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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Since I was homeschooled, I'd go back and tell me that it doesn't matter if people think low of you for being homeschooled, you have a brighter future ahead of you than to spend your life pleasing others. People's opinions won't matter when you are in college, you don't have time to care what they think. There's too much to do, worrying about finances, this exam or that exam, making it to class on time, getting everything done. People's opinions will just be a thing of the past when you by pass them by and no longer have to struggle. Apply for scholarships now, you may have some left over that isn't used for books or tuition - PUT IT IN THE BANK AND LET IT SIT! You'll wish you had that little bit to cover some expenses later on. Most important, remember that you can do anything if you try.


Don't start college with the mindset that its the same as high school. The teachers care about you and your career but they wont chase you down for your midterm paper or because you missed a class. Your paying to be there so act like it. You have to want to succeed and you can't expect for it to come easy to you. Its not like high school where you get a second chance to make up something. In college, there is no second chance your grade is your grade and if you fail its because of your own choices. You have to work hard at it everyday and study everyday because this time your not just going for a high school diploma.


If i was today to go back to high school as a senior, i would have tried my best to get straight a's instead of a's and b's with a few c's. I would have learned a whole new learn startegy and prepared myself better for college then i did two years ago. I also would have saved up all my money just for school, for now knowing my step dad would not pay like he had told me he would.


Becky- DO NOT QUIT. Within the next 3 years, you will have two beautiful baby girls and you need to keep on going and furthering your education. Not just for yourself, but for them. Show them that you have what it takes to support them and be a good mom. Also, don't speed and get yourself into anymore car accidents. No car equals no transportation. No transportation equals no way to get to school. Sorry, but I have to be stern because you are too stubborn for your own good. Don't waste your time on any boys either. Concentrate on studying (and while we're talking- be sure to sign up for McNeil when you register for A&P) and keeping your GPA up. You are going to be a fantastic nurse one day, but you have to buckle down and be hard on yourself. Practice some self discipline, girl. Go to bed early and keep your head in the game. And you better let Mom help you study. She's one heck of nurse and is familiar with the material. I love you. Please don't quit. Do it for us.


The first thing that i would say to myself would be not to lay out of college for one year and then go back but to start as soon as I graduate. Also to apply for more scholarships because after you are a year of of highschool then starting college you are not eligible for as many scholarships as you are right after you graduate. Also to apply for more colleges to have a chance to play football during school.


If I could go back to my senior year in highschool I would do a few things differently that would have made a significant difference now. I would for one, take more college credit classes. I graduated with twelve hours of college credit. However, Freshman year has made me realize that getting all the college credit you can before you get there is vital. I would also develop more of daily routine that I would follow . I believe that having a plan and a routine or a system in your life is the most effective way to be successful in every aspect of your life,especially education. Most importantly, the biggest concept a high school senior could ever learn is work ethic. Nothing is ever accomplished unless there is hard work behind it. I would tell myself to develop a strong unwavering work ethic. When you do everything that you are suposed to do , you will get good results. College made me realize that there is no way around doing the work if you want to make a good grade. The next best adivce I would give myself would be to keep looking foward and stay positive no matter what.


I would tell my self to stay calm, because the first year of college is going to be stressful. I'd warn myself about how stress makes my work suffer and that there is a ton of stress in this new college environment. I would also tell myself never to give up. I know sometimes I say I want to quit, but in reality I know that if I do I loose any chance of having the future I want. I also understand that by giving up on this, I will only be encouraging myself to give up on other things in my future.


Honestly, I would tell myself to not go unless I was ready. I wanted to go to college, but a part of me really didn't want to. I stayed out of school for a while, I had a kid and did a few dumb things, but I believe it made me a better person. It put my priortities in order, and unless your priorities are in order, I would weigh your options before going. To see whats going on, we must figure out everything thats going on and what we need. Take charge of your life and don't allow anyone to walk all over you, do what you feel is comfortable and make your own choices and most importantly, do not let anyone make you do what you don't want to do.


i would tell myself that i should go straight to college and focus on my studies. now everyone in my class as well as take advantage of study groups. do not take classes with a grain of salt, stay focused meet your goals. proffesors are paid whether you pass or not. be responsibly and be proud of yourself. you are all you have. you have to make your dreams your reality on your own. trust your teachers or advisors to be on your side. do not be afraid to ask questions, no one can read your mind. remember beyond all else you are responsilbe for your own education.


Stay focused, just because its your senior year does not mean its time to slack off. College is not a joke, and the teachers do not care (not literally) if you come to school, pass your classes, or graduate or not. Start looking into scholarships, as many as you possibly can, every amount of money offered will help. Talk to your current teachers, and counslers, ask them to let you know their opinion. They know your strengths and weaknesses and will tell you the truth on a personal level. Breathe. Everything will be ok. Visit some campuses you become interested in along the process, it never hurts, and can sometimes make the decision for you. Talk to older friends who have been there, get their opinion. Start saving some money, books, paper, pens, classroom fees, and parking tickets all add up. Hang out with your parents and siblings as much as you can if you plan on going away for school, its crazy how much you will miss them. Take your grades and last year in highschool seriously. Oh, and the freshman 15 is not a myth, so start a workout plan, asap, that is simple and effective; believe me.


I would tell myself to be one hundred percent ready for college before I started. I originally started at 19, but wasn't ready to bear down and do the work. I restarted at 21 and was willing to put forth the effort I needed to in order to excel at my work. Since then, I haven't received a final grade lower than an 87.


I would have to tell myself that college would seem so easy stright from high school. The development of student skills like study habits and test taking techniques are vital and easly frogotten. The transition to college is no differnent than the transitions encountered Middle scoll to High School. College can be a great time. Bonding with new friend and seising the oppertunity to get involved can benifit one for a lifetime. The thing we can't learn with out a education will constintaly hinder a lifetime of progress; Until, the action to understand has been pursuded. The sooner it is prusued the sooner actions can be challanged.