North Greenville University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Definitely someone who is a strong believer in Christ, who is looking for a campus of rules and accountability to further your walk. Those who enjoy pursuing Christ and their passion or calling, especially if geared towards missions work, would love this school. There are also many opportunities to plug in, get involved, do outreach, participate in chapel and worship, receive mentorship and guidance from spiritual leaders, and enjoy an overall very friendly atmosphere with both friends and teachers who truly care about you!


just someone who wants to appreciate life and enjoy gettig to know christ .


Someone who enjoys learning.


Any prospective student that is interested in small class sizes with professors who truly car about your performances in and outside of the classroom. Also someone who is interested in ministry and looking for a good education and growth in their walk with Christ. Someone who is outgowing and ready to start the next chapter in life will do great at North Greenville University.


The type of person that is eager to learn and wants to have teachers that care about their academics.


A person should attend this school if they feel God calling them into ministry.


Someone who is serious about learning and commited to their studies. Someone who wants to presue a solid relationship with the Lord.


people who have passion and patient enough to graduate college or university.


This school is for people whos main concern is not being a social butterfly but want to focus on their education.


If you are planning to attend North Greenville University, you must like being in a small, family-like envorinment. North Greenville's small campus is a perfect fit for those who enjoy knowing many people they go to school with and knowing all the faculty. The professors know you on a first name basis and will work with you one on one of you need it.


The kind of person who loves people and wants to excel. It's a good school. Someone who doesn't want partying to get in the way of their education.


The kind of person that should go to this school is someone who likes to work hard and doesn't mind obeying a few extra rules. Ideally, they would be a Christian.


Anyone and everyone!


If you are looking for a morally strong school where you can earn a good quality education and want to grow as a person then North Greenville University is the right place for you.


I believe that the person that should attend this school should value a quality education in a Christ centered environment. This is a firm belief of the university and they ensure this through making sure that all of the professors and anyone else who works there are Christians. They should also like hugs. This is because our president is known for giving hugs to the students or really anyone a hug. Dr. Epting really cares about everyone. Especially in their walk with the Lord. This is a fantastic university to attend if it is the right choice for the person.


A student interested in NGU should possess certain traits: hard-worker, ambitious and willing to work towards a goal, and honest. A student here should be someone who is proactive about their education, someone with a goal and idea for their future and are willing to work hard towards it.


If you want to attend a school that is Christ-centered and really cares about your success, North Greenville is the university for you. The faculty loves their students and does everything they can to assist them. Students should consider North Greenville University if they want to learn in a positive and encouraging environment.




Someone with very high morals, and a strong faith.


North Greenville University best suits students searching for quality education in a Christ-centerd environment. North Greenville generates a community of students that encourage each other to reach higher goals in their education and in their spiritual life. A person who wants to succeed academically and use that success for the glory of God should attend North Greenville University.


any Follower of Christ should experience what it is like here.


Someone who is serious about their faith in God and interested in obtaining a quality education with others who share the same faith.


In my opinion, anyone attending this university should be a Chirstian who is against drinking, drugs, and premarital sex. I do not think that anyone who is not against these things will be happy attending here. Academically speaking, if you want a good education, this would be a good choice.


Someone seeking the Lord and His plan for their life.


A christian who seeks to develop a further relationship with Christ.


The only type of person that should attend this school is one that will be full focused and committed to doing well and working hard at being sucessful academically.


someone who wants a personal friendly atmosphere with small class sizes in the mountains:)


A person who is very religious