Newbury College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, it would be the most helpful thing in the world. I would tell myself to try my hardest and keep my grades up so I could get into a good school. I would tell myself to still go to Newbury College because I'm going to meet some of my best friends here and they're going to be around for a while. I would tell myself not to worry because everything works out in the end. I would say that all the sleepless nights weren't necessary and that mom and dad were wrong. The friends I had senior year and throughout high school are still around and they're not going anywhere. The worrying is pointless because I'm okay now.


The transfer from high school to college life is not as difficult as people make it seem. The big difference that I have found is that you don't get to see the same people that you were use to as much, like family of close friend, when living on campus.


I would tell my highschool self: "Who ever told you it was going to be easy, lied to you. High School may have been the most annoying, emotional and life changing 4 years of your life. What's to come un college is completely different. You are going to be on your own. The people that said will be there for you may not be there ad they said they would be. My father kicked me out of the house shortly after graduation. From that point, I had to prepare for the real world. Becoming an indepedent student with no financial help is very difficult and may be stressful. Not being able to apply for loans without a cosigner and left with a 18,000 student loan bill will somehow be worth it in the end. Keep your head up! Continue to aspire to change the world for our troubled you. Become the voice they need when the world don't understand them. Change the world and make it a better place, YOU CAN DO IT."


Enjoy the freedom you have away from family but don't forget to call them. Study hard and the grades will come, just not in high school. You will be fine relax.


So far I have learned to adapt to a new place and be on my own. I came to my school not knowing anyone which has helped me want to reach out and meet people. Staying on campus was a big change also. I wish i came to school with better studying techniques but this college strives to help you and work with you rather than make it a party fest.


College is your future! I wish to attend college to have a bright future and to do that I do need the money which Im trying my best. College is a life changing thing for everyone. It prepares everyone for the life they want. Struggle for the job they desire. It's hard, no one said it would be easy but that's the great thing about it. Working hard for what you want. I really wish to get what I desire in my future so whatever college pushes in my way I am willing to do!


Out of my college experiecne I have gained much confidence in my field of study with only having one semester under my belt . I am able to go out only own and look for mroe within my field that I am interested in. It has been very valuable to attend because if youa re a person that likes to talk with your teachers and really get a hands on in your field of study then Newbury College is that right place for you.


If I could go back and talk to myself in high school I would have prepared myself to work alot harder, study more and do the very best I could everyday. I would have put more time into hands on training. I would have signed up for more curricular activities and would have put more effort into the cooking contests I was involved with such as skills USA. I would have shown more pride in my competitions. I would have put more thought into my life long dream of becoming an excellent chef with the hope of owning my own restaurant. Back in high school I never realized that college is actually for those who want better things out of life


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself how hard college life is. It's not like high school where I can skip a class and catch up on the work I missed the day before, or where I can give them a doctors note and take a test I missed. In college if I skip a class, they don`t care and they wont give me the work I've missed. I never skipped a class in college, but I had a teacher that if she gave a test or pop quiz and I wasn't there the day she gave it out I couldn't retake it. And I would tell myself to just get over and stop complaining when a teacher would make me read a a section of a chapter in a book, because in college they ask for me to read the whole chapter. They don't let me hand in homework a day late beacuse I forgot it at home, they won't take it at all. I do love the college life, but it's tough.


The one advice that I would give to my self when i was a high school senior is that work even harder and try to get more awards that i need to help pay for my college tuition.


"Jon, it's your future self here. I've come to give you good advice on making the transition to Newbury College next fall. While you may be as surprised as I am to have this experience, I want to tell you what I have learned over these past three semesters attending Newbury College. The most important advice is to be organized in your daily activities as well as your assignments. No more procrastinating! As a commuting student you will find out how important every minute of your day becomes. You(we) are determined, intelligent, and goal oriented so start now and focus on your organization skills. It is amazing what you will accomplish. We are well on our way to a bad recession and you will be working two jobs, as well as attending school full time. News can be done and I guarantee you will succeed. Deans List with Honors is a wonderful reward. Start now and don't cheat yourself by indulging in senior laziness. Give it your best every day no matter what and your college experience will be all you hope for. More important, you will be in charge of your future."


when choosing a school the best advice is to visit when there are other students there, thats the best way to get a feel for your school, and see if you would fit in. allot of schools have overnight programs where you can share a room with a student alredy attending, without parents so you can have a real college exsprience. The only other thing i would recomend is make sure you can afford it for a maximum of 4 years its not cheap, and its hard to come across loans. As long as you have a plan that is realistic you can succeed.


The best advice I could give a student is to make sure it is what they want, not what their parents want. And to remember that education comes first. If they don't have your major but your sport, you need to be able to decide which one is more important. And for parents, the best advice I can give them is to make sure they are behind their child 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the way. Choosing a college to attend is one of the most difficult choice a student can make, and they need to make sure they aren't alone in their decision.


I would make it clear to students and their parents that finding the college that is right for you is a learning process. You need to visit and stay over (if allowed) to really experience life on campus and sit in on a few classes to get a sense of what class sizes are and the teaching styles of the colleges professors. Once you have got a good sense of the campus and what it has to offer, take a trip off campus and just drive around and get an idea of the town and community where your prospective campus is located. it is important to be comfortable and excited about where your campus is located and think about whether you feel like that is a place you could see yourself succeeding and being happy.


Visit as many colleges as you can, an always consider the financial aid package.


Make sure that your student will be able to find a good job after graduating from college.


Try to determine what you want to study before entering college undecided majors just waste time and money


give it your all if you dont like the school you choose you can always transfer dont stay somewhere because your parents want you to.


For parents, ask what you're children want out of a college. Make sure they're happy and not just you. Students, make sure you pick a college that's perfect for you. Don't just pick it because of drinking and bars that they might have around the area. Pick a place where you think you'll be happy in.