North Central Texas College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That early registration is the best option, vet ALL your professors before you sighn up for a class, and NEVER take a class where the teacher is listed under will regret it. Start planning your life around corinth, as its quite a distance from...everything. I work in corinth now just to save money come school season. Its not a bad place at all its just far from everything.


I wish I would have prepared myself mentally for the amount of time it takes to study and put effort into all my class. Basically, I just wished I would have trained myself to be a better studier during high school.


Before coming to this school, it would have been nice to know about out of district tuition when I attended a Denton high school and now attend the community college in Corinth. I live in Aubrey, TX zoned to Denton Ryan High School. Nevertheless, attending this school is amazing. There is a great staff, and the security guards are personable which leaves me feeling secure about my car in the parking lot for hours on end while I am in class.