Newbury College Top Questions

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The only other school I really considered was Salem State. Compared to that school, Newbury is really small, but the class sizes are the perfect size. They're not too big or small. What I like about this school is that everyone on my floor is pretty close and I really like that. I like being able to go to anyone's door and it be normal that I'm there.


The best feature on the school would be that fact that the teachers know you and are very welcoming. Yopu will not be just a number but a person taht can approch them when needed. They have very flexible office hours, they are very knowlegdable in their specific field, and they have great network to gain experience from.


Certain things that are unique about my school is that they make sure the students become more involved with the community and make sure school is more affordable to meet certain students needs.


Newbury College is a small campus setting with small classes. There is abundant personal interaction with professors and skipping classes is definitely not encouraged. You may even get a call from a professor or advisor wondering where you are. Professors and staff care deeply about the students at Newbury College which makes it a much more personal experience and creates an environment of positive reinforcement that is a valuable asset especially for first year students. Succes rate of job placement is extraordinary and additional support is availabe after graduation if a student has been unable to find a suitable job.


It is small enough to feel like family, yet big enough for opportunity.


Newbury College doesn't have a football team like other schools have and it's smaller than regular colleges.