Northeast Mississippi Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Scholarships are your friend! Apply for any types of aid as early as possible to better your changes at winning. Don't wait until its too late beacause that will make it difficult to pay for school. Know what career path you want to persue. Talk to teachers, counselors, and coaches because they would love to help you. Last ,but not least, have fun and enjoy this new upcoming chapter in your life.


I would tell my senior self to get ready for this world. The world is a lot bigger than this tiny town. I would say that making a change in the world is difficult, but the pay off is well worth it. Get out there, see the world and take advantge of it. Open your mind. It is time to fix this world and environment. College is tough, but not impossible. College lifestyles can take you down with it, or you can rise above it and take charge. Please remember where you came from, but never over look where you are going.


If I were to go back in time to see myself as a senior I would have several pieces of advice I would give me. The first of which would be to work hard on finding all the money you can. I would explain to myself that it's much easier applying for scholarships as a senior than as a college student and there are more for graduating seniors. I would also tell myself that I better be prepared for a long hard road. I would tell myself that college is far harder than high school ever was. Another thing I would tell myself is to always start one's college day off at eight so that you don't have to get there earlier than you need to just get a parking spot. I would also tell myself not to take Miller's class because I'm never sure when I should be taking notes. Overall, I'm not really surprised by how college is different. I honestly don't think there's many things I could have told myself to make it any different, but if I had the chance that is what I would tell myself.


I graduated high school in 2005 and went directly to a community college. Now, in 2010, I?m still at that very same community college. Yeah. I would tell myself as a high school senior that everything to do with college is expensive, and that the A?s and the progress are so much easier to attain when your attention isn't having to be shared with a full time job. It would have been wise to be a bit more conscientious with the money I was throwing away as a senior. Also, grades really are important. There were ?more important? things to attend to then. I would advise myself to consider whether the things I was doing instead of preparing for college would be something I would value (or even remember for that matter?) in five years. I would tell myself to devote at least as much energy to preparing for college as I devoted to other things, because if I had known then that I would soon be struggling so hard to accomplish so little, many of those things I considered important would have become secondary to the education that I knew, even then, would be valuable.


I would tell my senior self to keep trusting my instincts but also slow down and think a few things through before making any permanent decisions, there are many options out there go find all of them out.


It's time to go forward with my life and reach for the stars. Don't just settle for anything. The transition to college life will be an adventure and I know I can do this! Never give up your dream! I'm going to make something of my life and make my family proud. Just take one day at a time and set out to achieve my goal.