Newbury College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I feel like there is not a specific stereotype at this school. Newbury is diverse in culture, ethnic background, and students come from all around the world.


frican Americans, White (Caucasian) & Hispanics




I really do not think there is a set stereotype here at Newbury College. We tend to not prioritize towards one group. We have so many clubs being built every semester, that there tends to be something for everyone no matter who you are or where your coming from.


I think the unfortunate stereotype of the people at Newbury is that they are all lazy and apathetic about their education. I constantly hear people complaining that this school is a "joke" but those are the same people who don't show up to classes and never do any of the work. I think the stereotype is completely wrong because I know countless people who are very hard and honest workers here and they make our campus great and worth going to.


A lot of people would say there is a lot of drama and that the Jocks are the students that run the school


I would say that our school is pretty even when it comes to anyone saying anything about school. We don't have those big juice head jock guys. Our school is small and our sport teams are perfect size. The athletes (me being one of them) form close groups with one another. The basketball team is usually loud in our dinning hall but every team gets a little roudy now and then. Some people say its easy here and not worth it but that's usually the kids who haven't put anything into their time here.


We do not have a certain stereotype at Newbury. This school is extremely diverse. There are many different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and religions represented here. Our college gives us the chance to interact with many different people, and I personally have not been a witness to any stereotypes on campus.


Our school has a lot of student athletes. Even though we have a lot of student athletes the people who do not do a sport should not be in the catagory of others.


The stereotype at Newbury would be people judging students to figure out what major they are studying and making their own opinions about that person because of their major.


The stereotype at Newbury I've heard lately is "Oo you go to Newbury? How's Culinary going?" I don't think its that bad of a stereotype. It does get annoying at some points especially when you are a culinary major.


To be honest, I am not aware of one specific stereotype about Newbury students. The campus is very diverse and clubs and organizations help students meet and interact with each other.


The stereotype at Newbury College is nothing. We have a very diverse group of students at the college. Many of our students are international and from all over the U.S.


I don't believe in stereotypes so I do not listen to them


I don't really see Newbury as having stereotypes. I mean, yea we have them, but it's just not something that stands out. We are a small college so everyone knows everyone. Whether it be by face recognition or name. I talk with everyone, and hang out with all sorts of personalities. I believe that at Newbury you are an individual. Yes, you could call me a Jock because i'm on the Women's Tennis Team but there is so much more to me than that. Labels are just so old school.


I think that people always stereotype by thinking that everyone who attends Newbury is a rich kid or a Culinary student. People think this because we are located in a wealthy area and they think that everyone does Culinary because we have such a strong Culinary program.


The stereotype at out school is "that the school is cheap". The school isn't cheap. If anything this school does everything it can to offer scholarships and resources for students to be succesful. Every year Newbury Collge tries to raise money for student scholarships as well as other resources for students to be succesful in the school. It gives it's students financial resources and academic resources for them to be succesful in class. Yes, it probably is one of the the most affordable private school in the Boston area, but let me just tell you it is most definitely not cheap.


I do not think that there are major stereotypes here at Newbury. Yes people usually make close friends with those who are in their major or within their sports team, but a lot of people just make friends with whomever. Even though Newbury is a really small school, some people compare it to high school, but from my experience it is anything but the drama and click filled high school.