Northwestern Michigan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Northwestern Michigan College is best known for the friendly environment and the people. For example, all the teachers and staff are super nice and greet the students and visitors with a warm welcome. Also, Northwestern Michigan College is known for the good classroom sizes because they provide more one-on-one time. The class sizes are around 25-30, so it is easy to talk to the teacher and get help if you are struggling.


My school is best known for not only offering associates, some bachelorette degrees and several other degrees through the university center. NMC not only offers such a wide range of degrees and certificates, but has extended education programs that are offered a wide array of non credited classes to several local residents. " If you're going to increase the population that has college... community colleges will have to play a central role".


Northern Michigan College is best known for its Maritime Acadamy, which is offered as a Bachelor's degree within the school. The college receives a number of out of state students for this degree alone, building diversity and strengthening networks for the students who participate.