North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If a student wants to receive an accredited degree, make lifelong friends and memories, establish a mark in the community, grow as a person, maintain high stature, accomplish goals, and love your environment then the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T) is the place for any student. NCA&T is a phenomenal institution where students not only gain knowledge within their field of study, but they are able to enjoy the college experience as well. NCA&T students Achieve Great Goals In Everything because NCA&T Produces Renowned Individuals Dedicated to Excellence (AGGIE PRIDE).


People who are open-minded, free spirited and ready to take on new experiences. Prospective students should be ready to take on a new level of Aggie pride! Be ready for some fun aswell as a great education. Friendly and enthusiastic people aswell also fit in perfectly.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one looking for a good education especially in agriculture, engineering, and/ or business. If you are the type of person that wants your professors and deans to care this is a good school for you. You mus be focused get good grades and attend class because financial aid will be pulled very easily. You want to be a person that also get involved. You are only successful at this school if you are involved with organizations on campus.


Someone who understands the principals of hardwork, academics, and leadership. Students that attend here need to be able to grasp the concept of living an above average life now and in the future and have a plan as to how to get there. Students that come to A&T have to have standards and goals for themselves and the confidence and the work ethic that will get them to where they are planning to go in life. The people that come to this school need to be dreamers and star reachers.


A person looking for diversity with the ambition and passion to do great things both during and after college.


A person who is consitered the average student should attend this school. This college is not for the eleate and not for those who wish to do little in life. This college is for the average student who is looking for an education that can give them a comfortable lifestyle.


Any kind of person can attend North Carolina A&T University. It is very open and diverse.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is serious about his/her education. The person that should attend this school should be ready to take advantage of all the tutorial help and office hours of the department and his/her professor. I do not believe that their is a "kind of person" that should attend this school. This school is for everyone that wants to enjoy the full college experience and wants to achieve success in the years to come. This school has programs and organizations that caters to every individual who attends this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be the type of person that doesn't see color as a issue but see everybody as a equals.


I would tell them to stay focused and no matter what, let nothing distract them. I would tell them in order to become successful in the future they have to set goals and strive to reach them every time. College is a place to have fun but never forget you are in college to learn and better your future so put your work before anything else, but also try to make fun of the college experince.


Any African American looking to form a bond with others who share the same culture and want to succeed in life.


Any type of person should attend this school. North Carolina A&T caters to everyone.


North Carolina A&T does not look for a certain type of person to go to the school. However, in order to get excepted into North Carolina a&T State University you must have atleast a 2.5 if you live in North Carolina and atleast a 3.0 if you are an out of state student.


Someone that is not afraid of networking or their possibe net worth.


A hard working student who is full of life and wants to get a valuable education and job after graduation.


Any person can attend this school as long as they meet the required SAT or ACT scores, GPA average. Whom ever is planning attending this school should be prepared to work and study hard. College is the beginning of ones life. So if the person that attends North Carolina A&T starts out with the right frame of mind, keep a positive attitude and stay focus on their goals. College will be a great expericence for them and also lead them to their path in life.


Hard workers


Anyone, but especially African American students who want to learn about thier heritage and go to school with others like them.


a person that likes to party. a person that doesn't take school seriously, that wants to skate by. a people person.


A person that is willing to adjust to situations to meet their goals and a person that is just willing to work hard to learn and get his or her education.


Although this is a Historically Black College, anyone can attend it. By anyone I mean those who are ready and willing to do the work that needs to be done to accomplish their goals in college, which is true for any college.


Someone who is really trying to get an education and is well disiplined. A&T university is located in downtown and has alot of places to spend extra time but you really have to be disiplined cause there are many clubs to go to.


A person with a hard work ethic but the ability to have fun should attend North Carolina A&T. This school is an HBCU so it has a rich culture and history to gain knowledge from. I advise those who are only willing to work hard and succeed with pride to come to this university.


Anyone who is eager to learn, grow, and wiling to become an Aggie.


So many different kinds of people attend this school for various reasons. A person should choose a universtity that best suits them and what they are looking for in life versus choosing a school based off of what someone has told them because everyones interpretations are different. I can only tell you why I came to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I can tell you the pros and cons but only you can decide if you are the right kind of person for this Institution.


A person who is outgoing and loves to be involved in campus activities should attend my school. There is a requirement for all students to complete fifty community service hours before undergraduate graduation. If you do not want to get involved my school is not for you.


The person that should attend North Carolina A&T State University is a person who is ready to explore new experiences and is ready to change history. Our university has a lot of history here so you should be ready to be apart of that and be ready to make your own. You should be a hard worker and an open minded person because the professors here will make you work so; you will have to be able to learn how to think differently than you have in the past.


A person willing to accept change.


Very outgoing, and open to many new ideas and goals. A person who is also very serious about school work, and knows how to manage their time.


A person that attends Noth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has to be career oriented and driven. They have to know what they want and how to get what they want. But most importantly they have to know how to take correction and move on from it because no one here is going to baby you. Above all this person must have Aggie Pride!!!!!!!


any kind of person


The type pf person that should attend this school is someine who is willing to work hard in everything they do. Someone willing to learn how to become a mature adult.


Anybody that wants a good education and likes to party.


The kinds of persons that should attend this school are those looking to succeed in life and make a difference in their communities. This school is also for those looking to get a great engineering degree from well rounded and knowledgable faculty and teachers.


With school spirit.


A really cool person more than likely African-American since its an HBCU, a student that wants to join a family that is proud of its histroy and the prgress we've made as the African=American communtiy as a whole and as AGGIES!


The kind of person that should attend this school should be one that is serious about graduating and starting a serious career. This person should be open to different types of people and environments.


A person who is strong willed in and prioritizes his or her acedemics, and not easily influenced by negative peer pressure should attend this school. Although this is a good school, it is easy to fall behind in your acedemics by there being so much emphasis on making friends, being popular, joing a sorority or fraternity, and partying. I sometimes wish there were a more acedemic atmosphere on campus, were students feel like it's cool to sit on the grass and study or go to class without putting on your best party outfit.


Those who are definitely interested in Engineering, Mathematics, or Agriculture. The school is mainly focused in those areas. Therfore all career fairs, scholarships, workshops, and research are mostly focused in those areas. If this school has any flaws it is defintiely the bias is has towards the disciplines listed above.


There is no type of person. Anybody can attend. If you're the type of person that gets along with people and just likes to have a good time then this is the school for you. And you have to have alot of school spirit because here we just can't get enough of it.


Anybody can attend


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants a college experience that involes great academics and a great social life. And who also likes a school with alot of pride.


Anyone who wants to attend should enroll. This school does not discriminate against anyone. As I remember when I first applied to this school, it was option to diclose my racial background meaning that it didnt' matter what it was I still had to advantage of attending. Race isn't an issue but a person who has goals in life and has the mind of going somewhere in life should attend this school or the school or their choice.