Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a very traditional baptist school.


Oklahoma Baptist University is a liberal arts university, you are not thrown into your major as soon as you begin your education, our school provides you with a wide range of subjects. Which allows you to be educated in more than your own field, so that you can have educated conversations with people other than your colleages. OBU is a very artistic school, we have many people that are musically, theatrically, and fine arts talented. It is an inspiring atmosphere to be in. The college truly inspires learning. And it is small enough to get one on one help!


Fosters a great learning enviroment and encourages students to seek out answers on their own.


OBU is a Christian liberal arts university that strives to help its students become more fully human.


OBU is a wonderfully challenging place to learn and to meet and bond with people that gives encouragement from faculty and professors as students go along the journey of their life, and thus their faith.


OBU celebrates the integration of faith and learning by exploring a full liberal arts education.


My school is ok - the campus is pretty, but the food isn't very good.


OBU students are accepting and the professors are always available to talk and helpful about school and non school realted issues. OBU is definitely a place of community and you receive a great and challenging education and make friends for life.


The most welcoming, beautiful, perfect place to go to school to become the person you are going to be for the rest of your life


A loving, welcoming community of diverse students with the goal of making life long friendships , while obtaining an amazing liberal arts degree.


Very upbeat but sometimes naive


Oklahoma Baptist University is the most loving and caring place I have ever been.