New York University Top Questions

What should every freshman at New York University know before they start?


A few months ago I was a Highschool senior. I was undecided on what I wanted to study and were I wanted to Study. I was in AVID for many years and they always adviced me to apply anywere even if I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Many times I was told to apply for many scholarship but, I never did. I regret not doing what I was told. Today I am decided on what I want to study and where I want to go but it doesn,t come for free. College is more expensive than anyone really understands. The day you apply is the day that you know how expensive education really is. If I were to go back and advise my self in Highschool, I would advise myseelf to do everything advised by teachers and counsoulers. They know what they are doing and they wont advise you somthing that would not benefit you in the future. I would say not to be lazy and take the time to actually do the things you are told, apply to colleges, apply for scholarships even if they arn't the biggest scholarship they add up and help.


There are so many people that have worked just as hard as you have, and reached the same level of success, but do not have the chance to go to college much less their dream school. Many of your friends are attending community college or just staying at home trying to figure out what's next. The fact that you are attending your dream school is partially the result of your own hard work but the financial and emotional support of your family and loved ones has made your dream possible. You should not be so arrogant to think you did it all by yourself. You should appreciate the opportunity. College should not be viewed as a badge of honor to brag about but as just one opportunity to do what you would like to do as a career. There are many paths to success. College is just one of them. Don't worry about your dorm room looking cuter than others on your floor; don't worry too much about wearing the perfect outfit everyday to class. Your parents stretched thin to send you to college. Attend and finish with as little fluff and debt as possible.


I would advise myself to prepare greatly. I would advise myself to not procrosinate anything in high school, and to always work to my hardest potential, because it will pay off in due time. I would also advised myself to invest myself into a sport in high school, which I could then continue in college to build that sense of a team and intense friendships.


No matter what take advantage of everything college life has to offer!! You are going to college to learn about the world and yourself, so don’t spend all your time worrying about money. A lot of people would cringe at the idea of taking on such a large amount of debt, but education is always worth it. That is why you should prioritize academics first by taking advantage of the fact that people are willing to help and share their mistakes so you can learn from them. Go to tutoring and office hours!! If you are going to get a job, find one that contributes to your career path!! However, college isn’t just about digging your face into a textbook. You need time to socialize and expand your awareness. Get involved in community service and club events!! But don't try to do everything and end up accomplishing nothing. You learn just as much by having conversations with your friends as you do in a lecture. Learn to juggle!! College is a balancing act between school, sleep, and your social life. Learn from your mistakes so when people ask you if you regret anything you can say "no".


I would tell myself to really re-think my choice to be a theatre arts major. Sure, it is fun to do, but why not at least minor in something else practical? Or major in something practical and minor in theatre? Look into education if you are so set on theatre, then you could teach theatre in the schools or something. I'm not saying to cut out theatre because that is where your heart lies. But remember the other dreams you have, of having a family one day. And plan for them. Also, don't be so afraid of failure. Yes, there will be things that will not go like you want, but still do them anyway! Take the vocal class while still in college. And don't forget to keep playing the piano so that you can play for yourself and your family later on. You are smarter than you know but you need to have a little bit more courage. Keep standing up for yourself and you'll be fine. Don't worry if somebody doesn't like you. They weren't worth it anyway. And money, take advice from Mom and save some as you go.


I would tell myself not to rush things and to be greateful and appreciative for everything that I have been given and achieved. Haste will not get you anywhere, however patience and persistence will go a long way. Life is very fun, but that is not the only important thing, there are thigns larger than yourself going on that need attention and you will actually feel a lot better by putting effort into helping others. Life is what you make of it, so rise above any nonsense, stay strong, and do what you have to do in order to get to where you need to go.


Knowing what you want to do for a career, is a great thing to know before entering college. After making that decision, it is key to be confident and not to question yourself, "Is this the right path for me?" It is! You just have to believe in yourself. Also study hard for all classes and participate. Never be shy or afraid to ask questions. Also make sure when registering for classes, you register as soon as it opens, because classes fill up quickly. Continuously check student e-mail and dates for when anything is important for classes or degree! It is key to always be on top of things, so you are not late or missing any madatory meetings, requirements, information, etc. Also, get involved with your school. Whether it is joining a club or sports, do something, because it will make school much more fun. Lastly, don't make work a priority over school. You have the rest of your life to work. Go to school and take a good amount of classes that way you are not taking longer to graduate. the sooner you are to your career, the better!


If I could talk to myself in high school. I would tell myself to take school more important. I would tell myself that I should've stayed in school instead of signing out and getting a GED. I would advise myself to go to college as soon as I signed out and recieved my GED instead of joining the workforce. I would definitely tell my younger self to pay less attention to my friends who did not have my best interest at heart. While I was joining the military trying to run away from my problems all my friends/classmates were enjoying senior year. I would definitely leave my younger self with a outline of do's and dont's to be more successful and make smarter decisions then I did. Although I made not so smart decisions I plan on making it right and making a better life for myself.


When I was a high school senior, I was in such a rush to get out of high school, my house, New Jersey... I dreamed of being off on my own so I could do my own thing and be myself without anyone caging me in. My parents were quite strict with me. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would still encourage my younger self to be excited. This really is the best time of my life, thus far. However, I would also encourage myself to slow down and enjoy the here and now. Appreciate it. I love college and all of the experiences I've gained that have helped me - and are helping me - find myself and be the person I was meant to be... but growing up is hard. I am slowly learning what real responsibility and maturity is. I love myself and the person I am becoming because of the knowledge I'm gaining. I would just advise myself, and all other high school students, to enjoy what they have now and take life as it comes. No need to rush. Life comes no matter what.


¿Chica, how’s it going? We need to talk before you go off to school… One, 4 years seems like a long time, but it really flies by so it’s important to make every moment count. Two, follow Mr. Zimmerman's advice. He’s a great teacher and really smart (he went to NYU graduate school). Consider going to a cheaper state school to complete your undergraduate degree and then go to a private school your graduate work. School is expensive! And, if you plan to continue your education after completing an undergraduate degree (which most people do) going to a state school for your undergraduate degree makes financial sense (especially when it’s coming out of your own pocket). Three, do extensively research on every major your top choices have to offer Part of going to college is truly discovering what you want to do in life and it can be very costly if you change your mind and don’t have enough options. Last, don’t forget to have fun! You’re smart, you got this, it’s okay to have some fun in moderation, and you’ll have a blast! Un gran abrazo, Migdali