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What is unique about my school is the school spirit it carrys acorss this country. "Aggie Pride"


The sense of community.


Our school is focused on networking and success. At this school, no one is concerned about how different your major is because we believe that is the chosen area you chosed to succeed in. And with that, we believe in networking in helping each other gain experience in reaching our goals.


My school is extremely school spirited and although it is a historically black university, an individual of any race would feel welcome. My school also has a great orientation and welcoming program for new students to help them better adjust and achieve academic excellence.


I love the atmosphere that is at A&T, I felt at home when I visited the campus. I feel like I belong. it's a great feeling to belong somewhere


When I went to tour North Carolina A&T State University, I was in the middle of my senior year and already decided on a school and it was not North Carolina A&T . After my tour I was amazed by the family atmoshpere at the school and changed my mind due to the fact that A&T is a growing school and the campus atmosphere is not stuck in the history of the campus like other HBCU's, it takes the history that it is founded on and expands on it to strive for greatness.


At North Carolina A & T State University, they actual care about whether you pass or fail a class. They provide plenty of help for you, and prepare and prep you for acadmeic success.


This school is for dominated by African-American.


My university is unique because we have AGGIE PRIDE! I have never been on another campus with as much school pride as mine. It makes me smile with delight when someone asks me where I go to school and are familiar with our chants and cheers because of how powerful our energy is as a group.


The unity among the students , we all want to help each other succeed.


well I did like the fact that staff were very nice when I came into the school. I like the fact that you get o interact in more activities with other people and very important you get to interact with activities that relate to your major.


Being an undergraduate student majoring in animal science at NC A & T State University was the best choose for me. This school is unique by having the most species in animal livestock on the on-campus farm, students gain hands on experience starting as early as their freshmen year, and the classes are reasonable in size to allow more one on one time to build a professor/ student relationship.


My school offers a strong networking community and offer various workshops to help students with their career choices. The professors and faculty have a very strong relationships with the students and encourage communication in order for students to have a successful matriculation. The Mass Communication department is accrediated and the Engineering department receives national and international recognition.


it's a hbcu


The many different ethnicities I did not think I would see so many different races here. I love the different cultures and background of the staff and students.


What's unique about my school compared to other schools is that it is a Historically Black University.


My school has a rich history that dates back to 1891. My school is also a Historical Black College and University (HBCU). I am proud to be an Aggie. Aggie Pride stands for Achieving Great Goals In Everything Producing Renowned Individuals Dedicated to Excellence. This is something that is said on a regular basis at my school and we are the best.


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is so unique because it?s a learning community that develops and preserves intellectual capital through interdisciplinary research, discovery, engagement and operational excellence. The university?s history dates back over 118 years. N.C. A&T was established as the A. and M. College for the ?H.B.U Colored Race.? State University is committed to fulfilling its fundamental purposes through exemplary undergraduate and graduate instruction, scholarly and creative research, and effective public service


My school has a very good Psychology program and since that's what I am majoring in I made sure that I put an application in.


NCAT allows each individual student to express themselves freeley in an excepting environment while engaging their attention allowing eacxh student to succeed.


Something unique about my school would be the pride in seeing African Americans achieve an education.




school spirit is great,


My school is unique in the fact that there is so much school spirit, that it feels as though you belong to a family once you enroll here. There 's no other school like it, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is that gives me that feeling.


Great networking.


At North Carolina A and T State University there is a sense of Aggie Pride that brings students together. It is a HBCU, which in itself shows that there is a strong legacy of young black students with the determination to excel into doing great things. he people here are one of a kind also; everyone comes from so many backgrounds and cultures that may suggest diversity is the key to this school.


Our school is unique due to its history -- the impact that it has had to the nation. Beyond the legacy of the A&T Four, the current standards pressed upon each student maintains the sense of pride and unity to excell. Though the school is middle sized, each member of the campus community is recognized as a person with potential that merely needs a bit of guidance to blossom.


Considering that it is an HBCU, it is a very culturally diverse. Alumni are very helpful and dedicated to carry out the pride that they have for our school. The school has a great engineering program, which is one of the reasons why I decided to attend this school. The pride that we have in our school is unlike that of any other.


My school is unique because it has a pride that I can not begin to explain. The term "Aggie Pride" is used heavily around campus. It expresses our love for our school and the appreciation of being in the position to succeed. I was taken away by the support form the alumni and the great facilites. It is a very competitive to vist.


What's unigue about North Carolina A&T State University is the students that attend. Each student is from a different place, with a different backgroud, majoring in different fields and when you combined them all you have a great University feld with potential.


Campus size


My school is different from any other school because of our AGGIE PRIDE! It is something that no other school has and no matter who you are or where you come from, Aggie Pride is a common feeling and almost like a bonding factor that relates everyone in the school. Aggie Pride is not only limited to current students but to faculty, alumni and perspective students.


i lie this school alot . The students havea lot of school pride


Our accounting program is accredited, and that is the program that I wanted to be in.