Ohio State University-Newark Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known more about on campus jobs.


I wish I would have known how great the campus was? I never took a tour before I decided to come to Newark so I never knew. The campus is beautiful. Newark offers so many great programs to help you such as the tutoring center, the massive library with study rooms, and many other things. I kind of dreaded going to Newark at first because I really wanted to go to Main but now that I have been here for almost a year, I really like it.


Students are not garunteed football tickets


I wish I knew more people, as far as administrators because the teachers and administrators at Ohio State University-Newark Campus offer a lot of information that would've been more useful towards the beginning of the academic year as opposed to the end.


The school did a really good job at informing me about everything. Coming into the school year I did not have any doubts or wish I new anything else. I went in a few times to talk to my academic advisor and she answered all my questions I had before I started school.


I wish I had known about more scholarship oppurtunities. Also, I wish that I knew much more about many different subjects. I went to a performing arts school and we primarily focused on our arts. The academics were secondary in our school. Now that I am in college I feel that I lack knowledge because I dont have the knowledge of many different subjects.


I wish I was more update with the finaincial committment that I had to make befor I came. I knew school was expensive, but I did not expect this priprice tag.


I don't think I would have wanted to know much, but I would have liked to been told it was not going to be easy. When you come back after many years it could feel overwelming.

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