Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most aobut our library, it probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I also like to describe Mirror Lake, that place just sends a feeling through you that you cannot explain. The campus in general is beautiful, with lots of things to do around it. Ohio State will not let anyone down.


The libraries, the history of the school, the teachers, the buildings, the overall experience.


That its the best school in Ohio State, and they have internship and career fairs often


I brag about how much fun and how big it is.


The social life.


The school is more selective than most schools as well as strives to be the biggest and best university in the land from academics to enviromental issues.


The school spirit is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Within the first week, all students have an almost overwhelming sense of pride to be attending Ohio State.


I tell them how many cool student organizations there are. Think of a special interest or an activity, and we have it. Our student organizations range from Soccer club to BBQ club to Science Fiction club to Ultimate Frisbee club. We really have almost everything!


I tell my friends about how big the campus is and all the things that people do during a normal day. They love to know what people are doing on the oval or the fashion do's and don'ts people do on days when its extremly hot or cold.


That it is OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! That's bragging rights in and of itself. The football team is amazing (go Bucks!), the campus is perfect, and it's Ohio's capital of Columbus. I also brag that my mother graduated from OSU in 1984 and we're starting a new tradition among the women in my family (of whom my mom was the only one to graduate college).


Attending Ohio State University comes with various bragging rights. One of them is the obvious, being able to attend one of the top ten best college football games. It is a feeling that really bonds students with their peers as well as teachers. The school pride is huge on campus and there are many pride bearing traditions that makes one feel very proud to be a part of. There is also much to do around Ohio State University, so you are exposed to greater opportunites for careers and internships.


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is how big the university is and how there are a lot of places to be when I have free time.


I love where I am living and I get to live with my friends. I am close enough to campus to walk to class or take a bus. On weekends that have home football games there are so many people out and doing things that it is a lot of fun. My major allows me to study artistic things while also giving me a good background in engineering so I will be able to find a good job afer school.


The overall campus and facilities (all are nice, new, practical), very strong athletics, diverse academics, and simply phenomenal research facilities/ opportunities.


Our academic standards are set significantly higher than most universities. Ohio State strives to do better, which results in providing its students with a better education and overall experience. Most educational fields are among the top rated in the nation as well. The athletic department is also very strong, paying particular attention to the football program. By getting involved with athletics and events, as well as our education, it provides the students with a well rounded basis.


I brag about the beautiful buildings and the interesting classes that i have.


I brag about the football games and other sporting events.


When bragging to my friends about OSU, I usually start out by informing them on the fact that we possess the biggest recreational facility in the country. We call it the RPAC. Everytime one of my friends come and visit, I take them there and they are blown away by the size and equipment there. I also take them to Market Place, which is a great place to eat on campus. They have many different varieties of food for everyone, and it's delicious. I brag about the size and beauty of our campus as well. I love OSU.


I brag about how challenging the courses at my school are. There are no "easy" classes. All classes at OSU are challenging in their own way. I think that challenging classes is something that OSU students can pride themselves on.


Our school offers a lot of classes and majors. The academic advisor is really thoughtful, and she is very involved with the students.


How many friends you meet that you know will last a lifetime! The campus is really big, but it's so nice! The team spirit around the school is so strongly shown among students. The athletic teams are supported 100% by students, staff, friends, and parents. At Ohio State you can get great discounts on Season tickets for popular sports like NCAA football and men's basketball! You can also get food discounts and even get into a lot of sporting event free if you have your buckID with you.


I brag most that The Ohio State University has so many opportunities to get involved. The campus is big, but not overwhelming. You have the opportunity to make new friends rather than sticking with the people you graduated high school with. A great way to meet people is through the countless clubs and organizations on campus. No matter what your interests are, there is something to join and get involved with. This is also a great way to help become more independent and outgoing!


Ohio State not has a really good academic system set up. It also has staff that truly want their students to succeed. Professers will take time to make appointments with their students to help them out if they don't understand something. The professors that work in labs, like chemistry and biology professors, also encourage students to help take part in their research, which really helps students to feel that they are contributing to something that may affect the entire world someday.


Ohio State is a super friendly campus. Everyone on capus is really helpful, including the professors. The school spirit here is amazing, and there is always something to do on or off campus. There are plenty of things to get involved in, and there is definately something for everyone.


How much it feels like home, everyone is so willing to help and friendly.


My interesting major classes.


When I talk to my friends about my school I tell them that its one of the biggest schools in the counrty. One thing I like to brag about most is the fact that there are a myriad of things to do both on and off campus during weekends or just during times when you need to relax. Another thing is that when you attend this school, you are most likely going to make good friends no matter where you come from. I also like to brag about how we have the best fans and sports teams around.


What I love the most about OSU are the night-life and the athletic department. I always brag about how we have what I believe is the best football program in the nation and the largest athletic department in the nation. Our synchronized swimming team has won 25 national championships, more than any other sport here, now that's impressive. There's always a sporting event going on which increases out school spirit. And the night-life is unbeatable. Various types of bars surround campus, and if you're not 21 yet there is always a party somewhere near by.


OSU is a city within a city. It not only boasts nearly 1000 student organizations, every cuisine imaginable along High Street, Game Days here at OSU with 106,000+ other people rocking Ohio Stadium, and the list goes on at OSU. The city life mixed with the campus life creates the perfect balance for students to feel they never even left home, or at least, never want to leave their new home in Columbus.


It's easy to tell my friends about how athletic and academic OSU is, but to me I would rather talk about the diverse friends I met. Living the campus life allowed me to interact with personalities I have never even thought of before, but I would never take it back. I believe that if reading a book stimulates the mind, then making friendship stimulates the heart.


the sports, social environment, yummy meal plan, academics


The campus always has something fun going on, whether it's just hanging out in the Oval (OSU's version of the quad), going to a football or basketball game, or going out to parties on the weekends with friends. There is never a dull moment and it is easy to make your own fun if you aren't interested in the many other events that are happening. The people are generally really nice and helpful, so making friends is really easy.


Stay focused on your school work but try keep a social life too.


Our sports teams are worth bragging about, but there isn't really one thing. Just the fact of going to OSU is worth bragging about. Enough said.


Most of the time, I brag about all the cool things there are to do on campus, whether it's clubs, or the sheer number of people there are to meet, or even the large number of events put on by student organizations and the school itself. No matter what you're interested in, unless it's sitting around and doing nothing, you'll always be able to find something that fits your interests.


The atmosphere in the footballstadium and the on and off campus activities.


It is not necessary, in most cases, that I use many words to describe my school. I claim I'm a student at OSU, enough said. The response has always been positive. Even people I speak to outside of Ohio are delighted to hear that I am a Bukeye. I had no idea Ohio State University was such an extremely popular school.




I brag about the work options I have on campus through programs like work study. I have a work study job that enables me to practice in a real life work setting on campus. As of now, my work study job is focused in design. When bragging about my job as an undergraduate student, I also praise and talk about the schools art center (Wexner Center for the Arts) which I work for because the school/art center bring a lot of big names (for example, Andy Warhol exhibit, Spike Lee speech) to encourage and inspire students.


Ohio State is the largest school in the nation and it really gives me the oppurtunity to always have something to do. There are so many different kinds of people from all over the world and I never get bored. I love Ohio State!


how many opportunities there are here. how large the school and campus are.


The friends that I have here make it enjoyable, the large campus is nice, and the nice facilities we have are all bragging points.


Largest campus, football program, nationally ranked


I brag most about my school's football team or other varsity sports.


I brag most about how satisfied I am with everything about this school. Like i said, I have no complaints about anything with The Ohio State University. I love my classes, and learning my major, Criminology and Criminal Justice. I love the friends that I have met here and where I live, even the jobs that I work to keep me here and finishing my education. I am excitied to attend class, how many students at other colleges can say that?


I love having an amazing football team and all of the school spirit. I also tell them about how amazing the city is and how much fun I have with my friends.


OSU has great sports teams. The football team is always competing for the national championship and/or the Big Ten title. The education and facilities here are much better than the schools my friends go to as well.


I brag about being at the largest university in the country and the football and basketball teams here. I also tell them about thediversity of classes available to me. I can take any class I am interested here, and if you can think of it, there is probably a class about it.


I brag about the football games and fun social scene mostly. I also brag about our campus and our recreational facility. We have great school spirit.


sports, internships, good noteriety

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