New York University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is quite expensive to attend full time, with its undergraduate degree considered one of the most expensive in the country. I found financing college to be more of a stressor at times than my actual classwork, so I would recommend that prospective students honestly assess how much of it they (or their parents) can pay for and how much debt they are willing to potentially take on.


We don't exactly have a campus of our own because we are in NYC but everything is very convenient.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of community, because one can easily feel isolated and alone here. It's all about learning to be content with yourself, but that's not exactly easy for everyone. I think that's why a lot of students don't like studying here.


Non-traditional, big-city campus (may be a positive for some), NYC is a very expensive place to live, very expensive university as well


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is probably its knack for putting business before education, and money before the well-being/interest of students & faculty.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of community. My college does not rally around sports teams, have school spirit, or even have a central place to hang out. Incomming and current students are left to find their own place which at times can be very daunting, especially in such a big city.


One downside of going to school in the city is we don't exactly get the typical "campus" feel. The buildings are very spread out, and NYU doesn't have much of a closed off, campus-only area like most schools. This can make you feel isolated from other students at times.


The tuition to attend New York University is enormous. If a student attends without any financial aid or scholarships, he or she can find themselves paying around $43,000 in tuition costs. If a student wants to room in one of the on-campus dorms, he or she might have to pay an additional $18,000. The cost of attending my school adds an immense amount of pressure for students to achieve high GPAs and succeed in all their classes so that their education could be worth the money.


The financial aid office.


Lack of community


I love and at the same time dislike that NYU is located all over the city because it creates distances between students. Since there is no "real" campus there is an inevitable lack of school spirit and closeness between peers. Although clubs, sports teams, leadership activities, etc exist I feel like students would be more united if we lived our college years in a more traditional campus.


The tuition. It's a shame that a school that prides itself on it's diversiity and open-mindedness can only really be attended by a small amount of people that can realistically pay for it. I love my education there, and the classes and professors are engaging and thought provoking, however the economic strain is the cause for incredible stress on me and my family. Istead of studying, I tend to be looking for scholarships or finding ways to get money just so I can secure another year at this school.


New York University is a wonderful school that offers many oppurtunities to anyone who is fortunate enough to attend the school. The only difficulty with the school is the lacking in financial aid. Students from families with less that $30000 annual income have great difficulty attending the school. This school has an amazing reputation and provides a fantastic education. I just wish I could recieve more aid.


The unbelievably high tuition and lack of financial aid. The price of the school is going up and yet the amount of financial aid isn't. Also what I heard and read about the school on the school's website was misleading and false. I thought I could study abroad in any NYU location for the program I'm in but I found out I could only go to six.


Its huge, so its easy to feel like you are being ignored. Its also hard to get things done if you have a special situation and need rules changed.


The worst thing about my school is that it is very expensive. It cost me about $9,000 per semester as a part time student.


I consider the high tuition to be the worst thing about my school. Coming from a family that has never been well-off, it makes it very difficult to attain the kind of education that New York University can offer. I don't think money should play a role in the quality of an education.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no college campus. This can be looked as both a good and bad thing. On the downside, you won't see pep rallies , and the college life is nothing like it is in the movies. Fraternity row and team colors are not as represented at NYU. Many look at Washington Square Park as our campus because it is located in the center of all the buildings for the University. The positive aspect is instead of having a regular campus, you can look at the entire city as your campus.


If I had to pick one worst thing about my school it would have to be the high tuition costs. The cost of tuition at New York University is a persistent concern for me and my family. While I believe that the education at NYU is worth the cost, it is still a lofty price to pay for the average middle-class family. If NYU was able to lower its tuition or provide more financial aid options to its students, I know it would be greatly appreciated.


The lack of a traditional campus makes the school feel disjointed at times.


The lack of a campus. True, there is Washington Square Park, where most activities and events center around, but at this school, you definitely can't be lazy about putting yourself out there otherwise nothing's ever going to happen--this is not the school where you'll always see familiar faces when you cross the street, so you definitely have to break your bubble to meet people and discover new things.


The worst thing about NYU is the cost. NYU charges a lot for housing, and it is often cheeper to get an apartement in the city when you are a junior or senior. Also, the administration doesn't always operate smoothly, and can be sometimes very confusing for students trying to get information or help with financial aid.


The development of the clinical psychology program came very late. As an alumni hearing about its development now I'm a little bit bitter since I knew that we had most of the resources to make it happen at the time. I'm hoping to audit a few courses there. However I think I will have my hands full with my masters program. It was very expensive and hard on my family, but we made it work. I always feel guilty for how hard they had to work for my education.


The worst thing about New York University is the lack of camaraderie. There is no campus at NYU and thus no central place for students to meet and spend their time. Students live all over Manhattan. There is a real disjointedness within the community. No one attends sporting events or other school-wide activities. Part of the reason many students come to NYU is for the independence, but going to a school that doesn?t have a community is hard when you?re trying to meet people or feel like part of something.


The most challenging aspect of NYU is the lack of a sense of community. Because NYU's campus is spread out throughout the city, it is harder to make friends and maintain friendships. That is not to say that it is impossible, but students must put in extra effort and though into making plans with other students who might live three or four subway stops away rather than next door, as is common on most college campuses.


Considering how much tuition is, the university does not support its students as well as it should (ex. cutting 24 hour computer labs, cutting free printing, expanding overseas instead of improving services provided to students like unhelpful staff at university offices)


It can sometimes feel like there is no sense of community due to the large campus and students get depressed easily. Too many suicides.


The worst thing about the school might be the mere fact that it is in the middle of the busiest city in the world, some people may become overwhelmed when first beginning their college experience and that can hinder growth in their major.


The worst thing about NYU is how expensive it is. The cost is nearly impossible to manage unless a student happens to have a wealthy family. Someone coming from a lower middle class family gets very little financial aid.


It is absolutely overpriced and their payment plans aren't reallyiinstallment plans at all. They require you to deposit 50% of the outstanding balance within a few days of registering. The remainder is cut into two payments, which are due the following months. They don't offer more options for those who are struggling to complete their degree. I find it to be overpriced for what is offered, the name doesn't hold the weight it once used to. It just costs too much and their tuition just keeps skyrocketing.


Sometimes my school can feel too large. Though the size of the school invites people from all over the world, it is possible to feel alone in the midst of thousands of people, merely because one will never receive the chance to meet and know everyone of them. NYU has some of the most interesting and amazing people attending, but it's a shame that we won't all get to meet one another, unlike smaller campus colleges.


Money. The bargain you make as a lower middle-class student attending NYU is that you will sacrifice financial security for huge opportunity. The economic instability for students living below the "middle-class" line is compounded by the fact that we attend school with some of the richest kids on the planet. I have friends who could buy my childhood home over and over without batting an eye. Money makes the world go round, and NYC is unrelenting to those who don't have it. The cost of living here can be painful and often embarrasing.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition. The tuition is expensive and can be intimidating at first. Besides this, the school is great. The education is well worth the money but the money is an important factor when considering colleges. If people can put the tuition aside, they would fall in love with New York University in a second because it has so much to offer.


The people were not that friendly and I think it had to do with the inflated ego NYU and simply living in New York elicits. However, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. New York is cuthroat city and the world itself is dog-eat-dog. Who am I to anticipate kind folk in an environment known for careening taxis and lying brokers? It was simply the kind of attitude one had to expect. Yet, as anyone knows, living in New York City does not absolve all of your worries, you still need to be human.


The worst thing about NYU is the cost to attend. Unfortunelty the amazing location makes everything extremly expensive. The students are then passed the bill. Scholarships are highly competitive and few. If you really try and want to make it work it can happen. But you must be prepared to fight for it becasue the free money will not pour out on you. Financial aid is difficult and must be considered because a private school has a larger bill than a public one will.


While it can be considered a positive characteristic, I believe the most difficult thing about NYU is how dislocated it is. Because NYU has no campus and has a huge student population, it can be difficult to feel student unity. Because dorms are located all over the city, it can also be difficult to meet up with friends who live in a different dorm. This applies when meeting new people as well. It is very easy to meet new people, however it can be difficult to keep in touch.


I have just transfered to this college and as a result, I can not accurately answer this question.


Unless you?re blessed with scholarships, born incredibly wealthy, or fortunate enough to be Alexis Bledel or James Franco?you?ll probably cringe (at least a little) at the fact that NYU comes with a minimum price tag of $50,000. Gandalf the Grey is still falling down my hole of debt. Is it very expensive? Yes. However, is it worth it? I think so. It?s an insurmountable burden on my parents, so I?m making the most of my education.


The tuition. It's a huge amount of money and I'm not receiving the benefits I should be getting. I don't even receive the help I need when I ask for it. Instead they just make the process more complicated and say "Too Bad".


It is incredibly, obscenely expensive to go here, and NYU is terrible at providing merit-based financial aid awards (don't know about need-based, supposed to be a bit better). NYU is a top school, has a great name and going here is certainly a very valuable experience in many respects, but I am beginning to think that nothing costs this amount of money and the economic strain on me and my family is becoming too much.


There isn't enough financial aid so when I graduate I'll have a quarter of a million dollars in loan debt.


Having a lack of community on campus. Also being in the city has it's ups and downs. The down part is that it is always loud wherever you go. To get away from it would mean at least an hour of traveling. Weed is also a prevalent issue here. Weed has just been decriminalzed in NYC so a lot of people are doing it.


some of the students complain about the universty. That's the worse thing. Honestly NYU is not that cheap for some one who doesn't enjoy it to waste their time there... The University also has a number of ways to report disatisfaction, with methods available to contact the President directly. NYU tries to have a proactive student body but a number of downers hold us back


If you do not seek out a community, you will not find out. New York City has a very fast paced lifestyle and if you do not keep up with everyone else, you will fall behind. The only way to succeed is to keep yourself determind and make sure that your decisions get you closer to your goals.


The tuition: costs way too much.


They really screw you for everything. They treat you like a number--they don't care who you are, even though they pretend to, they just care about the tuition you owe them. It's one of the cruelest businesses in the world.


The only negative aspect I can think of with New York University is that it is so large it is sometimes hard to consider yourself part of a community within academia rather than just part of the city. However, New York being the amazing place it is makes it easier to accept this notion and I still consider myself at home.


Well, there is not much of a united school community here; most of the questions on this survey were difficult to answer because NYU wears so many different masks and it really all depends on how you want get involved. That can also be a positive, though: it just depends on how much independence and self-motivation you contain.


Administrative and bureaucratic politics. Many politics involved among different departments in the school, mainly among salaries and administrative freezes. Many quality people leave NYU due to the overwhelmingly favoritism-esque nature of maintaining employment or extra benefits.


Kimmel Dining Hall is closed on weekends, and they're the best food on campus (luckily, there's New York City to eat in)