Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


OSU is best known for being a fantasic research based school and of course for its Football.


Ohio State is best known for academic excellence, thousands of opportunities, and sports. With around 1,000 student organizations, there is something for everyone. No matter what you like to do, there is probably someone here that shares your passion. At Ohio State, the possibilities really are endless.


Obviously, most people know Ohio State for it's Big Ten sports teams and the sheer size of the campus and student body. That being said, most people seem to put the college's academics on the back burner. What people should connotate with OSU first and foremost is its studies; here, there is an opportunity to become anything, and to get a nationally ranked education in doing so! Also, don't worry about big classes and that so-called "lack of individual attention." You'll find that help is around every corner and people root for your success.


Football. OSU's gameday Saturdays in the fall is what the whole campus seems to live for all. Academically we excel in all areas, a draw for me personally was the animal science program and vet school. Since it was originally founded as an ag school there is a lot of history of excellence in that department but pretty much any major has impressive credentials.


Ohio State is probably best known for its athletic programs, especially football. Because Ohio State is part of the Big Ten, the football team is very high-profile. Everyone in the midwest knows who Terelle Prior, our quarterback, is, and people come from all over the state to see the Buckeyes play. Because Ohio State is best known for athletics, students unite over athletic competition. We have no time to dislike eachother during Beat Michigan Week because we're too busy hating on Michigan. In short, athletics are what define Ohio State and bring together its students.




OSU is best known for football, unfortunately. The medical center and cancer research centers are also very prominent. Other than that, most students seem to be majoring in engineering or biology.


Football. I do not think it is possible to go OSU without being engulfed by the overwhelming presence of our football team. While some people choose to dislike Ohio State because of our football team and its history, I believe it helps unite buckeyes under one cry. As buckeyes we shall forever have one belief, that Michigan is not very good at football.


Ohio State is best known for its research especially in medical fields and for our varsity sports. Our football team in nearly always ranked highly in surveys and is well-respected around the nation. Much like our sports teams, our hospital and its doctors are highly respected as well. I am proud to say that our football team is awesome and love going to the home games and cheering them on in the student section, but I also feel good that if necessary I can get treatment at the medical center from well-respected doctors and surgeons.


The Ohio State University is known for being among the top research schools in the country. There are opportunities everywhere for students looking to better themselves and prepare for the real world.


We are best known for football. The buckeyes are a big ten team. We are also known as one of the largest campuses in the USA.


I think the first thing people think when they hear "Ohio State" is football. However, I believe we are known for much more than this. We have an intoxicating campus community where everyone truely shows our camaraderie and school spirit. Student and alumni even spread this school spirit abroad, especially when we form the famous O-H-I-O letters with our arms and bodies, or when we cheer O-H and more people will respond with I-O.


OSU is best known for being the best public university in the state of Ohio. It has gained national renown for its sports teams, especially football, which has overshadowed its equally impressive internationally recognized academic programs (Engineering, Business, Polar Research).


The Ohio State University is a well-known University for several reasons. Among our exellent academic and extra-cirricular programs is an outstanding atheletic program. Our Buckeyes are well accomplised athletes, especially our varsity football team. OSU may be best known for its size. Our school is consistently one of the five largest schools is America. Because of our size OSU offers so many programs and opportunities to its students.


Ohio State University is known for it's size. It is the second largest university in the world with a large scope of academic programs provided to the students.




The Ohio State University is known greatly for its' athletics. The OSU Buckeyes are one of the most well known in all sports, mainly football. Also, OSU is known for its' academics. It's a very tough school, and a degree from here can take you almost anywhere.


It is best known for its great academic accomplishments


The Ohio State University is best known for producing good, hard working students and for its traditions, especially those centering around football.


Well, OSU is best known for its football, especially its rivalry with UM. It has other draws, though, because I'm of the non-football persuasion and I have yet to have a boring day here. There's always some event or other to attend, and the campus isn't too far from the downtown entertainment district, not to mention all the venues and restaurants that are just a stone's throw off campus.


Ohio State University is best known for its academics opportunites such as clubs, organizations, communinity service and tons of internship opportunities. But let's not forget, Ohio State University has one of the best football teams in the nation, the Buckeyes which stands for one of its prides. Furthermore, OSU also offers all kinds of majors and minors.


I feel like my school is best known for their football team. I go to The Ohio State University and the first thing everyone asks me is, "Have you been to a football game yet?" The school is starting to crack down on their academics and many of their schools are top noch.




Ohio State University is known for its fantastic research program and for its athletics. It puts stress on acaedemic success, as well as success after college. It offers many research opportunities in all fields. The athletic program is well known because of the winning Buckeye football team that won the Rose Bowl this year.


Football, go Bucks.




The Ohio State University has to be best known for its school spirit. The feeling of being a Buckeye is indescribable. If you get the chance to attend an Ohio State football game, you will know that when you see The Best Damn Band in the Land or sing Carmen Ohio in the stands that you have found the perfect fit. The academic opportunities here are famous, as well as the research discovered here. This school is better than a university, it's a home.


Hundreds of research opportunities, exciting study abroad trips, highly acknowledged academics, brilliant scholars, amazing athletics, and the largest student body across the country, The Ohio State University is well known and admired for more than just our football team.


The university that I attend is known for the its very popular "Buckeye Football". Academically, it accommodates the most efficient education in the state of Ohio, including the many programs and events that it sponsors. It is currently the second largest university in the nation by student enrollment, and provides its students with facilities and resources that secure each student's chances of succeeding in his or her journey for higher learning.




Most people think of our football team whenever our school is mentioned. It's sad that many students who chose to go to Ohio State do so purely based on the fact that our football program is so famous.


Research and football.




The Ohio State University is known for diversity, parities and football. However, many students are very passionate about their academics and focus on their future.


It is one of the top five schools with the graduating students. It has a great football team and band. We have a fierce rivalry with Michigan. We have a top spot in placing our students in a job after graduation


The Ohio State Football Team!


Football season and research.






the football team , and the amount of things to do on and off campus




My school is best known for it's research and football. It is one of the largest universities in the nation and has nearly any major that one can think of. The student body is very diverse. There are many clubs and organizations and even though it is a large school there are many opportunities to get involved.


the school is known for its football program.


The Ohio State University is best known for it's traditions. From our sports teams' tradition of winning to our academic tradition of excellence and research, Ohio State has it all.


Football. Also the riots of '03. Though we really are excellent academically.


OSU is best known for it's research, James Cancer Hospital, and for sports.


OSU is certainly best known for football. Football gamedays in Columbus are huge events.


Business majors and football


The football team, however, we do have good nursing programs, good geology programs, good environmetnal programs, good law school, good vet school, and a really good business school.


OSU Football and the best damn band in the land!

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