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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


After experiencing the trial and error period of my freshman year in college, I would offer some important suggestions to myself as a senior in high school. First, I would tell myself to begin developing good study habits in order to prepare myself for the work load in college courses. Next, I would encourage myself to become more sociable and develope positive communication skills. These communication skills will be extremely helpful in just about every situation a college campus offers. Also, I would encourage myself to begin learning and developing logical note taking techniques. Finally, I would tell myself to stay focused on my school work and start filling out applications for scholarships as soon as possible.


I would say do some research on the major you choose. Meet with the department heads and makes contact with them, get to know the instructors that you will have when you start school. Most of meet other students that are doing the same thing as you. Make friends that way you will not feel all alone and left out. Most of all apply early to scholorships and look into internships if you all ready know what you will be doing. Also look into study groups and learning centers that the school provides. Most of all stay in touch with your advisers, tell them of what you want to do because they do not read minds. You have to tell them what you want to do after you get your degree. Next most important thing is be wise on what you do with your money. There will be times when you have to spend money on books and its not wise to go on a spending spree. Make sure if you have loans see what type of interest rates they are offering. My next advise would be to get that classes you want early, before they fill up.


I would tell myself to take more Advanced Placement classes and try to get as much credit as possible. I would also tell myself to relax, it doesn't need to be as stressful as I made it because everyone is so helpful and are willing to make things right. I would also suggest taking a Physical education course, just to mix things up and relieve some stress. When talking to myself as a senior, I would stress that I need to relax and have fun in every situation- college is about finding yourself and you can only do that when you are relaxed and having fun. Also, don't eat the food at the Union everyday- mix it up and have a salad and fruit, which is much healthier than greassy pizza. Enjoy life, and don't stress about the professors or the little things!


I would say something along the lines of, " Please for the love of Pete, pay attention because a lot of this "crap" actually means a good deal and is worth something. Grow some balls. Try to get some sort of part time job and live off campus. Oh and maybe actually dating a girl or two might be a good idea. But please wear a condom, herpes is a real drag. Buckle up soldier, you got a long ride ahead of you and it's not all shits and giggles. Oh and FYI, we finally voted in a black president !! "


In high school I was very apprehensive about going to a four year university right after graduation. I would first tell myself that it is going to be blast living in the dorms freshman year and meeting hundreds of new people. However, I would be sure to encourage getting involved more in activities such as clubs, organizaitons, or intramural sports. I feel that these types of activities are where you meet life long friends, simply because you all share the same interests. As an education major, I would tell myself to try and volunteer in the public elementary schools more often, simply for the enjoyment and the experience. Lastly, I would tell myself to make sure and try new things such as snowboarding, and only using my bike for transportation. I would encourage myself to take advantage of all that NAU and Flagstaff has to offer in order to create an unforgettable college experience.


If I could go back in time and be a high school senior all over again I would let myself know that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. You just got over one hurdle by graduating and now its on to the next which is college. The advice I would give to myself would be not to stress out over tests or writing english papers back to back because the more stress out you get the more you can not focus. It is better to write down when papers and assignements are due so you won't forget to turn them in becasue your professors will not remind you. College is a time for growth, so regardless of what others may think of you it is your time to accomplish your dreams and accomplish all your goals. It is okay to take breaks and have fun, but just remember what you came to college for which is to get a college degree.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definately tell myself to study a little harder, but most importantly to not look some much at the name of the college but what the college has to offer and whether or not I can see myself there. I thought the only good colleges were the ones that were well known around the country, like Harvard, and Brown. However I am completely happy with my decision to go to Northern Arizona University, and although I may not have known it at the time, this is the place that I am meant to be. I am getting a quality education, and although the courses are much more tough than they were in high school, they are more beneficial. I am getting the chance to be on my own, independent but also close enough that my parents can visit on the weekends. I have met new friends from around the country and the world, and I am going to get the chance to study in another country as well. In all I would tell myself to stop worrying, everything will work out in the end.


If I was a high school student senior and I have had the college experience, I would tell myself not to stress so much because I would be accepted somewhere. I would also tell myself to strive for higher grades, and probably would have tried to have done better in my academics. I also would have taken my Advanced Placement Spanish exam, because it would have benefited me tremendously in college.


If i could go back in time and talk to my self when i was a senior in highshcool, i would first tell myself to leave those fast girls alone, and to not let what they did to my self esteem happen. I would then tell myself to be more serious about my education. Having a focused goal on the future was far from my mentality back then. I would walk right up to the younger me and tell myself everything that happened after the day i made that decision NOT to march in my cap and gown on graduation day. Back then i was making pretty good money in the restaurant industry. Later on, the jobs got more and more scarce. I believed that i had all the education i needed. Until i found my calling in martial arts & sciences. Now that i have reached a certain level of awareness in the arts, i felt that it was time to give back what i learned in my travels. Unlike graduation day, now that i am ready to teach, no one trusts my ability because of no degrees or formal education. It's time to correct those mistakes.


Take the time to figure out what you are truly passionate about. Don't worry about what other people think you should do. Make a plan that will allow you to follow your dreams without getting caught up in the finances. Save over the summer so you have to work less during the school year and can participate in school and social activities. Be sure to live your college life, or by the time you get around to it, it will be to late. You will only be young once, so use hat time to become the person you want to be. Live each day with happiness in your heart and a dream in your head.


I would say listen to all the adults around you, college is important. Once you get married, have a baby and realize you should have went to college it's going to be a lot harder to get in. Your not going to have the money to pay tuition and its not your mom's or your nana's resposibility to help pay. When you deside to go back to school you are going to have to consider your daughter and your husband's schedule before you can jump right into class. Five years after high school your only regret will be not attending college. So, do your homework, take notes, dont skip class one day you will look back and say "why ?" Life is hard, and the picture you have in your head is no where close to how your life will turn out. You dont have forever to go to school if you choose, you are on borrowed time and in 2009 your life will be torn apart and you will question who you are, who you want to be and what you would do different. Go to college you'll have no regrets.


I know you are iching to go off and be a big university student, but please take your time and don't rush yourself. The university will still be there. In the mean time, find yourself at GCC and see what you like and don't like career wise. That way, your liberal studies will be out of the way and you can focus on core classes. Save as much money as you can because once your scholarship money runs out, its gone and the brutal process of finding money starts all over again. Time management is so important so that you do not burn yourself out before you are even 21. I know the boring assigments are uneventful but make sure you sit down and finish them promptly and sufficantly to earn better grades. Otherwise, you will relive freshman englsih for the rest of your life. Try to get involved more with something outside of home and work: a new hobby would be a perfect start. If you find a professor challanging, do not hesitate to walk up and state concerns otherwise the learning experience will be tough and exhausting. Most of all, BE HAPPY! IT'S COLLEGE!!


If I could go back in time to give myself advice for the transition into college life I would not want me to know I was from the future, instead I would want to be my best friend, since friends are hard to find. I would first tell myself to give more effort towards being able to support myself financially, scholarship-wise. I would tell myself to focus more on my future, college, rather than honors classes that were useless to me. I would also tell myself to let myself go, socially. The transition into college has taught me that to not worry about what others think, to just have fun, and be friendly. I believe high-school is a hard place to make friends and I would tell myself to not stress out about what other people think because college isn?t the same. The last thing I would tell myself is not to have no worries, because it?s only the beginning of something great.


I would give myself the encouragement that it's not going to be scary like all the high school teachers make it out to be. College teachers are much more relaxed about things and there is little to no "busy work" which means we are constantly learning something and we all genuinely want to be there, making the experience that much better. I would probably tell myself to meet and continuously make plans with new friends and possibly take up a sport. I would advise myself to never take an 8am class, especially one that is 75 minutes long. I would convince myself that I would still be friends with my old friends because real friends keep in touch multiple times throughout the week. It is also a test to see who among my old friends is willing to keep in contact, but to not worry because I only want those friends who care about me anyways. :)


If i were able to go back in time to talk to my self, my first stop would be wall mart to buy a descise. I would not want my self to know that I was myself. I would start off by telling myself that Northern Arizona University is the greatest university and is worth four years of ones life to be blessed with an eduacation. Since I know how much I love hunting and other outdoor adventures, I would bring pictures of all the wild adventures that are available. I would tell myself not to stress about anything just have faith in god and a good work ethic and you will find ways to put yourself through college. While I was in the past I would visit my cousin and very best friend to spend some time with him. I would tell him how much I love him like I never got to do. I would end my visit by telling my self good luck young man.


I would tell myself that college is a totally new experience. It's the first time you're away from home and it's ok to have fun but don't forget that you're here for school. Take your classes seriously and take advantage of all the resources the university has to offer. The library is a great place to study. Apply for scholarships, college is very expensive. Don't stress the parents out with college expenses. Get a job as soon as you can before all of them are gone. Being broke sucks. Rent your textbooks (It's called Chegg...look it up)! Get involved in extra-curricular activities, you meet new people that way. Choose your friends wisely, they'll be your support when you're under stress. Be careful with college guys at parties, you thought highschool was bad...just wait. Freshmen boys are the worst. Rule number 1: "Come as a group, leave as a group." Keep in touch with your highschool friends. Hearing from them every once in a while will be good for you. Phone home as much as you can, your family will miss you. Finally, don't forget who you are.


The transition from dependent high school to college student is difficult, but not the hardest situation. If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would suggest to myself to take AP classes, be open to people, and be prepared for class. Senior year is supposed to prepare you for college, meaning that you should take those classes that prepare you for challenge. Strenuous AP courses might not earn you the GPA that you want, but will definitely benefit you when you are in college. Strive for greatness in high school and that will help you achieve success in college. College is about interacting with new people and meeting new faces. One must widen their comfort zone and make the attempt to introduce them to a new acquaintance. If you are able to balance your social life with your academics then you are bound for success. Make friends with the classmates in your class and form study groups to test your knowledge. In order to be academically successful, one must be prepared for those college classes. Take the time each night to review and the text and ask questions to inform the professor you are listening.


If I were able to go back in time to my senior year in high school I could fill a book on the application, transition and general college experience. I?d remind myself the importance of keeping accurate records of everything that, no matter how slim the chances that could make the arduous process that much easier. Test scores, essays, academic awards, letters of recommendation, school contact information; all of these things are both tedious and essential to the process. So rather than going through the wildly frustrating task of finding them later, keep them all as they come , make copies and lock them away; in a few months you?ll thank yourself. But perhaps most important, is achieving and maintaining personnel motivation. At this point in our lives, hands are being let go and suddenly we find ourselves in more control of our futures than ever before, and so comes the responsibility. If you don?t go out of your way to make the necessary happen, you can be guaranteed that no one is going to do it for you, and that goes for more than just school but remains applicable with every step of independence gained.


As a high school senior, I thought I had my life figured out and planned to the tee. I later learned that as I grew in college my choices began to change. I wish I spent more time considering career choices that I would be interested in, by Taking a variety of classes and basing my decisions off of what would make me most happy later in my future. Rather being closed minded with a specific area. I would have been able to save my time in a field I later decided wasn't right for me. As far as tranisitions from high school to college. I would not change that. I have joined a sorority. IThe sorority lifestyle is perfect for my level of involveness and my outgoing personality. Another then I would focus on would be to stay positive and fight for what I want. As a senior in high school I went through some tramatic experiences and I would want to tell myself to hold your head high take advantage of the support system around you and know that college is the perfect oppurtunity I was looking for to grow and learn from the experiences.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would say to myself "do not take time off to find out what life is. Stay in school and stick with my goals that I had made when I was about ten." Knowing what I know now, I would have been that Doctor or Attorney or maybe even that Pilot if I'd just stayed in school. I justified the way my life turned out by educating my daughter and encouraged her to go to college. It is the best thing that one could do. Education is the best way of insuring quite a good and eazy life. Now I am very involved in my grandchildrens' lives and stand by the foundations that I had been taught as a child. I pass it on to them daily, I speak with them everyday, even it is just to say a qiick "hello."


I would tell myself to just hang on and to work hard. I would tell myself that it will be difficult at times but that in order to become a champion you have to go through things that make life more difficult but will be worth it in the end. I have not given up yet and i will keep telling myself not to give up for as long as i live.


Amy, going to college needs a lot of work and time. As a high school senior spend your time to apply as much scholarships as you can. There are a lot of opportunities of scholarship in high school. This can help you in college when you have to pay tuitions, housing, meals, and personal things. It isn't easy finding a job in college when there's too much to do. Therefore, take the chance while you can to apply as much as you can because money doesn't grow out of trees. You should also work hard in your classes because it would help your learning in college. During senior year in high school, also spend time in socializing with close friends. In college, it is hard to find close friends because of different classes every semester. Thus, when you?re in college and you?re not happy you can rely on your close friends that you connected with in high school. Just make sure to be prepared and get ready for college life. It would be a big change. Whether it?s positive or negative, you'll enjoy it, especially the experience you will get in college.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, it probably would not help very much. Everything I knew in high school, I know now, only now I have personal experience. Go to all of your classes, do all of the assignments even if you do not know all of the answers, and get involved with the people. The only thing I would tell myself back in high school is that I want to major in German Secondary Education. Do not try to please your family by going into medicine. Major in the one thing you have interest in and have always had interest in. Live and learn for yourself, not your parents or friends, but remember the lessons you learned by living for your family and friends before. Keep going and never give up because once you do, that is the end.


There is nothing much I could tell myself if I got the chance. When I was a high school senior, I had everything plan for my life after I graduate. I knew my goals and achieve them while I was in high school. I got to be valedictorian for my senior class and managed to have thirteen years perfect attendence. I made the right decision to go to college within my state. Other than that there is not much to give advice to myself because I made the transition to college life on my own and with the help of others.


I would go back and tell myself to calm down. I definitely freaked out becase I had no idea what my major was going to be. Even going into my first year of college, I didn't know what I wanted to do. Looking back, I realize that taking all my general studies was a real blessing and it allowed me to find what matters most to me in life. After I figured that out, I realized I could make a career out of it and that was a relief.


I would tell myself that I should just go on to college right after high school and not take a break. It would be hard to go back to school after being out for awhile. Plus you forget alot of stuff and would have to take extra classes to get myself up to college standards.


If I could go back in time and talk to yourself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take it easy and enjoy moments. I have been in college since the summer of my junior years on a scholarship at South Mountain Community College called ACE, which just stands for Achieving College Education. So by the time I transfer to Northern Arizona University I complete most of my class that now I taking class that don't count since I only have a few left until I graduated but they can't be taken all at once and sometime they are not offered every semester. I planned every detail out that I feel like I am losing steam plus I didn't get the chance to be more involved with extra curricular activities or functions. I have always been on the fast track that I feel I didn't get to really experience college life like I wanted to. So my advice would break down to enjoy life, plan a little but take detours if they arise to see and enjoy the scenery.


If I was a high school student and could give my self advice about college I would say numerous things. College can be very complicating and make you want to give up sometimes. I would tell my self to plan well and stay oraganized. I would research more on the college expectations and limitations. I will prepare myself more efficiently and would not let small things get to me nor would I let my troubles worry me. I would write down my goals that I would like to get out of that college and goals that I would like to complete before getting there. I would recognize what I want out of the college and how I would go about accomplishing it. Most of all I would prepare myself to be motivational and ready for whatever is put before me. I would take advantage of my education and use it too the fullest extent. Last but not least I would teach myself to not give up or give in when times get hard and I feel like everything is shutting down on me. That is the advice I would give my self about college life and its transitions.


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior, I?d tell myself to lighten up! College has been the most eye opening and remarkable experience of my life. I only wish my last year in high school could have been half as amusing! Instead, I was diligent being serious taking college classes by night, trying to finish high school a year early. It was as if the instant my parents left my dorm, I became a completely different person. The old Nicole that stayed home and studied all day was no more. I have never made so many friends who are all so wonderfully different. Even though I am a student first and foremost, it is the relationships that I exceedingly treasure now and craved in high school. If I was as open minded and content in my own skin as I am now, I could look back at high school as the ?glory days?. Now I look forward to everyday, wondering what is in store for me, what new friends I?ll meet, moments I?ll never forget. Although I cannot go back to high school, I can look forward to tomorrow and new memories.


If I were to go back in time and advise myself on how to transition from high school to college, I would have chosen the university across the street in order to afford school. Live at home and work near home while only paying tuition would be much affordable and less stressful. Plus, you wouldn't have to pay for housing or get food poisoning from university food.


The advice i would give myself for entering college is to get ready for the real world. The college experience gets you ready for the rest of your life. there are no short cuts like there was in highs chool, no cheating on tests, or skipping classes and knowing you can catch up on your own. You will have to be ready for classes that are for your major and will help you become a successful person in life.


I would tell myself that its not that difficult as some people make it out to be. Just be yourself and don't be afraid to take some risks. Are there going to be some struggles? Sure there are. But once you get past those, it is definitely easier to enjoy yourself and relish in success both academically and socially.


If I could go back into my head when I was still walking through my high school hall, which seemed alot bigger then than now. I would tell myself to be who you are, let the true jenny shine through. Walk with your head held high and beam with confidence, because you are beautiful and smart. I would kick myself in the butt, if that were possible, for not taking the SAT and going straight to a four year college. I definatly would remind myself that its ok to take college slow if that is what I wanted or needed to do for myself. Be brave and bold is what i would conclude with!


Pay attention, this will help: As much as I appreciate my "world experience," don't wait so long to go back to school! That last nine months spent working at the resort, you're better off without it - trust me. Start classes that much earlier but do continue to work there, just in another department which will give you the flexibility to take classes. While in school, get involved! You're still in shape so continue track, continue cheerleading; this will allow you to network and meet other students. Don?t second-guess yourself so much; you know what you're doing, trust in your abilities and be fearless.


Hurry up!! Life really is very short and before you know it you will be 40 or 50 years old. Time flys by and your eduacation is an important part of your life. So, Hurry up, get going and don't stop for any reason. You can do it all, work, go to school and have a family, it'a all about commitement!


I would tell myself to push myself to apply for the colleges that aren't easy to get into, instead of just settling with the instate options, because I know I could have done better. I would say that it would be worth it to apply for different schools so that I could have had some choice in where I wanted to go. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships, again, no matter how much the work. I would tell myself to stop being lazy and get to work on something as important as college. I would also tell myself to dislike my family as much as possible so that the move away would be easier, because the homesickness and the desire to go home to the familiar is not worth it.


If I could go back to tell myself about college that would be great! I would first start off by saying that college is a big change from high school not only the classes but the social life. The second thing I would tell myself is in college you have to depend more on yourself than on someone else. The last thing I would tell myself is that yes school work is important but make sure you study hard and make an effort to meet new people.


There is an abundant amount of advice I would give myself as a senior in high school if I could go back in time. Some of the most imperative topics of advice would include scholarships, financial aid, and community involvement. As a senior in high school I could not find motivation to sit down at the table and write/fill out scholarship applications. As a result, I now am beginning to increase my student debt. As a senior I wish I could have forseen that scholarship money and financial aid are a huge factor in paying for college, one piece of advice I would give to myself. The other piece of advice is community involvement. As a freshman in college, I now realize the importance of a resume and how it can open up opportunities based upon the information in the resume. I know now that the best way to promote myself as an individual is to give back to my community in any way possible, a vital piece of information that can be put into a resume. So if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to wake up and stop wasting essestial time.


If I could go back in time to when I was a know it all high school senior I would take myself by the ear and sit myself down . I would say, I want you to listen to what I have to say because I am your future speaking. First, I want you to understand that I knoe you want to enjoy your last year in High School, but there is so very much more ahead of you if you can just open your eye's and your heart. I want you to go and speak to your senior councilor about any scholarship's that you can apply for now and in the future. I also want you to understand that your parent's are on your side. It may feel form time to time that your parent's are out to get you and to spoil your fun, but all they want for you is to br the best, and help you get to where you want to go. I really hope you ear begins to feel better, but each time you touch your ears ,remember what I just told you. Now go out ther and change the world.


Knowing about the college life and transitions, I would advise myself to be more involved at school. That I should join more clubs to become a good leader because I am going to be on my own and there will be no one else to help. It would be good help to get to know more people, it would help me get comfortable talking to strangers. Another thing I would advise myself is to learn how to take really good notes for the lecture classes I would be having in college and to write fast and neat so you can understand it when studying for exams. I think that one of the most important things that I can improve is to learn from the mistakes that I made in my early years of high school so that I would be better prepared for college. Achieving greater results in my academic as well as extracurricular endeavors is something that would make me more well-rounded.


In the past year or so, I have grown up and learned a lot. I went on exchange to a new world and culture and dove into a new lifestyle that forced me to let go of the immature high school notions I once saw as "real life." If I were able to go back and give myself advice, it would be to not worry about what others thought and focus on my dreams and my goals. I would remind myself not to sweat the small stuff, and make every moment worth while and worth looking back on. In my honest opinion I woulnd't change a thing about my recent experiences, but the years I spent in high school worrying about popularity and other peoples' opinions were wasted . I could have been focused on my goals and personal achievment. So I guess the main point of advice would have to be to forget what is being said about you... and focus on what you think about you personal future.


Initially upon reading this I thought I would advise myself on the very difficult transition from a small town to a big university far away from home as it was a rather strenous and emotionally draining year for me which resulted in high levels of stress and anxiety. However, upon reflection I realize I would not be the person I am today without having had to learn how to be independent and gaining the knowledge of knowing I can survive on my own. Therefore I think the biggest piece of advice I could offer myself would be not to define who I am based upon a letter grade. I have always been very driven academically running from a fear of failure. This only intensified in college again resutling in high stress and anxiety issues. I would tell myself to slow down, absorb my surroundings and environment and most importantly to enjoy the true process of living and learning. Through several years and a number of health issues I have finally learned it is the process that is important, not the end result and imperfection is actually really ok.


Don't sweat the small stuff. A "B" is still passing and will still get you your degree. Just remember to pay attention and prioritse wisely.


Pay close attention to everything, always try your hardiest, and take lots of risks.


I would not go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. I believe I was mentally prepared for the college experience, and anything that I did learn in the first year was an experience that I was meant to undertake. It is my opinion that everyone should take risks and experience life for themselves. If I had told myself exactly what to be prepared for, I do not think I would have learned as much as I did from the experience. I also do not think I would have grown as much as a human being. Human beings learn from trial and error, and without these failures, we do not grow or become stronger individuals. I believe it is from my many experiences living overseas and having to move frequently with my father in the military that I was able to grow and become the strong individual I am today. This is why I think I was more prepared for the college experience and for the possible failures that I had to overcome during that first year. Today, I sit patiently with a 3.9 waiting for many other challenges to come my way.


I would suggest to be prepaird it's not an easy transaction expescially if you lived in a small town like i did your whole life. but I would also say go out and have fun and enjoy it because you'll never get this experience again so don't let it slip away just enjoy what you are doing and keep focus on your studies and you'll do fine!


Knowing the shy, reserved me of my high school days, I think the best advice I could give myself is to never be afraid to branch out and allow yourself to open up and allow yourself to enjoy the opportunities as they come. Allow yourself open up enough to be social to help you enjoy the college experience without allowing it to dominate your life. Outside of being social, and outside of being academic, keep contributing and applying yourself with new ideas or ways that could later benefit you in the long run degree or careerwise. Experimenting with ideas and paths is key to coming up with something original and fresh that may move you forward and beyond your classmates.


I would encourage high school students to take as great a variety of classes as they can. Learn about music, art, and literature, as well as science, math, and government. Learn with deep understanding, and do not just memorize for the test. Once in college, the requirements to focus on one or two areas increases and there might not be an opportunity until much later, for them to explore and broaden their interests. I believe that knowledge grows with each new bit of information learned and processed, and shapes who we are. I believe the goal of education is to teach students to think and how to think critically. It is incumbent upon the student, however, to be an active participant in this process. Education should open students' eyes to the world, inviting them into an experiential process of discovery - each step serving as a building block to the next - that will continue for a lifetime. High school is a perfect time to open those doors to new interests and begin really establishing a web of knowledge. Make high school a true learning experience and not simply a pre-employment technical school.


Pace yourself. You tend to put a lot of emphasis on "getting ahead" in both school and activities. School comes first and friends shouldn't interfere with that. That said, make sure you know what you're getting into before you jump in feet first.


You may think college is all fun and games but its not only that, it's an experience that a small percentage don't get to experience. Right now, as high school students are getting ready to graduate and head into the world and go to college to prepare for the careers they have chosen, they wonder who they're gonna meet, who they will find from their life in their hometown at the same school as them. The transition is very easy here, everyone helps you from the faculty to the student body. Upperclassmen don't just look at you and laugh, they know that they were once in your shoes and they don't want you to feel like you don't belong. I've grown up here and not only do I see some people from high school, I see a variety of people, they not only share their life story with you but you find yourself sharing yours as well. Here at NAU it's everything you would want in a college. It's a great school and I don't regret coming here to this school.

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