New York University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is interested in being apart of community with much variety and many different cultures should attend this school.


Someone who is not interested in a traditional college experience. If you want to grow up faster than your friends attending state schools, explore and take advantage of one of the greatest cities in the world, and forge your own path, this is the school for you.


Because of it's size and location, New York University is a very liberal school with a very diverse and large group of students. While being in the city offers many opportunities, it is easy to fall through the cracks here. NYU is best suited for open-minded and driven individuals who do not mind being out of their comfort zone- it does come with its benefits, such as pre-exposure to the post-grad life and career experience through a plethora of internships.


A person who can endure stress and hardwork, as well as is open to people who might be different from him.


independent, smart, creative-types, not into typical college experiences (sports, Greek life, etc.)


New York University has a place for everyone. No matter ypur race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or vibe, New York university has a place for you.


One of the things I love about my school is the variety of people that attend it. However, no matter how much we all differ from one another there are a few factors that exist in all of us. Ambition is the leading characteristic; we all want to go over and beyond our expectations to stand out and suceed. Consistency is the next; NYU students don't give up, they follow through with everything asked of them. The characteristic I love the most is that everybody is unique and not afraid to show their true colors.


The type of person who would attend NYU is someone who wants to learn in a multi-cultural environment in a big city setting. It is someone who appreciates and enjoys the mess, noise and close-quarters of a big city, who enjoys amenities such as mom&pop stores, crowded city streets, and non-stop life; someone who manages sensory overload well and is not overwhelmed by too many opportunities. The person who should attend NYU has a healthy sense of who they are; is fun yet disciplined, and wants to enhance their own world-view through those of others.


Someone who isn't looking for a party school or a social school, but rather a school with a focus on hard work and studying, located in the heart of New York City.


Someone liberal and artistic, unless you're coming for the business school, in which case you should still be liberal and open-minded, as a lot of people who come here ARE artistic and liberal.


A person should attend this school only if they are open to change and open to experiencing new things. You have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone, or else you will find yourself alone and unhappy your entire time at school. You need to embrace the eccentric and try to be unique. The people that are different are the ones that do the best at NYU.


This school is defintiely made for a person not looking for the traditional campus or college experience. The school is pretty much woven into New York City, and students tend to be fairly independant.


Anyone who is looking to get a great education in one of the best areas in the country! The location is great, the professors are great, and the school is incredibly well-noted. If you're interested in being in an exciting, fast-paced area with endless opportunities, it's a great school. The classes are challenging but managable, and the professors prepare you well.


someone who is outgoing and independent. The school is in the heart of a large city so you have to be able to find your way around, not become overwhelmed or frightened easily and determined. Every day in NY is determination and excitment and no two days are the same.


Someone who is willing to work hard and can handle very large classes.


I am not one to say who can do what. But NYU is one of the finest institutions in the United States, so therefore if your a hard working student who is serious about their future and you put 150% into what you do then definitely apply to NYU.


Someone who can think outside the box, is adventurous, loves the city, is artistic, intelligent, open to new experiences, HARD-WORKING, competitive, fun, outgoing, intelligent, passionate about their feild of study/ potential career, individualistic, and willing to take risks.


NYU has always been the dream school for a majority of it's students and so the people who choose to go here are very excited and passionate about the University and living in New York City. An NYU student should be a dedicated and hard working student, adventurous, open minded, and willing to take advantage of the city and all of the amazing resources that surround the school. NYU is a very different experience from most 4 year colleges and requieres it's students to be independent by placing them in the real world starting freshman year.


A driven, intelligent, and independent student, no matter what they are interested in would thrive at New York University.


Someone who enjoys alot of people, being in a very diverse enviorment and who can balance a heavy school load with a potentially exciting social life.


Someone who can afford it and knows what they want to do. A person can't just have an idea, one must know what he or she wants to do because then said person would just be wasting money for the run around and basically paying for frustration.


Someone with an open mind and a mentality ready for an adventure would do well at this school. A person must be ready to face the academic challenges the school offers as well as embrace what New York City has to offer socially and culturally.


Outgoing and openminded students thrive at New York University. NYU is an institution that offers the best in education and arts. The large student population can be a little overwhelming at first, but there is a place or club for any type of student. A student who is considering NYU must be willing to put themselves out there and attempt to make connections with people.


Firstly, they should be academically-oriented. They should have a will to explore their own possibilities within this school, this city, and the places NYU can take them. And I believe that NYU is a school that works well with passionate individuals. A ho-hum, apathetic person just wouldn't do well here. However, NYU is also home to a huge array of different "kinds" of people. So many different religious and ethnic groups are represented, so many clubs catering to different interests exist, and so many options are available for every decision (Kosher dining hall or traditional style tonight?).


Someone who is willing to put in the work. That person has to be willing to go to tutoring and study sessions and truly go the extra mile to excel. The courses are challenging and they require a lot of time, studying and reading. However, there are amples resources available through the university when it comes to studying and tutoring and help. This person has to be attentive and strong. Anyone can and should attend this school because it is truly diverse. The school offers so many opportunities for higher education; anything and everything can be learned at this school.


Someone that is open to learning about all types of people and ideas. Also, someone that is financially able to afford to live in this city.


Anyone who is dedicated and hardworking should attend this school. Coming into this university, I wasn't the hardest working student but I am quickly adapting. NYU is also located right in Manhattan, so anyone who enjoys the big city AND can handle big city life should attend this school. One should have the right mindset of self-progression and should also possess the ability to adapt to the fast pace of the city.


You should attend New York University if you are brave, inquisitive, and open to new ideas and experiences. Being brave is important because you will be living in one of the most important cities in the world. You must be able to stand up for yourself otherwise you will be pushed aside.In New York you will experience something new every day and if that something you love, then you will love this school. Also having an inquisitive mind is essential in a school that pushes you to define everything for yourself instead of filling your mind with others? ideas.


I think everyone should attend my school. As long s you now how to balce your work time and your fun time it should be alright.


NYU requires a very independent person as well as a motivated one. It is not a state college and therefore one should not expect that type of atmosphere. We have no Friday night football games but we do have the entire city at our feet. There is no one look to the students each person is unique and diverse in a variety of ways. If you are ready to be on your own NYU is for you. Also, if you are truly interested in learning and delving into a subject matter deeply NYU is also for you.


To attend NYU, you should be extremely dedicated. New York City is a distracting place to study, and for some it may be difficult to remain focused. NYU is also ideal for very open minded and social students.


Someone who is independent and very open to different types of people.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is very independent and proactive in shaping his or her experiences. New York University has so much to offer, especially because it is located in the city, however it is very much up to the student to take advantage and find out about these opportunities. Students at NYU are also very career-oriented and intelligent, so one looking to attend NYU is usually focused and hard working - in addition to knowng how to have a good time.


A student who is not only very dedicated, but very hardworking, and eager to learn. A student who is willing to face the real world at large by attending a university in the heart of New York City.


People that legitimately enjoy the city life. Who aren't afraid to be ignored but want attention in some form. Someone who doesn't mind that their university is more Corporation than University.


People who are very open to new Ideas should attend NYU. That being said, it is a very liberal campus so conservatives may feel out of place. People who love the arts and city life will fit right in.


someone who is outgoing, open-minded, independent, tough, has a good sense of humor, knows what he/she needs, is either good with money or is wealthy, loves New York City, and likes walking everywhere


People that are culturally open-minded. People that are willing to get work done and push themselves to think creatively, even in classes that may not seem to have any creative aspect. People that can handle living in the city and have a genuine love for it.


Know that if you want to attend NYU and be successful, you should be a determined, hard-working, thick-skinned, versatile go-getter. You should expect the unexpected and be able to navigate a large, busy city full of no-nonsense people. You should be a person who works hard and plays hard, so that you can handle stress effectively. This place is a dose of the real world and the reality is, you have to work to accomplish your goals. it's not easy at all. If you enjoy culture, music, and night life, go to NYU.


A highly scholarly person should attend this school, one who is ready for any challenge that awaits them and will commit to completing the challenge with full effort. In addition, they should be able to utilize New York City as a playground - taking advantage of its great opportunities that are waiting to be discovered. In addition, one must have an extrovert, open personality to attend the school.




Liberal and open- minded. Someone who is comfortable in a city enviroment that is surrounded with diversity. NYU is not going to offer much of a campus life- and sporting events or enthusiasum for them is almos non existant.


A weird person. Everyone at NYU is different in their own way. You won't survive if you are not somewhat independent from your parents.


A creative and goal-oriented individual that enjoys alternative learning but can also work in more traditional classes as well. Someone that is willing to work extremely hard but can balance a healthy social life in addition would do well.


A person who is determined and who goal oriented.


People who are very sure of what they would like to do with their lives.


a liberal, open minded individual who is ready to live in a big city.


Someone who is liberal, open minded, and independent


Someone who is open to meeting many different people of various backgrounds, world views, and sexual orientations. Also, someone who wants to be in New York City and take advantage of its many cultural areas and internships. Most NYU students are very independent so this is important as well.


An independent person who doesn't need a lot of support from others but wants to actually go outside of the daily routine to make friends, artistic yet practical with clear-cut ambitions and goals, someone with financial stability, likes to stray from the beaten path, emotionally stable, like the metropolitan lifestyle, a liberal