Ohio State University-Newark Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that attends this school should enjoy the solitary of the suburban enviornment the school is placed it. It is also recommended that you study often and do any work you have got.


A person should attend OSU-Newark who enjoy small class sizes and a very personal classroom experience. Attending OSUN is a nice transition from High School to College, it is not too large so it isn't overwhelming. It is the school for you if you like a personal professor-student experience.


This is a good school for someone who is introvert and is looking for a stepping stone for a bigger school. There isn't much that happens out here so the amount of drinking and partying normally goes to main campus (seeing as this is a branch campus).


Any! definitely needs to be someone who is okay with a smaller campus, though.


I think most people would enjoy this school.


Someone whom is interested in a small campus in a small city. Not interested in a lot of partying but has a clear focus getting through thier class work to achieve thier degree goals.


The people that should attend this school should be people that honestly want to build a better future for themselves.


The Ohio State Newark Campus it is a great place to start out. Students who do not like the big classes sizes and like a smaller campus this is the school for them. The professors are very nice and know you by name. It is a great place to start out.


Some one who is motivated and willing to learn. The teachers help students who want to learn.


Someone who likes to make friends, likes a clean learning environment and enjoys the outdoors.


Someone who likes the convenience of small class rooms and availability of one-on-one time with professors. They should expect to meet a lot of people and make plenty of friends. This campus is a friendly environment and the academics are still pretty tough while remaining "easy" to an extent.

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