Northeast Texas Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


DON'T GRADUATE EARLY! Listen to your friends and take all the time you have left with them as a blessing. Homework isn't important--friends are. Boys only cause problems. Keep your mouth shut. Take caution in all things that you do. Rely on God.


When I was considering going to college, I was terrified. In fact, I was so stressed about attending college that my first year was only about stress. I was doing well in my classes, and I had joined Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors Program on campus, but I was not happy. I even sacraficed a free trip to San Jose, California, with my chapter of Phi Theta Kappa because I was so stressed about my classes and all the things I had to take care of at home. Looking back, I realize how many opportunities I missed out on because of how stressed I was. If I could see the me that was preparing to enter college, I would slap myself and tell me to stop stressing! I would say that it's okay to be scared or even terrified of something, but when a person sacrifices opportunities to learn and grow as an individual just because of fear, that's when fear gains too much power in one's life. I would tell myself to maintain the stress level that pushes me to do well in my classes, but to loosen up enough to enjoy my college experience.


If I could go back and pass on some advice to myself as a high school senior, I would attempt to explain that no matter what the odds are, you can rise above and prosper. Everyone faces challenges, and sometimes it may seem that the whole world is against you; but through hard work and intelligent decisions, anyone can stand up against adversity and change their future. As long as you do not give up, you can achieve any goal. Throughout life, you will face millions of challenges. Challenges that could make or break you. However, those very same challenges should be seen as opportunities to better yourself by learning from them and adjusting accordingly. This is America, the land of opportunity; and everyone can achieve their dream regardless of what anyone else tells them. You must never give up.


Although I am still in high school, making the transition from just the every day high school curriculum to a college curriculum had its difficulties. I was not used to balancing high school, a job, and college work. However, although it was stressful at times, the best advice that I should have told myself a few months ago was to take a breather. Take life one step at a time, this will all work out for the better, and you will do fine in college-just give yourself a chance. I should have told myself, be happy with the course load you have, it could be a lot worse.