Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How friendly and welcoming the students and staff are. There are always people there to help you in whatever situation you are in. This is a university that truly cares about its students.


My schools acedemic acheivments and job placement percentage.


the rooms are great, the college is a decent size so there isn't a bunch of students in 1 class, so u can understand the teacher better.


OBU prides itself on having over a 90% student acceptance rate after graduation into graduate medical school. I boast to all my friends back home in New York that I go to a college where I am completely confident that I will succeed after I graduate from OBU. Too many students drop out because they find it difficult, or they are unsure that they will be able to achieve a higher degree than the common bachelor's degree. At OBU, there are no worries about whether or not the students will be prepared for medical school; my career my path.


I brag about how much personalized attention I got from my professors. All my professors knew me by name and what my major was. I had good class sizes as well. It felt like home.


I feel that Oklahoma Baptist University offers the best academic program in the state of Oklahoma. I am extremely proud of the education I am receiving from OBU. With each class I attend, I feel like I gain a deeper understanding of the world around me. OBU is excellent at exposing students to new concepts and thought processes, while still allowing them to develop their own ideas and perspectives. When I graduate from Oklahoma Baptist University, I feel that I will not only be well-prepared to succeed in my career, but also to succeed in my life and future.


Great faculty that really pushes you to succeed.


I have gotten a very well rounded education. The classes are small and discussion is encouraged. The professors are very understanding and involved.


The amazing students and professors that are at OBU, hands-down. They are the best, and will challenge you to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. There is no better community to be in.


The community our school offers.


The colse comunity despite the lack of acceptence. You my not fit in with one group but you might fit in with another.


How great the people are, how helpful the professors are, how much fun it is to be there


I really do like the small classrooms. The professors hold students very accountable.


I have found great life time friends. I love the size and look of our campus. This univerity is diverse in many ways, but all comes back to the same moral principles that I have. This school has offered multiple opportunities for me in my field of study. I also love that my classes make me think critically and I learn a lot everyday!


At OBU they give crazy amounts of financial aid, we have brand new wellness center and the girl to boy ratio is almost 3:1