Northwestern State University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have wished to know that I was simply coming to this school because I felt safe and secure there, not because I truly wanted to go there. I wish that I would have been a stronger Christian at the time of me deciding where I was going to go to college and really LISTENED to what the Lord wanted me to do, instead of simply going where I wanted to. I wish I would have known better how to fight the peer pressure of those around me so I wouldn't have messed up grades first year there.


Northwestern was a great school. I was a student on the College of Nursing Shreveport campus, Radiologic Sciences program. I wish professors would have been more realistic of career goals for this specific locale. Though I have a bachelor's degree, I am now seeking another degree just to bring in a substantial salary.


Northwestern is a great school in the small great community of Natchitoches, LA. The school is small and easy to get around, but it is one of the best schools in the state by far. There is not a bombardment of things to do; however, this is good because it allows complete focus on your goals.


I wish I would have know how much reading we have to do, and how prejudiced the rest of campus is against us.


That living off-campus saves anyone about 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a semester depending on where they are living off campus.


Befroe i arrived at this school i wish that i had known more anout the weather conditions of the town and how they change so quickly. The weather is constantly changing and if not careful you could become sick very quickly.


Before I came to college I wish I had known more about how expensive it would be to attend. In high school everyone on staff warns you to get as much money as possible for school. I was one of those students who thought I had everything figured out and I did not need any help. If I could go back to my high school and give important advice to graduating seniors and juniors, I would let them know how hard it is to focus on your studies when you have lots of money to be paid without any income.


That it was cheaper to live off campus


How many little shops there are downtown. They're old timey looking and have some of the most random little trinkets in them.




It's better to not have a roommate


A car


I wish I would have known about some of the opportunities my school offered. I found out about most of them after some time had passed. I wish I would have known about them sooner so that I could have spent more time in the activities.