Ocean County College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person to attend Ocean County College is one who is a potential NJ Stars Student. I am currently a NJ Stars student and recieve a scholarship for full tuition. Through NJ Stars I am able to transfer to a four year college and I will be only paying for two years of college. This has given me a chance of a lifetime. To attend OCC, a student must by motivated to graduate with Associate's Degree within two and half years. A student needs to want to be successful, and to take a chance on all offers OCC gives.


Ocean County College is for everyone. Whether you are right out of high school or years have passed since you have gotten your diploma. You could want to use the liberal arts program as a stepping stone to transfer to a four year university or to get your degree here and jump right into your chosen work field. Though that shouldn't stop the people that already have a diploma as you could come to OCC to start a new journey or you could take some classes to improve the one you are on.


someone who truly had goals in mind and loves learning. It is important that they love what they are doing, because if they don't , you can never get anywhere.