Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Northern Michigan University know before they start?


I would tell myself to study harder, and to work better in math class. So, that I could have been more prepared for classes up here.


If I could go back, I would give myself a lecture about money management, and about being okay with not having friends immediately. I am from out of state and I didn't know anyone from Adam when I arrived. I should have made a budget with the amount of money I was allowed to spend on Starbucks at school. I would have advised myself to take more steps out of my shell sooner to get involved with more groups even though I still had soccer to do. I would have reminded myself who I was and that no matter what no one could change that even when they don't have any preconceived knowledge of how I was as a person.


I have to admit I did not try as hard as I should in high school. If I could go back to my senior high school self. I would tell her that I need to try harder. It seems like that some many people make that same mistake. I got sucked up in my high school life and I did not really think about the future. I did not think about how bad grades effect me but now I see what good grades could have done for me. Now I am thinking about my future. The best thing I can do for myself is get an education so I can get a job in a career that I will enjoy.


If I could go back and tell myself what college has to offer it would be like me going back a a college represenative. I would tell myself about all the mountains and hiking trails around campus and how Lake Superior is right outside my window. Of course there is that fact that all the students and teachers are nice and very helpful and I shouldn't be afraid to take time and talk with my professors. I would encourage my past self to get involved in as many campus events as possible because that is a great way to meet new people and make friends. I would also talk about all the help the school offers from campus tutoring to a writing center where people will actually help you with your papers. Northern Michigan University is definately the place that I belong and that I will love everything about it.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice it would be to stay true to oneself. College is the time to try new things, but it’s important to be able to decipher what is going to have a positive versus a negative effect on oneself. There are many pressures in college, and it’s important to keep your values and morals when making decisions, decisions that could ultimately affect you for the rest of your life. Be who you want to be, but don’t let others decide for you. If I could give myself another piece of advice it would be to find a good balance. College isn’t just about doing schoolwork, but it’s also not just about making new friends. Work hard in school to get good grades, but take breaks to go hang out with others and do fun activities. It will help keep you sane, especially around exam time! And last but not least, have fun! College is a wonderful experience and a time to experience things on our own. Live, laugh, and make memories. And one more thing: don’t forget to take pictures!


I gotten a sense of responsibility from attending college so far. because this is the first time of been on my own. Futhermore, finishing my first semester with a overall gpa of 3.63 also gave me a boost of confidence that I can and will continue to do well in college.


I have yet to begin my college experience, but I do know that it will be of great importance to me. The University I have applied to, and hopefully will attend, is far too expensive for me to afford. It has been my dream school ever since I was 14 years old. As well as applying to my requested school, I also have planned on becoming a Physical Therapist ever since then and have stuck to the intended profession to this very day. I know that my attendance at the Ohio State University will be of great value to me and for my future career and life. This scholarship would help in more ways than one, and I would be eternally greatful for your support in pushing me one step closer to my dream.


College was never something viewed as attainable. Once I started attending Kirkwood Community College I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I'm in a direct transfer program to the University of Northern Iowa for Educational Social Science and am excited to see where my degree with take me. Kirkwood is a great place to start and has allowed me to experience adulthood and a little bit more of my independence.


I have been going to college for less than a year now and have already learned how valuable my education is. As a first year student I have classes with many students the same status and age as myself. But along with us, there are a few older first year students. Talking to these older students who have decided to finally get their degree, I learned just how important my educaton is. Each one of them gave me this advice, "don't wait on education, it's what going to take you places". "All our dreams can come true-if we have the courage to pursue them" this quote by Walt Disney sums up how valuable my experience at college has been so far.


My main goal was to complete college and get a degree. I am halfway through already and all the classes and experiences I was able to obtain from college have helped with such. I have been able to better socialize and succeed in life. College education has been a great value in my life because I believe this will lead me to an excellent career and better lifestyle.