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Although there is no denying how expensive Ohio Wesleyan is, the school's generosity with merit, leadership, and community service-based scholarships continues to positively surprise me. I love how it is a small school, but this alone does not distinguish it from other private liberal-arts institutions. The difference at Ohio Wesleyan is that the professors actively pursue students' talent and ability in order to bring the best out of them completely reaching their potential. A great majority of the faculty are doctors in their respective fields, and the degree (no pun intended) to which they make their intelligence and information is available to students impresses me more than expected. They give students multiple opportunities to meet for one-on-one assistance, going above and beyond their requirements of the classroom. Although the school's lack of fixed tuition can be very frustrating (the cost of room and board rises at least a little bit each year for all students), if you are a students with exceptional grades and who is outgoing in all you do, I have no doubt that Ohio Wesleyan will fund you to participate in the exceptional education that takes place there.


Ohio Wesleyan University is a wonderful place for opportunities, learning, and growth. The professors are some of the best life coaches that I've ever had and classes are engaging and fun. It is very easy to double major at the school no matter how different the fields are. This allows students to not only find a major that will land them a career in the future, but also pursue a second major that they are truly passionate about. While my first major is a STEM major, I allot the remainder of my time and course load to the humanities. In my opinion, this is what makes OWU a perfect example of a liberal arts education. International opportunities are also a wonderful part of OWU's academic atmosphere with programs such as Theory-to-Practice grants, travel learning courses, Spring mission trips, and several other departmental grant options available to students throughout their collegiate careers.


OWU is great, but it can seem a little secluded at times. There isn't a whole lot to do in Delaware if you're not into the whole party-scene (and if you are, then there is a LOT). For being such a small school, there are a lot of free activities available to students, and it would be great to see more students at such events. Many students take a lot of pride in their Greek societies but not as much in the school itself. The City of Delaware has a great small-town feel and is very walkable.


The best thing about OWU is the people, the faculty, staff and students especially. The classes are intriguing, but I feel what makes a school special is the people who are there everyday. One thing I would change would be the dorms because most are very old and do not have air-conditioning on the upper floors. My school is just the right size and I would never change that. When I tell people I attend OWU they think that I am smart and ask what field I'm in. Most of my time on campus is spent either outside or where ever my friends are. I suppose Delaware is a college town, but it is very small. I am fine with the administration at the moment. The biggest controversy in my opinion has been the closing of FIJI, a fraternity. To some extent there is school pride, but it depends in what area one is looking. I will always remember winning the first water polo game ever and running with my friend to a fraternity. Most students complain about the work load and how they get behind.


OWU is a pretty well-known college (this surprised me when I chose to go here); the college has a great reputation in general. The academics are well respected (for the most part, I have found this is rightfully so) and the people are known to be nice and easy to get along with-students and professors. The largest complaint I have is the food and housing. The food (although they try very hard to have healthy, appetizing foods) is often either unappetizing or it irritates my stomach. Kudos to them, they do have a variety or places to eat, but it would also be nice if there was someplace open 24 hrs. Housing requires students to stay on campus until they decide you can live on campus. OWU is considered a residential campus, meaning everyone is supposed to live on campus. As an upcoming junior, with a work schedule which sometimes involves early mornings (6:00AM!), I would like to find my own place to live where I cannot hear my neighbors coming back from a party at 3:00 AM (unless I am coming back from the same party).


What's the best thing about OWU? The relationship you form with fellow students and teachers while learning your passion along with the flexibility to be everything that you wanted to be and more. Is your school too large, too small, or just right? To me, the college is just right. You do not have to drive to al of your classes because they are so far away. The size, 1850 students, is big enough to intimately know people and small enough to not be just a number in the catalog. How do people react when you tell them you go to OWU? People either love it or hate it. People who hate it tend to not take advantage of the opportunities that is here. People who love it will not only graduate from the institution but readily give back to the school whether it is in donations or otherwise.


The administration doesn't give a shit about the party atmosphere because applications are going up, they make the frats shitty and not to many good parties go on, plus police involvement is whack as shit and the bars are terrible and none of them can make a decent drink


I think the greatest thing about OWU is the caliber of our professors. My professors are so incredibly intelligent, and always trying things to further their intelligence. Plus, they are always available to help, and they are genuinely interested in your life and making sure you do well. The professors are definitely the biggest asset of the school and the biggest supporters of the students. I feel like the school is beginning to take a great turn towards more student involvement in decision making, and that's a great thing! Right now would be an amazing time to be an OWU student. We are getting a new President with fresh ideas, and the students are really starting to take hold of their own school and environment, so expect a lot of great new things in the future. I think the size of OWU is great, it's big enough that you can blend into the crowd, but small enough that you can stand up and be noticed. It all depends on what you choose to do. It's nice to have that option in a school.


I think the size is perfect and the student body is involved and cares about the college communtiy. Not much of a college town and only a few off campus places to go, but it is close to Columbus so if you need a night in the city it is only twenty minutes away.


I think one of my favorite things about OWU is it's size. I know it's really small and it can be an adjustment. At least for me it's small than my high school. My school had 2500 students at the time I graduated and 550 students in my graduating class alone. Since then the school has grown in size and I can't imagine how many people their packing in there. The point is I love the smaller school atmosphere. I walk across campus and see some of the same people daily and I love it. I have literally met people just from constantly seeing them. It's nice to know I can make friends by just stopping someone and saying what's up I see you all the time what's your name?