North Greenville University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are helpful in many different ways like, helping out other students who dont understand what is being taught, listening to their problems, giving Godly advice in the situation and just loving on the other students.


The average classroom is between 15-30 people so you are able to get to know your classmates and the professor.


Everyone gets along well and participates in class discussions.


There are no more than about 100 students in each class, so you get to know the majority of your class pretty well. Most everyone is very friendly and focused on doing their studies and doing them right.


My classmates are kind, helpful, and good influences.


I would describe my classmates as family.


Classmates are very energertic and ready to learn.


My classmates are the best. They all have a very Christ like attitude towards everyone. I have only been at the universty for one semester, but from my point of view everyone is very well mannered.


My classmates are extremely passionate to learn and a great support system to one another.


I have been very impressed with the student body here at North Greenville. There is alot of respect and honor among the students. Guys hold the doors for ladies, people speak kindly to each other, and most everyone that I have met here is very friendly. Alot of people here love Jesus and that is a great encouragement to me! I love the people here.


Classmates at NGU are friendly and helpful.


My classmates are some of the nicest people I have ever been put in contact with. They made me feel very welcome when I first started school, especially the upperclassmen. They made sure I knew where I was headed next and gave me someone to eat with until I had my own group. I have met some of the strongest most devout Christians at school and that was something I looked for when deciding on my college.


Overall the student body seems like a group of mind washed zombie drones programmed to worship Jesus. I said, "shit" in the cafeteria one day and people looked at me like I was the anti-christ. I mean, that just doesn't seem normal to me. To cause a fuss over something as trivial as a curse word. But, nevertheless these people are good people, and will work with you and help you out if you ever find yourself in need. But be prepared to fit their mold, not the other way around.


My classmates are outgoing, exciting, and normal.


My classmates are kind, friendly, listen well in class, and strive to do thier best in all aspects of thier work.


We have a 17:1 student/teacher ratio, therefore, my classes are smaller and it is easier to get to know everyone. Many core classes unite music majors, theatre majors, education majors, business majors, Christian studies majors, psychology majors, and many more! I love the diverse people group NGU offers! Another plus to North Greenville's student body is the missionary kids. We have so many students from various backgrounds and experiences. It is exciting to be amongst such great people! Not all of my classmates are close friends; however there isn't one I wouldn't enjoy talking to.


My classmates are a very diverse group of people, from many backgrounds and with many differing personalities.


Everyone is friendly, gets along well, and relate well with others. There is a great sense of community here!


My classmates are young conservative Christians with very passionate personalities.


My classmates are uplifting, encouraging, and warriors for Christ Jesus our Saviour.


My classmates are kind, loyal, genuine, Christ-like people who are just trying to get through college while making a difference for Jesus Christ.


They tend to be cliquish but if you find the right group, then you feel great.


North Greenville Students are encouraging, motivating, self-descliplined and caring, from the people in their dorm to employees of the school.


My classmates work really hard for good grades and don't take for granted the amazing opportunities granted us at North Greenville University.


Almost everyone at my school is extremely friendly and willing to help others in need.


My classmates are wholesome, nice, good Christian people.


My classmates are here for a reason and very determined; respectful and very trustful in the Lord.


My classmates are a diverse group of people bound together by the love of Jesus Christ and the common goal of bettering mankind through community service and self sacrifice.


Around fifty percent of classmates are genuinely interested in the subject material and work hard. Around ten percent of the class is genuinely disinterested in the subject material and lazy. The remaining portion of the class is usually somewhere in the middle of the two aforementioned categories. The overall attitude of my classmates is good.


The classmates at this university are very friendly and treat everyone pretty much equally; all are eager to learn.


The majority of the students at North Greenville Univeristy are great young adults. They are polite, Godly, and try hard. True, at any institute there will be the difficult students to get along with, but North Greenville has great students.


They are hilarious, erudite, fun, Christians who are great friends.


My classmates are hardworking, friendly and generally Amazing!


Mostly friendly and easy to get along with.


My classmates are smart, funny, loving, accepting, great group workers, caring, and wanting to succeed as well as have everyone else succeed.


My classmates are very energetic and eager to learn.