Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Although there is no denying how expensive Ohio Wesleyan is, the school's generosity with merit, leadership, and community service-based scholarships continues to positively surprise me. I love how it is a small school, but this alone does not distinguish it from other private liberal-arts institutions. The difference at Ohio Wesleyan is that the professors actively pursue students' talent and ability in order to bring the best out of them completely reaching their potential. A great majority of the faculty are doctors in their respective fields, and the degree (no pun intended) to which they make their intelligence and information is available to students impresses me more than expected. They give students multiple opportunities to meet for one-on-one assistance, going above and beyond their requirements of the classroom. Although the school's lack of fixed tuition can be very frustrating (the cost of room and board rises at least a little bit each year for all students), if you are a students with exceptional grades and who is outgoing in all you do, I have no doubt that Ohio Wesleyan will fund you to participate in the exceptional education that takes place there.


Ohio Wesleyan University is a wonderful place for opportunities, learning, and growth. The professors are some of the best life coaches that I've ever had and classes are engaging and fun. It is very easy to double major at the school no matter how different the fields are. This allows students to not only find a major that will land them a career in the future, but also pursue a second major that they are truly passionate about. While my first major is a STEM major, I allot the remainder of my time and course load to the humanities. In my opinion, this is what makes OWU a perfect example of a liberal arts education. International opportunities are also a wonderful part of OWU's academic atmosphere with programs such as Theory-to-Practice grants, travel learning courses, Spring mission trips, and several other departmental grant options available to students throughout their collegiate careers.


OWU is great, but it can seem a little secluded at times. There isn't a whole lot to do in Delaware if you're not into the whole party-scene (and if you are, then there is a LOT). For being such a small school, there are a lot of free activities available to students, and it would be great to see more students at such events. Many students take a lot of pride in their Greek societies but not as much in the school itself. The City of Delaware has a great small-town feel and is very walkable.


The best thing about OWU is the people, the faculty, staff and students especially. The classes are intriguing, but I feel what makes a school special is the people who are there everyday. One thing I would change would be the dorms because most are very old and do not have air-conditioning on the upper floors. My school is just the right size and I would never change that. When I tell people I attend OWU they think that I am smart and ask what field I'm in. Most of my time on campus is spent either outside or where ever my friends are. I suppose Delaware is a college town, but it is very small. I am fine with the administration at the moment. The biggest controversy in my opinion has been the closing of FIJI, a fraternity. To some extent there is school pride, but it depends in what area one is looking. I will always remember winning the first water polo game ever and running with my friend to a fraternity. Most students complain about the work load and how they get behind.


OWU is a pretty well-known college (this surprised me when I chose to go here); the college has a great reputation in general. The academics are well respected (for the most part, I have found this is rightfully so) and the people are known to be nice and easy to get along with-students and professors. The largest complaint I have is the food and housing. The food (although they try very hard to have healthy, appetizing foods) is often either unappetizing or it irritates my stomach. Kudos to them, they do have a variety or places to eat, but it would also be nice if there was someplace open 24 hrs. Housing requires students to stay on campus until they decide you can live on campus. OWU is considered a residential campus, meaning everyone is supposed to live on campus. As an upcoming junior, with a work schedule which sometimes involves early mornings (6:00AM!), I would like to find my own place to live where I cannot hear my neighbors coming back from a party at 3:00 AM (unless I am coming back from the same party).


What's the best thing about OWU? The relationship you form with fellow students and teachers while learning your passion along with the flexibility to be everything that you wanted to be and more. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? To me, the college is just right. You do not have to drive to al of your classes because they are so far away. The size, 1850 students, is big enough to intimately know people and small enough to not be just a number in the catalog. How do people react when you tell them you go to OWU? People either love it or hate it. People who hate it tend to not take advantage of the opportunities that is here. People who love it will not only graduate from the institution but readily give back to the school whether it is in donations or otherwise.


The administration doesn't give a shit about the party atmosphere because applications are going up, they make the frats shitty and not to many good parties go on, plus police involvement is whack as shit and the bars are terrible and none of them can make a decent drink


I think the greatest thing about OWU is the caliber of our professors. My professors are so incredibly intelligent, and always trying things to further their intelligence. Plus, they are always available to help, and they are genuinely interested in your life and making sure you do well. The professors are definitely the biggest asset of the school and the biggest supporters of the students. I feel like the school is beginning to take a great turn towards more student involvement in decision making, and that's a great thing! Right now would be an amazing time to be an OWU student. We are getting a new President with fresh ideas, and the students are really starting to take hold of their own school and environment, so expect a lot of great new things in the future. I think the size of OWU is great, it's big enough that you can blend into the crowd, but small enough that you can stand up and be noticed. It all depends on what you choose to do. It's nice to have that option in a school.


I think the size is perfect and the student body is involved and cares about the college communtiy. Not much of a college town and only a few off campus places to go, but it is close to Columbus so if you need a night in the city it is only twenty minutes away.


I think one of my favorite things about OWU is it's size. I know it's really small and it can be an adjustment. At least for me it's small than my high school. My school had 2500 students at the time I graduated and 550 students in my graduating class alone. Since then the school has grown in size and I can't imagine how many people their packing in there. The point is I love the smaller school atmosphere. I walk across campus and see some of the same people daily and I love it. I have literally met people just from constantly seeing them. It's nice to know I can make friends by just stopping someone and saying what's up I see you all the time what's your name?


our school is a perfect size large enough to get a great mix of people but small enough to see your professors at the bars and to have their cell #'s the townies are kind of strange, but the student body is great, very friendly, attractive girls


I lived in Austin Manor, an inter-generational apartment building that is owned by the school, for 2 years. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the school. I enjoyed living with people of all different ages and many different affiliations to Ohio Wesleyan. Having an apartment was a nice alternative to living in the dorms and was covered under my room and board.


The best thing about OWU is the education, the majority of the teachers at the campus are have real world experience in their field and can teach their subject well. Also, the classes are generally small with few exceptions. Their are more hands on experience at the school unlike a large school were you become another face in the crowd. I feel that admissions office does a good job of choosing well-rounded individuals and their is a diversce group of students not just personality-wise, but from all over the world. Some of the building are run down, but I like that not every building is the same and I think it makes the campus look unique. Some negative aspects of the school is their is not a whole lot to do outside of campus and the campus is not big enough to throw large events every weekend, although, bands and evens do take place throughout the course of the year. There are not a lot of bars, which may or may not be a good thing depending upon your personality and what you intend to get out of your education. There are fraternities, but public saftey (campus officers) try and limit their partying, however, a new head PS officer has been named so I believe that fraternity parties will be more frequent and less bothered. This is a good thing because students do need to go out and be social and the greek system is a great way to go meet new people and relieve some stress. The town is nice, but small with some slums. The county is one of the nations fastest growing counties.


I spend most of my time on campus in Chappelear Drama Center. Theatre majors (and friends, we love to have new people) usually eat lunch in the lobby, or if the weather's nice, outside somewhere. We're a goofy bunch and can usually be found joking around about random topics at any point during the day. If I'm not in Chappelear, I'm probably in the Women's House. Even though I don't live there, I have many friends who do, and I consider myself a "satellite member" of the Woho.


The best thing about OWU is the size. You may not end up being friends with everyone, but it feels good to be in a place with so many familiar faces. Most people spend time hanging out in the dorms, friends off-campus apartments, and the library, which is both a great place to study and procrastinate. There are also a lot of campus events that keep us busy. We have a decent administration. We are also getting a new president this year, who I've spoken with and written several newspaper article about, and feel comfortable saying he will be a positive addition to campus. I think he will work to establish a tighter relationship between the students and administration. There isn't a lot of school pride outside the sports teams, however, soccer and lacrosse are fairly popular.


The rate of acceptance and the retnetion rates should change dramatically. Too many under qualified students are being accepted into the school, and too many are sent packing. Students should be more informed to the difficulty of the course work. The town is small, filled with enough to do, and great for a academic work environment. I spend most of my time in my room or in the library when im studying. I also spend a significant ammount of time doing experiment and lab work in out beautiful facilities. OWU administration is forever changing and i have stopped carring a long time ago. Controversy? im not sure there are too many of those. People who recognize what OWU has to offer realize show substantial rpide and speak prowdly about the university when brought up on conversation with friends or others. Students complain about the difficulty of course work, the work load, the math department (which sucks!) and usually the difficult science requirements.


OWU can be a home away from home. It is situated in a small town with lots of character--antique shops, family-run restuarnts (like Amatto's Pizza and Ollie's Homemade Ice Cream), and lots of Bed and Breakfasts. The city offers off-campus opportunties if OWU's 100+ clubs and organizations and all their activities can't keep a person occupied. The size is perfect because you have close friends, you know a lot of people, recognize more people than you know, but still don't know everyone.


The best thing about OWU is the small class size and faculty. The small class sizes allow for close interaction between students and profs. It allows for better grades and more involvment w/ research and other opportunities. The profs are really there to help you and really do care about you as a person and not just as a student.


The best thing about OWU is for a small liberal arts school in mid-Ohio you meet a wide range of people, types of poeple you would expect to meet in a large metropolitan city. The size of the school is perfect. With little under 2000 students, the community is friendly, you always seem to run into people you know. The small student body helps the classes aswell with about 16-20 people in each class. Delaware is a cute town, very quaint. There are a lot of cool shops to go to. No need to go to the mall 15 minutes away, just walk up Sandusky street and you find yourself with a good range of places to eat, like Gullah's Hot Dogs, or a sushi restaurant, and a diner that's been here for decades. The shops are cool too with free trade stores and hipppie shops. OWU truly chooses their students based on what they have done and not the SAT scores you've gotten. If you show yourself to be an individual, they will truly take that into account. At OWU you have many opportunities. There are offices that help you with your academics like the Writing Center, the Math Center, the Womens Resource Center, and even the Health Center to help you. Although the football team is lagging, the Soccer team is really good, which results in prideful games. A lot of students support the soccer team as well as lacross.


OWU is small and I like that, a big reason why I looked here. I didn't want to go to a big school like OSU and so I checked out other colleges like OWU (ex: Otterbein). Some times, people have never heard of OWU, but I've met quite a few who have recently and they don't seem to think anything bad about my school choice. There are a few things I'd like to change, but those problems mainly dealt with roommate issues and how, really, poorly they were dealt with. I wished the agressor couldn't manipulate things as easily as they can because both sides need to be heard. Classes were great--many choices to choose from, although getting it at a good time is a problem--but the dorm life wasn't what I expected. I won't go into detail, but most nights I called home crying to my mom because of a certain roommate who had issues with every little thing with me and her suitemate. It was horrible, but luckily moving on is easier that I thought. I usually spend most of my time in my dorm room, or in class, and outside sometimes when it's nice out. Other than that, I sometimes go out for special events but that's about it. I'm an indoors person mainly but I do like to spend some times outside.


The size of OWU is just right for me. You might not know every person, but you definitely recognize everyone. You wind up with a lot of friends with whom you have a lot in common, because the kid in your bio class first semester turns out to be a theater kid like you, and winds up wanting to live in the same SLU as you next semester, and the bonds you form wind up being really strong. OWU's student council - WCSA - is notroiously lacking in any sort of power to make change amongst the administration. It's something I'd like to see change while I'm at OWU, because I want to see the students making a difference, but it's not a really prominent problem. It's probably impossible to not find something to get involved with at this school. And it's totally okay to do whatever you want (as much as you can handle) with virtually no continuity between your academic career and your social life/extracurricular career. For instance, my 2 majors are zoology and creative writing (dissimilar enough as it is), and for work study I build sets for the theater and work backstage. In my spare time, I am ONstage as a Babbling Bishop in OWU's totally awesome improv comedy troupe. I also edit one of the school's literary magazine, Confiscated. Furthermore, I will be living in the House of Thought when I go back in the fall, which upon it's conception was primarily full of philosophy majors. So it's a completely custom-fit college experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.


OWU is a great place for undergrad. The professors are really always willing to help and become good friends. They are there for moral support, homework help, or good life chats. The professors are the best part of OWU, and I think they are the reason that it is such an impressive school. The setting is nice as well because it has that small college town atmosphere, with Columbus and OSU nearby.


OWU is the perfect size for me. I know a lot of people around campus, making it seem more friendly in a way. But at the same time I don't feel like I know every single person on campus. Most of my time, when not studying in Slocum or the library, is spent just hanging out with friends in the dorms or the SLUs. If the weather is nice, it is great to hang out outside of HamWil or Welch. Delaware, OH is a very interesting place. It's both small and big at the same time. Its proximity to Columbus is very nice and sometimes it is just necessary to get out of Delaware and head down to a real city (Columbus). OWU definitely has school pride, like any school, but it doesn't have so much that it's annoying. That's one thing that made OWU more appealing to me, the students aren't overzealous about sports teams or anything like that. There are a lot of little things that make OWU what it is. For instance, during finals week there was chalk provided for anyone walking down the Jaywalk and they were allowed to draw or write whatever they wanted to. This kind of free expression is one of those little things that sets OWU aside from other more typical schools.


The best thing about OWU is the student diversity. There are students from all over the world.


The best thing about OWU is the ability to have close relationships with professors and making lasting relationships with people that you are likely to see every day. OWU may be a bit too small. I came from a small high school, though, so it's not something I tend to notice. People think OWU is a prestigious school but very small. I spend most of my time in the Science Center as I am a Science major, but I enjoy other non-academic activities in the dorms and at the gym. One problem I have is that OWU does not have enough school pride.


The best thing at OWU would have to be the student-faculty relationship. The class sizes are just right for the professors to get to know every student, which can be a bad thing if you are prone to missing classes, but I feel it is an asset because there is not a fear of approaching the professors after class is over, or even saying hi to them if you see them in town.


It's a beautiful town, really. Small, for sure. But it's home to the best ice cream in the midwest, and the best pizza shop too. The houses in Delaware are amazing - so many styles of architecture thrown in beside one another, and half the trees are flowering trees. Idyllic. OWU is really a good mixture of everything. A million niches.


The best thing about OWU is the atmosphere. Even though OWU is in a large city, the university is still small enough that you will not feel intimidated and make new friends with students and faculty quickly. Everyone will work with you to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can possibly be while on campus. The one thing that I would change about OWU is the accessibility of the dorms and some of the academic buildings to make them more accessible to the physically impaired. When I tell people that I'm an OWU student, I always get a positive reaction from them because they have heard positive things about the school from my parents. I usually spend most of my time in my room studying or in the Student Union center. The residence hall that I live in is known as the honors dorm. It has many things that other residence halls do not have including study rooms and a gymnasium. The Student Union Center is where our mailroom, food court, bakery, and some campus offices are located. The food court and bakery are great places to grab a meal or snack as well as catch up with friends and meet new ones. OWU is definitely a college town. Since it is in the city of Delaware, there are always new places to go and something to do so you are never bored. School spirit is evident here. You will always see students going to some sporting event, or wearing OWU apparel. OWU's Administration is very friendly. They will do everything they can to help you and ensure your success as a student at their school. They will listen to any ideas, comments, and suggestions you may have. One thing that is unusual about OWU is that even though it is a liberal arts college, you still have the option to design your own major/minor if they do not have one that interests you. One experience I will always remember is taking the campus tour. I had my own tour with my mom and a tour guide so I felt like I saw everything I wanted to see, and had every question answered. When I was touring the campus, I pictured myself as a student there and saw my dreams of graduating from OWU become a reality.


Important things to note about OWU include that it is a liberal arts college, so it is one the smaller side and does not offer a degree like a BS, only a BA. this is good however, as BAs go on to make more money anyways. looking at the posed quesitons: how one rates the size is based on an individual's desires, for me, i love the size. people are perfectly fine when i tell them that i go to OWU . . . some people are even impressed (just recently i was talking to a woman sitting next to me on a flight who was aware of the school). i spend most of my time in the science centers (the main building and the adjacent science library, but that's because i'm a chem major and need the additional resources on that part of campus . . . the chem department has a site license to a couple of special software programs) . . . the town is nice and leaves the university alone for the most part, though the newspaper follows the sports rather well. additionally, many local businesses interact with the campus . . . we have off campus food points that can be used in several restaurants including subway, a homemade ice-cream shop, a coffee cafe, a couple nice sit-down ones . . . . OWU's administration is a problem spot right now, a lot of the higher ups have been moving about, which is a little annoying because it makes one wonder how much leadership we have (we lost a president, the dean of students, and some other high positions) . . . . there is no egotistical school pride, it's not overwhelming, we are, however a very athletic institution, winning the NCAC all-sports trophy several times


The best thing about OWU for me is that I feel at home. Everyone is very welcoming and very nice. I feel like I am a part of the OWU community. If I could change anything about OWU, I would want to change the residential aspect of the school. Our living arrangements are lacking in quality and students are turned away by this. When I tell people that I go to OWU most people say "wow." Many others say that is a very tough school which I would have to agree. On campus I spend most of my time in the library or in acedemic buildings during the day. At night I spend most of my time with my friends in dorms or on "the hill" which is where the frats are. I think that Delaware is very much a college town. Most business are able to run due to the money they get from college students. I think we now have a great administration. THe University has gone through major changes since I have even been here. We recently hired a new President and I think that we will see new changes that will be beneficial for our school and for those who attend Ohio Wesleyan. There really isn't much controversy on campus. THe only problems I can really come up with are the housing situations for next school year. Due to the poor quality of our dorms, students want off campus. They are bound and determined to get off campus one way or another and it can cause some problems. I do believe there is a lot of school pride. Each and everyone of us pays a lot of hard earned money to go to Ohio Wesleyan and we take pride in our University and are proud to be a student there. Unusual about OWU.. I never really expected it but OWU is very diverse. I would think because OWU is a small school in Ohio, there would be many local students there but this is far from the case. OWU is very diverse and there are many students from other countries that are students at Ohio Wesleyan. This was the most unusual I thought. Student complaints (I hear these all the time because I am on Student Govt.): Housing problems, dorms to small, no apartment style living, aren't allowed off campus, no wireless internet, no AC, Class rooms out of date, Everything is too expensive, we have to pay 27 per month per cable, too small, not enough to do, etc.


I'm not going back to OWU, I'm transferring and I definitely wouldn't recommend OWU to anyone. The town is small and sad, there's nothing to do there and the school doesn't do anything to help the boredom. Many people are pretentious, snobby and lack common sense. It's just not a good place to be.


The best thing about OWU is the laid back feeling on campus and in the classroom. The school is a little too small for my taste when it comes to student population; however, I love the small campus feel in terms of the lay out of the school building and the student/faculty relationship. Most people have never heard of OWU when I tell them that i go there. I spend most of my time on campus in my room or a friends room. When I study, I usually go to the study rooms that we have on each floor or the library. Delaware is definatly a college town. I feel the OWU administration is great. The benefits of a small school and small population are noticed when in the classroom. Because of the small class size, it is not overwhelming and you feel noticed.


OWU is a great place to be. I can walk down the Jay Walk on the way to class and know the majority of the people I pass. It's also really great to be part of a sorority, I have 58 sisters who I see everywhere because of it. People are generally friendly and welcoming.


Ohio Wesleyan is a small liberal arts college with a ton of activity. I like the size of the school because there are opportunities to meet new people, but the school is not so large that you never run into the same person twice. The city of Delaware is a small town, and I feel that it thrives in part because of our college community.


I knew I didn't want to go to a big school, and OWU was just right for me. Not too small--you won't know everyone on campus or even in your class--but not too big either--you do know at least half the people you see every day and your professors know who you are and what you're interested in. As for Delaware, it is a small town, but Columbus is close enough to drive down any night you want more of a "big city" experience. Restaurants and shops seem to come and go in Delaware, but there is almost always something new and exciting to discover because of it. The residence halls aren't especially new, but they are a decent place to live (especially Welch and Smith). And if you don't like the dorms live in the SLUs!! :) The Small Living Units (SLUs) are one of the COOLEST things about OWU. A house of 10-16 students united by a cause or theme (environmentalism, feminism, language, art, peace and justice, philosophy, black culture, faith, and internationalism). You get a real kitchen, shared common living spaces, a real sense of community, and a house to call your home, but you don't have to worry about rent or groceries because you stay on the university's housing and meal plan.


The best thing about OWU is the people at the school. OWU has some of the most diverse and unique individuals I have ever met. Even though the student body is not very large, there are still tons of people you can meet in many different ways. Greek life is huge on campus. There is no better way to get involved on campus or to meet people than to join a fraternity or sorority. It is much more fun to hang out at a fraternity than in the slums of Delaware. Delaware is a nice place during the day because there are families taking walks together, there are a lot of restaurants and things to do that are open, etc. However, at night the town is a little scary. There are drunks and townies coming home from the bar who try and talk to you and its creepy sometimes. Finally, one thing about OWU that many people do not like is Public Safety. They spend too much time making sure people aren't drinking in dorm rooms and that cars parked in the lots have permits when they should be making sure the student body is safe. And that means keeping creepy townies away from students.


Best thing about OWU is that you get the individual attention of a small school, with the proximity to an enormous city (Columbus) and school (OSU) so that you'll never get bored. OWU's administration is really stuck in it's ways... it definitely needs reforming. The athletics at this school are amazing and really fun to watch, especially lacrosse and soccer, both men's and women's.


OWU is great for student-teacher interaction. Few TA's, and most teachers are unbelievably approachable. A majority of the teachers here really love what they do, and it shows in their concern and commitment. It is a small campus, and an even smaller student body. If this is what you’re looking for, then OWU is the place.


I'd change the dorms at OWU because all but Smith have AC and that's really bad in the summertime. All the dorms should have AC not just the newest one. I came to OWU because I liked its small size; it's just the right size for me. When I tell them I go to OWU, most people don't know where it is and have never heard of it. I spend most of my time in my dorm because the Campus Center it too crowded most of the time, and the library is too loud (except for the top floor which is the silent floor). Delaware is a town with a college in it; it's not a college town except that students get discount.


The best think about owu is that it's pretty easy to make friends. the classes are small so you get a chance to make friends with basically everyone you have class with. you usually go to class the first day knowing at least a few people. A lot of people also choose to study together which is good, even if it's just for moral support. I haven't really decided what i think about the size yet. The fact that it's small is good because of the aforementioned reasons, but it's also a little too small in the fact that you see the same people everyday. It's good if you like routine, but it gets kind of awkward if you do something stupid at a party because you know you'll definitely see those people the next day, there's no avoiding them. When i tell people that i go to owu, they have either never heard of it or say "isn't that a methodist college?" and i usually say in return "yeah it was, but we aren't religiously affiliated anymore" because i wouldn't have come here if it was (i'm... undecided about religion...) that's another good thing about owu, they don't cram religion down your throat. there are religion courses, but you can choose whether or not you want to take them. owu gives you information and lets you choose for yourself. one of my complaints abotu owu is that it doesn't seem like delaware has really embraced the fact that there's a college there. There are a few places; like mean bean stays open 24/7 during finals week, some places accept our off campus food points, and some places have deals for students, but i would just like to see a little more my biggest complaint: the price. we are crazy expensive.


Socially, OWU is too small at times because you see the same people. When it comes to class room sizes and things like that, it's good that the schools not to big. As a student you have the option to get to know the teachers which at times is really helpful. When i tell people from ohio that i attend OWU i get a good reaction, but when im back home not to many people know what i'm talking about. I would say i spend most of my time on campus in my room hangin out or playin basketball or some activity outside. About the Administration, we just got a new president and things seem to be going well. They dont change to much on campus which gets annoying at times. To there credit though, some new things are promised in the near future which is good to hear. In terms of school pride, people show up and cheer not as many as you might like but teams do get support. Everybody loves a winner so, the better the team gets the more people tend to show up.


I love OWU. The campus is gorgeous, and I don't care how many people think that Miami's is better, because they're insane. The professors are mostly nice, all of them willing to help, and very supportive of more than just academics. They're people you'll actually stay friends with your whole life and not just recall as "that one professor I had once." Main complaints would be in the dorms not being stellar and the administration is overall slow at responding, particularly if it doesn't have to do with incoming prospective students. There's a fair amount of school pride, though, no matter how merrited or not that it is.


-Best thing about OWU: A. The way everyone seems to get suddenly happier/smarter/prettier when Spring rolls around. People come out of the woodwork-all my guys friends claim that girls they've never seen before start to show their faces at the bar. The winter months drain everyone-its really hard to get out of bed when Ohio weather makes you want to snuggle and avoid the cold, windy walk to class/the library. Ironically, the last couple weeks of school seem to have the best weather, parties, and classes held outside. Teachers are in a better mood, people start drinking earlier when Delaware local spots (like Old Bag and Nova) offer "dank" happy hour specials with outside bars/seating. People arguably only come back to OWU year after year for what goes down in the fall; Denison Weekend (aka lacrosse game w/tons of alumni, party buses, and all day festivities), Phi Kappa Psi 500 Week & Sigma Chi Derby Days (both frat-sponsored week-long races, relays, concerts, and dance parties), AND the Backstretch's "50 Day Club" (Seniors only drinking games held at the more exclusive Delaware bar). B. Proximity to Downtown Columbus/Ohio State; easy drive to that "big school feel" that OWU lacks. More bars, more diversity, more food selection that extends beyond the commercialized, mainstream chains of Polaris/Route 22. -People's Reaction to my Attending OWU: "Is that like Wesleyan in Connecticut? "Why Ohio if you're from New York?" -Spend most of my time on campus: a. in the fraternities b. at the library-huge social scene c. off-campus parties/houses d. CLANCEY's pub -Most frequent student complaints: a. Dorms are a mess/need upgrading b. standards are too high c. easy to get in, hard to stay in d. food sucks (and it does!) e. SCHOOL NEEDS AN ENDOWMENT BC TUITION IS ONLY COVERING DAY-TO-DAY UPKEEP Secrets of OWU: 1. Local DPD (police) are out to get students-it's how they make money/entrapment/take their jobs way too seriously/hate college students i.e. east coast upper-class students. 2. Slocum is the best building on campus; beautiful, great location, perfect for studying..rich in history because of all the old fraternity signatures from past pledge weeks/hell weeks. 3. The academic side of campus is discreetly pretty/endearing; the trees are lit up during the holidays in a fabulous archway and in the spring are lush and green (makes a nice walk to class). 4. Sulfur Spring behind Phillips smells but has secret healing powers, used to be a spa 5. The AV center downstairs (with mini viewing areas) is the best make-out spot on campus if you don't get caught. 6. The administrative staff are mostly lovely, friendly, and typical midwestern in terms of being helpful and encouraging--EXCEPT FOR RES LIFE, GREEK ADVISORY, AND PUBLIC SAFETY. 7. The administration kicked off the best fraternity to ever grace campus in 3 decades. 8. Unusual amount of asians, home-schooled kids, cricket-players, christian rock-listeners 9. Everything is haunted, read the book. -Experience I'll always remember: Listening to the sound of the train in the middle of the night as I am walking back from a boy's room, or studying for a final, or walking into the bar with my best friend; any experience, good or bad, sad, or triumphant-the constant and reminding sound of the distant coal train running across central ohio could be heard reguarly throughout the nights and days as a farmiliar signal of typical OWU progress.


The best thing about owu is that they don't hold your hand like you are a freshman in Highschool. But whenever you ask for help, there will always be someone to assist you completely through anything.


Being from Toledo, only 120 miles northwest of OWU, one would be surprised to know that I had never heard of the university; something which is not unique to individuals from Ohio. In fact, many people from Ohio have never heard of OWU, and if they have they know very little and that can be seen in the school's demographic makeup. With that said I feel that OWU was a great choice for me, the school possesses a strong sense of community that many larger schools definitely lacked. Student opinion on campus was incorporated in nearly all administrative decisions and classes were small but not too small. The City of Delaware itself is small, yet not too small. Also, the residents of the town are friends, rather than enemies of the school--something which cannot be said of rival Dennison.


The best thing about OWU is it's academics. The class sizes are perfect, they are small enough to be on a name basis with your professor and to take something from each class you take. Although OWU is small, coming from a small town it's nice to maintain the same atmosphere. Most of my time on campus is spent either in the library on weekday nights or at our local bar in town, Clancey's, on weekends There is a lot of school pride at OWU. In the spring, hungover or not from the Friday night before, you'll still be pumped to tailgate for Saturday's lacrosse game. I'd say the most frequent student complaints is that there is nothing else to do on the weekends besides partying at the bar, which can get old.


The size, although it seems small, is a really big advantage- you don't get lost in a sea of people like at big state schools. The teachers know your name and there is much more to be gained in a classroom of 20 vs. 300. The teacher themselves are great and very qualified. Sometimes the administration is skimpy when it comes to taking care of the students and spends money on things that look nice for prospective students instead of what is really needed. There isn't a lot of school pride, mostly because although our soccer team is good, there isn't much to rally around. The social aspect is fun, although it can be dead on occasion. Delaware is just a city- some people like college students, most are impartial. There are fun things to do in the surrounding area, but nothing like clubs etc. Greek life is a big part of OWU but if you don't want to go greek don't let it discourage you from coming to OWU- there is still a lot to do and ways to have fun.


owu is too small, it's about the same size as my high school. everyone knows eachother and eachothers' business. it's like another four years of high school. when i said i went to owu, people would be like oh, where's that? i'd answer, in shitsville ohio.


OWU is a very average, well rounded school. Average school pride. Reactions to "I go to OWU" are nothing special, many people havent even heard of it. Academics are spot on, A+. ResLife is poorly organized (ie freshman get the best rooms) and all but one of the dorms (Stuyvesant Hall) suck. People are most always let down by ResLife. Getting off campus housing is hard. RA's serve as a junior police force. Lying to Reslife is pretty much the only way to get your way. Lying can get one out of any judicary charge and get someone off campus lightening quit. The LOCAL POLICE are fucking psycho's and prey on OWU students to make money. They stop people randomly on drinking nights and dish out Public Drunkness or Underage tickets. The school tried to give the local police access to the dorms for actually very legitimate reasons, but because of their nasty reputation, the student body made sure this DID NOT HAPPEN... it was glorious.


The people at OWU are the best everybody is amazing, they are all willing to help with ny problems you have. One thing I would change is better food. There needs to be more choices and healthier choices. For me the school is just right, but if you are looking for a medium to larger school OWU may not be the right one. Even though its not the size come and visit and the choose whether you like it or not. When I tell people in the Cleveland area that I go to OWU a lot of people tell me that is where they want. There are a lot of alums in the greater Cleveland Area that support OWU. When on campus I spend most of my time on the Hill, which is where the Greek Fraternities are.The town Ohio Wesleyan is in, is small, but there are a few nice eateries and bars. Columbus is only a 30 min ride south which provides you with a connection to the OSU campus and the restaurants and bars of downtown Columbus.