or analyzing pieces in a class discussion. The city itself if also a huge breeding ground for new ideas, as I'm always immersed in a sea of people that range from all different walks of life. It's energizing.


New York University is best known for the diversity it houses and the Film and Television program in the Tisch School of the Arts offered as well as the Stern School of Business. This institution is also known for the career oriented connections developed while in school in every department from the arts to sociology to business.


Probably most known for being very prestigious, yet very expensive.


NYU is best known for two of their schools-Stern and Tisch. Both are very competitive, but in different ways. The Tisch School of Arts focuses on theater and other related majors, while Stern focuses strictly on business related majors. NYU is also known for its largeness. This is not a campus-like school. In fact, our campus is all over the city; everything is scattered so if you are looking for a campus-like school, this should not be your option.


My school is best known for allowing students to remain indivuals amongst a diverse population of students while acquiring an education in the real world that prepares them for the real world. My school is known for it's liberal, open-minded stance, and is also home to students from every walk of life, from every background and from all different parts of the world. NYU is also known as "in and of the city", meaning that New York City is meant to inspire, influence and challenge the students as they pursue a college degree.


My school is best known for its location -- New York City. It provides students with a number of great job, internship, and volunteer opportunities, as well as a vibrant urban atmosphere. Although there is no enclosed campus, students often look at Washington Square as the epicenter of the university, which is where many of the classroom buildings, dorms, and cafeterias are. However, students are encouraged to use and explore all five boroughs of the city and learn beyond the classroom walls. The city provides a diverse backdrop for the school and allows students to take advantage of the cultural gems.


I would have to say it's best know for its name and the fact that it is a major university in New York.


NYU is probably best know for its drama program at Tisch and its famous and successful alumni, like Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway and many others. It is also known for being right in the heart of Greenwich Village and having one of the best, most exstensive study abroad programs of any other university that gives students the opportunity to travel and study all over the world.


NYU is definitely best known for its fashion and rich children. I mean most of the people that attended were trying to recreate sex in the city for their own lives. They were clearly coasting on "Daddy's" money and annoying the locals. As a new local myself I can see why they were so absolutely appalled by us. NYU constantly annoys the community with its gawdy buildings and refusal to listen to community outcries of disruption in visual asthetic.


Being in New York City, high suicide rates, one of the best business schools, being very liberal and artsy


While NYU has two internationally reknowned schools (Tisch School of the Arts and Stern Business School,) I believe NYU is best known for its amazing location in New York City. In addition to the multitude of activities and exeriences available, internship opportuinities in business, medicine, theater, film, publishing, journalism, fashion, etc. abound. Students are taught by outstanding professors, many of whom are working at the top of their professions in the city. Not only will students learn what they need to succeed in their fields of interest, the connections made by students will certainly benefit them upon graduation.


Besides being the 2nd largest private property owner in NYC, NYU is best known for the education and city experience it provides its students. Education goes beyond the classroom and fosters everyday, real-life learning that helps take academic intelligence to the next level by making it applicable.


NYU is best known for being the largest private nonprofit institution of higher education in the United States. The school has a great reputation of of producing students who are extremely prepared to be leaders in their area of study.


NYU is known for Tisch School of the Arts as well as Stern School of Business. It's known for its fantastic location within New York City and the incredibly diverse and unique students that attend it.


This definitely depends on who you ask. I would say that globally, my school is probably best known for its arts college, the Tisch school of the arts, and the famous alumni associated with that particular branch of the school. This is, I suppose, to be expected, as NYU Tisch has produced more Academy Award winners than any other undergraduate program in the country. On a more local level, however, NYU is infamous for our President, John Sexton's, mission to expand the school and frequent acquisition of property in Manhattan's lower half, including several beloved historical sites.


NYU is known for its location, academics, and diversity. New York City is like the potpourri of America; I have met countless students from a variety of locations and cultures. I've met people with southern and British accents, people who have kids and are going for their second bachelor?s degree, and people who are just trying to live the dream that is NYU. The university?s academic superiority is undeniable, and the experience itself is unforgettable.


New York University is best known for its immersion in the city. Technically, it's only campus is the city itself, though it's centered around Washington Square Park. It's also known for it's unbelievable film school, though each school within NYU is renowned.


My school is best known for its incredible film program. The students that come out of hte film program are superbly prepared to enter the film industry as creative professionals.


New York University is best known for the enviornment that it is in. In fact very few schools can boast having their university located in a very busy and well-known city. Here students get many opportunities to apply for a job or as interns and gain the skills that are needed in the professional world. However, NYU also has a very nice study abroad program which students can take advantage of by taking courses in a foreign country. This program can give students a unique experience.


My school is best known for the city surrounding it. Attenging NYU means taking advantage of all that New York has to offer, including internships, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, theatre, art, and a fast-paced busy lifestyle. NYU is also known for being a very large school without a close-knit sense of community. It's not the easiest place to make friends, but everyone eventually finds their niche here.


NYU is best known for business and performing arts.


My school is known for having a great academic ciriculum for students within any major. We are considered to have one of the best arts school, Tisch school of performing art, and business school, Stern school of business.


NYU is best known for its urban campus in the heart of New York City. The location has a feeling of the city yet everyone is close enough to feel the sense of community as well.


The NYU business school that I attend is one of the top business schools in the country. It is known for preparing students for the real business world.


Well, we are known for being one of the top dream schools in America. Also, for being one of the most (if not the most) gay-friendly college. The business school is also one of the top 5 in the nation (undergraduate), and the acting school is one of the top in the nation if not the world. We have celebrities that attend here as well as celebrities' children (some of which are in my dorm). We are also known for being an expensive school.


NYU is probably best known for great academics. It's a top tier university and as a business student at the Stern school, prestige is a big factor. Second of course is the fact that the school is located in New York City itself. I believe that it's absolutely true that you can never be bored in NYC, there is always something to do and NYU being located in the most famous city on earth provides many areas to explore.


My university is one of best well know in Thailand. Maybe it on the third of all Universities in Thailand. So I'm really proud to studying here.


New York University is best known for its prestigious location in the heart of Manhattan. The University not only has the location; it has achieved academic excellence as a large urban research center with a small-school feel. The sports management program that I am enrolled in is one of many great majors to choose from at NYU. However, it is the opportunities that are presented in New York City that make the University so unique.


TISCH and Stern


diversity, excitement, culturally accepting, a bit stand off-ish, independent


My school is best known for its rigorous liberal arts programs.


The Leonard N. Stern Business School, part of New York University, is an internationally acknowledged school, well-known for its competitive programs and high standards in all that they do. The professors are also very well-known, from publishing books to helping international governments.


NYU is known for its emphasis on academics but also having a great location in which student can "grow up " in.


The city, the music scenes, the music school and stearn school of business


Tisch. Tisch is the School of Arts at New York Univeristy, and is the number one film school in the nation. Plenty of attention-grabbing alumni have graduated from this university and the chances of getting a job straight out of Tisch are very high.


NYU is what you make it. There are oppertunities, especially for musicians, everywhere you look. But you have to know how to make the best of them and make your own destiny.


It is the oldest engineering institution in New York City.