North Greenville University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is filled with the Lord's Spirit.


A fun-filled, Christ centered, education experience.


North Greenville University is a wonderful school that helps academic as well as spiritual growth in their students.


North Greenville University is a friendly, Christian environment that lives up to it's mottos, "become a difference maker, " and "where Christ makes a difference."


North Greenville University is a place where God is present and put first in every classroom and every decision made by the president.


North Greenville is a Christ centered school that focuses on its students' needs, salvation, and academics.


My school campus is beautiful and the teachers really care about the students.


My school is very religous, safe, and one of my favorite places to be.


North Greenville University is a school where professors care about the students, students love to fellowship with one another, and where everyone can get together and worship God through EVERYTHING they do.


It's a fun and lively school with great faculty, staff, and students who care about growing together as a family.


North Greenville University is a Christian atmosphere with amazing people and teachers who care about you education and your walk in life!


North Greenville University is a great college where you can receive excellent Biblical training as well as a great education from teachers who are very knowledgeable and caring.


A bright, encouraging, Godly environment to learn and grow into the person you were created to be.


My college allows people to come in and be comfortable, while still encouraging a consistent study/work ethic.


North Greenville University is a school that offers opputunities of academic success, preparation for the work force, and lifelong friendships!


A place where Jesus is evident and people care about you.


North Greenville is teaches us how to mix academics and future careers with our Christian faith.


North Greenville University really is where Christ makes a difference, it is very friendly and Christ centered.


NGU is a caring Christian university in a peaceful setting.


My school is a great Christ based school focused on preparing the students to be a light in the world in all areas of study.


A fun, educational, spiritual, and uplifting experience.


Where Christ makes the difference.


Any university can be described by the people in it, and North Greenville University is full of people who genuinely love each other, people outside of our school, acdemics and high standards, and most importantly Jesus Christ.


I believe that the faculty and staff at North Greenville University really do strive to allow Christ to make the difference on our campus through their attitudes, actions, and decisions.


North Greenville is like my home; I love it and being in a Christ centered environment is really fantastic, and has helped me to grow so much in my relationship with Christ. It is a really amazing school!


With such a welcoming student body and staff along with a Christian influence, North Greenville has become like a second home to me!


My school is a magnificent place where many people can come to expand their knowledge of various fields and make wonderful memories while making friends for a lifetime.


NGU is where kids can go to not only get an education but get Jesus Christ into their lives as well.


Christ-centered, and struggling to find space for recent growth.


North Greenville University is an old fashioned, caring school who loves for its students and genuinely cares about their well being.




This school is located in a rural setting with access to stores, restaurants, churches within a 5-10 mile radius. North Greenville University is committed to offering a Christian environment that also encourages students to travel aboard, engage other cultures and peoples, and be trained and equipped for a career in various occupations.


Very friendly and get a good education.


North Greenville University is a safe, friendly, and academically challenging environment. Although I do not fully agree with several of the rules and regulations, I do enjoy attending this university and feel that I will be successful in my field as a result of my attendance here.


North Greenville University is a Christian School full on Non-Christians, as well as Christians.


A wonderful enviroment for growing in your relationship with Christ and in knowledge.


It is a place where Christ makes the difference waether that be acidemicaly, athleticly, spiritually, or socially.


This school is a very conservative, christian orientated school that is a good learning environment.