North Greenville University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The environment is wonderful and everybody around campus including students, faculty, and professors are all so encouraging and uplifting. Everywhere on campus has a positive feeling and almost everybody is friendly and nice.


The best thing about my school is the community of students. Its like having a huge family, who will help you carry your burdens with you. We recently had a fellow student die in a hiking accedent and the whole campus felt the pain of it all. If someone needs help with a certain subject, someone will step up and help them out. We are all a big family. Our president even walks aroud and hugs all the kids he comes in contact with. North Greenville University is a very loving school.


Christ-centered education. This type of education is most important to me because it helps me develop a life and career that honors God.


I would consider North Greenville University to be known for making the best friends you'll ever have. The friends you make here are everlasting relationships. Many of the students are Christians and it is amazing that you get to share your faith with one another.


The caring staff. The class sizes are almost always under 40 and the professors genuinely know you. They care about your success and are willing to help you in any and every way they can. They go the extra mile and they'll pray for and with you. Christ truly makes a difference in the staff.


he best thing about my school is the people. You will never meet a mean person at NGU, everyone is friendly and willing to help you in anyway possible. The teachers know who you are and want you to be as successful as possible. They are actively involved in your education and in helping you. The President of the University, Dr. Epting, gives all of his students hugs. He will come find you in the courtyard, give you a hug and find out if there is anything he can do for you, he constantly encourages you to do your best.


The professors are wonderful. They bring Biblical teachings and principles into the classroom while also living out the christian life.


The atmosphere at North Greenville is very welcoming. Everywhere you look there is a smiling face and everyone is ready and willing to help with any question or concern.


The best thing about the school is the amazing selection of top quality teachers. They even have native speaking foreign language teachers. If you have a problem or you want someone to pray with you, just ask one of the teachers to pray for you and they are more than happy to. Their job at NGU is to not only look out for you academically but also spiritually if you want.


It's more of a community. Everyone knows everyone and helps and cares for everyone. It's a smaller campus so it's easy to get involved and feel like you're apart of something.


The environment at my school is clearly the best thing about it. The transition from highschool to college is much easier when a person can walk in and feel right at home.


The willingness of the teachers to help students succeed


North Greenville's moto is "Where Christ Makes the Difference," this is why I am at this university. Christ truly makes the difference here.


One of the best things about NGU is that the environment is laidback. In addition, the teachers are really helpful, friendly, and challenging.


There is a strong air of friendship among the students. Most people have no problem finding a group of friends that they can identify with and enjoy hanging out. This is a great place to learn about religion, even if you do not identify with Christianity. If you are a Christian, this is a fantastic place to grow spiritually.


NGU is a small environment with teachers who care. The arts programs are wonerful. The surrounding area is peaceful.


The best thing about my school is the interdisciplinary degree they offer. Because of this degree, I am able to study two fields (Music/Christian Studies) almost equally.


The best thing at my school is the support. No matter who it is, everyone will show support. Other students might not know a student but if someone sees a peer having a hard time there is someone there to help a student.


The best element of my school is the Christian atmosphere. I am free to worship my God and be apart of biblical teachings.


I think the best thing about my school is the focus on Christ and the positive atmosphere associated with the campus. Every professor I've had has been knowledgeable about the subject and has always helped tremendously in the learning process. I've met so many friends at this school and feel like I am blessed with such a good environment. It is not only a great place to interact with others, but NGU also provides a great education.


I love the fact that the school is very mission oriented. The phrase "Where Christ makes a difference" truly is lived out on this campus by the professors and staff. The atmosphere is just different here and it is because Dr. Epting has not allowed Christ to move away from the center of his life and the decisions he makes for the school.


I firmly believe that the best thing about the university is the body of believers that are there. The professors are all Christians and lots of the students are Christians as well. They are an amazing support base and are prayer warriors. They may not even know you but they will pray for you. This support system is amazing because you always have someone to turn to. This is the environment that I love to be in. The president is very involved and you see him around campus everywhere and is just as supporting and loving.


There are numerous attributes about North Greenville University that deserve endless praise, but the one dynamic of our school that stands high above the rest is the prevailing desire to see lost souls come to know the love and peace of Jesus.


I like the fact that everyone here is so friendly. People you have never met before will come up to you and say hi. It is a very friendly campus and the friends you make here are real and long-lasting. My favorite thing about this school is that you can talk about God without getting made fun of for it.


playing football and student body size


It has a beautiful campus and a family society where even the people that you may have never seen are nice to you. Another thing I love is the location which is close to the big city but still in mountains. It is close to the big city and to nature.


The best thing about North Greenville University is its leadership exiplifies the love of Jesus Christ. We have the most kindhearted loving presedent that exists. Also the fact the school stives to be a place where Christ makes the difference regardless of the major. I also consider the fact that they have an Outdoor Leadership major one the best qualities as well.


The best thing I have found at my school is the fact that i can hear the name of my savior Jesus Christ spoken about in reverent fear daily. I know that the people that attend my school have been affected by Him and the professors have a desire to grow in the knowledge of His will for them daily.


The atmosphere. Small classes allow personal one-on-one interaction with the professors. The scenery is beautiful and school focus.. easy.


The best thing about North Greenville University is the fact that it is a friendly Christ centered environment. 84{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our professors at North Greenille have a Doctorate degree. All of the classes are typically a 16 to 1 ratio student to teacher. All teachers have an open door policy so that students can go talk to the teachers about anything that needs to be discussed. It is great to be in an environment that all teachers and peers are open to discuss anything. It is great to be in a caring environment where there are no worries.


the small class size lets you get to know the professor and vise versa. it makes it so much easier to learn knowing i can go see my professors anytime for help


My job is the best part. I work in the cafeteria as a catering supervisor with Aramark. And I love it!


The best thing about my school would have to be the location. It is located in Tigerville, South Carolina, which is kind of in the middle of no where. However the scenery is absolutly beautiful. The campus is not to far from the city. Which I like because I can stay more focused on my studies and not be distracted. I know the answer i gave might not be the normal answer for this question, but I love how my school is located in the mountains. I also enjoy seeing the seasons change and watching the leaves turn different colors.