Nicholls State University Top Questions

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Nicholls is a very small and unique school. The classes at Nicholls are very small and they're all close to eachother. Nicholls has many organizations that cater to their students. There are a numerous amount of clubs that students can join. They also have a dyxlesia center, writing center, tutoring center, and a Veteran's center. Nicholls also has a brand new recreation center. Along with the other great opportunities Nicholls has, they also have a great College of Education, and eager professors who are always willing to help students.


Nicholls has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. As a freshman...I do not feel out of place. Everyone is willing to help you out and make you feel like you are apart of the Nicholls State family. The campus is not overwhelming, it is very easy to get around and the classrooms are a good size so that the teachers and students can have some sort of relationship.


Because of the closeness of the campus, the students seem to be a closer knit community. You can find friends all over. Like Mr. Roger's neighborhood.


Nicholls State University is an amazing and unique college. Due to its relatively small size students can bond with teachers, and not just be a number in a classroom. Whereas at some other colleges classroom consist of large numbers and you go unrecognized. The campus is also relatively small and has beautiful landscaping . The Campus Union provides great entertainment along with food and snack options if a student does not wish to go eat in the cafeteria. Nicholls is a wonderful college and has many wonderful benefits to offer students that wish to attend.


My school isn't focused solely on sports or certain groups. It cares about all the students.


The location is convient to stores and restuarants.


The size is one of the most unique things about Nicholls State University. Other schools in the local area are more than twice the size which results in bigger classrooms and less one on one time with the professors. I have yet to meet a professor that hasn't had time to discuss a problem with me that day. Even if they are about to walk out the door they will stick around and hear you out. Small classes also give the oppertunity to become closer to classmates and form close knit study groups.


There is nothing really unique about it. Its close to home. My first choice was Northwestern State and I attended there my first year. I ended up moving back home and going to Nicholls.