Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Great and faithful Christians. We all get along great and they are always willing to lend a helping hand.


My Classsmates are people that one could be lifelong friends with, they are caring and always willing to help each other.


My classmate types vary from class to class, but overall, they are outspoken, opinionated and grounded.


My classmates are prople like me who work hard to get what they want and appreciate what they have. Faith is a big part of our belief and everything can be accomplished with God. Treating people how you want to be treated and if a problem ever comes up one can get the answers they need by trusting, believing and asking for God's help.


My classmates are my comrades in studying and my friends that support and join me in living our college life in an honorable and compassionate way; they come from across the world to people from my hometown; they are a part of my college family with out the Greek life.


My classmates are very outgoing, friendly, and always wiling to help one another.


Students' lifestyles, familiarities, likes and dislikes are merged together in the classroom, yet one commonality joins us: our will to expand our knowledge and experiences.


My classmates are eager to learn, love to share their lives and stories with others, and are extreemely friendly and welcoming to those who are at the university and are thinking about attending the university.


My classmates are challenging. Everyone is digging deeper and wanting to know more. Questions raised in class discussions are valuable. Most of my classmates want to deepen and strengthen their relationship with the Lord and are honestly engaged in class and take thier academics seriously.


My classmates can be either very into there studies or not into there studies either.


My classmates are nice - friendly, but most of them just got out from under their parents and have a lot to learn about being on their own.