Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The right college should express the comforts, the dreams, the ideals, and the attitude of the person. My school is small and woody, therefore I feel more cozy and more able to focus on studies as I bask in the comforts of nature. It gives me the feeling that I am in the midst of the beautiful green meadows near Oxford, England and that makes me feel like I am in a place of legacy -- a place that is passionate about literature and the arts. If a student finds comfort in city life and in social interaction, look at schools that support and hold up that need for noise and intense human interaction. Every one learns and feels comfortable in different settings, so go with that mindset. And above all else, know first what you want to do for the world after you leave. Find a place that nurtures your ideal picture of world change. You are at school to learn how to make a difference, how to leave a legacy, how to blend history with the present. Never forget that while your university reflects who you are, you will be a product of that university's life lessons.


College is one of the most life altering experiences a person can have. I would recommend not just going where your friends or significant other are going. Choose the college based on what best suits who you are as a person. Once you find the school that fits the type of education you desire and the social atmosphere that you enjoy, go for it! Once you're there live up every minute you can. Get involved with things you may not have normally done in highschool. Just be sure that you don't take on too much seeing as how this might interfere with your school work. Be prepared to learn, work hard, and be challeged every day.


Picking a college is a very difficult decision. This is the place where you are going to spend for years of your life and begin your journey into a career so it is also a very important decision. It is best to consider all options and not to be too scared to take a leap and try something completely out of the ordinary if it feels right. When I was looking through college information, OBU just stood out to me. There was something about the beauty of the campus and the description of the college that just felt right. I knew that this was the place I needed to be. Although this school was really far away, and my parents and I were really hesitant at first, I am so glad I took the leap and went there. I learned life skills, to be independent, and also made friendships that will last me a lifetime.


I would say visit visit visit! You can only learn so much about a school by looking at the website. Plan a day and go look at the school first hand. Most schools have days set aside for prospective students where you can attend class or visit with students and those are really the best. Check with the prospective students group and even see if you can stay the night in the dorm. Being on campus and getting a first hand view of what the school is like is one of the best ways to see if the school is right for you. On the financial aid aspect of it all, constantly keep in touch with your FA advisor. Talk to them and make sure they know what you are capable of doing financially and where you need more help. There is plenty of money out there you just have to be willing to look for it. When you get to school make sure you get out there and meet new people. Remember that there are a lot of people going through what you are going through. Get together and help eachother out as much as you can.


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of your college experience is to start early, and to visit beforehand. My biggest regret in my college search is that I started too late. Thankfully, it did not hamper my ability to get into the university that I needed to be in, but it really affected my chance at obtaining a full-tuition scholarship. Never be satisfied with what grades you make on your first SAT, or on your AP tests, but start early and continue to strive to improve. It has definitely been a struggle since to continually need to seek financial aid, and that is not a burden anyone wants. The visit is the most important part to having a successful college experience. Without it, you will never be able to know the community that you are about to join, and if you're like me, it will sell the university to you. I'm so thankful that I went to visit Oklahoma Baptist, because otherwise I might have made the mistake of going where I didn't need to be. All I can say now is get going and good luck!


My advice is to start early and make sure to go to all the schools that you are interested in and check out the campus and students. For parents I would say dont try and force your child into rushing and picking a college that you would like them to go to. I believe that as a growing adult the choice of college is important and should be handled with care. Life is so important and choosing the correct college is one of the most important things that any student could ever do.


Make sure that you're comfortable with the campus, try to schedule a visit to get a guided tour of the campus. Sometimes a school will have an overnight visit and you can even sit in on a few classes. I think this is a very helpful way to get a feel for the campus life.


To students I would say, make a list of the top five things you want in a college. Find the school that fits those. Strongly consider all the reasons why you would be unhappy at a school. Be mindful of how much financial aid you will be receiving and how much you plan to continue receiving. Ask questions about student life on campus. Does it fit your scene? When you arrive on campus, studying is important. It is after all, the reason you are there. Don't neglect your studies. But don't isolate yourself and not make friends either. Find a balance between studying and maintaining a social life. To parents, allow your child to make the decision on their own. Weigh in on the decision and bring light to issues that you think they might not notice or might not realize are big issues, but allow them to make the decision on their own. When they move away, let them be the people you have raised them to be. Don't smother them or allow them to come home all the time. Expect them to behave like adults.


You should really find out what you as the student are truly passionate about, don't study something that you kind of like or you think is something you can just get by with. College is too expensive to just try and figure it out as you go. It is much easier to succeed in school when what you are studying is something you love and you know that the classes you are taking are relevant to what you will be doing after you graduate.


In my experience with trying to find the right school, I had to explore each school that I was looking to go to. I went to visit the schools and took a tours to see each campus and saw a few things the schools had to offer. I went to seminars on how they handled financial aide packets, and got to see first hand what it was about, and what each school was looking for. After I narrowed it t down to two or three schools, I met the people who would be my teachers to see if I like them and thought about if I could be with them for the next 4 years of my life, and after that I thought about everything the schools had to offer me and decided on the University that I am at now. I suggest to future college students and their parents to make a list of a few school the student would like to attend and do what I did, go explore the school and see what each one has to offer you. After all your future depends on the school you choose!


Make sure you visit the school and sit in on a lecture or two. Ask every question you can possibly think of. Don't let finances interfere with the decision.


Check out a lot of different schools. Make sure you visit all of them and make a check list of what you want. Slowly narrow your choices down.


look for a community you fit into not a school that will help you go far, because with the right community you can excel.


Students should consider the end result when selecting your college. What do you hope to achieve after graduation? College is a fun and exciting time, but remember that you're going to get an education and to make yourself marketable in your field. Your college or university must prepare you to be successful in your field of study and must also have a good reputation as producing educated graduates. Parents need to think about their child's education as an investment. Loan debt should be kept as minimal as possible, but it is something that will increase the student's earning power so some debt is not outrageous. On the other hand, too much debt is not a good thing either. The field of study is a factor when trying to determine how much debt is too much. How much will the student earn upon graduation? Finally, I think families should pray about the decision. College choice is one of the major decisions a person makes and it can have a drastic effect on the rest of the student's life.


The value of your education should not be determined solely by the price of the education. Although financial aid is very important in determining where to go to school, the environment, community, and education are far more important! Take the time to visit the school and thoroughly investigate what each school has to offer. Once in college, don't go home. Spend time getting to know people and getting involved. This is where you will meet your life long friends!! Enjoy your college experience!


Finding the right college can be a challenge, because the choice can easily determine the path (including job, friends, and spouse) a person will travel for many years to come. It is also the first big step a student must take alone, often separated from high school friends and family. The best advice for making this choice consists of searching for a place that will both push its students outside of their comfort zone and provide guidance and support at the same time. Education is a privilege, and its acquisition is accompanied by responsibility. Colleges aim to prepare and equip the future leaders and workers who eventually must replace those reaching retirement. The process of growing and being shaped into people able to fill those roles is vital, and a college should provide the right environment for that development to occur. College also involves expanding socially, so a place that encourages fun with friends as well as community service is important. College is all about learning to balance the different aspects of life (school, friends, work, service) and to deal with stress effectively. Invest in each sphere rather than in just one, and the experience will be greatly enriched.


Go where you want to go, be who you want to be!


Go where you fell led and not where your parents want you to go. OBU was way out of my price range since I am paying for my college education on my own. But, I would not change coming here for a second. I am surrounded by professors who geniunely care about me and my future. I have made amazing friends that I will have for the rest of my life. OBU did not seem practical but I am thankful that I decided to come here because its definitely where God has placed me for this time in my life.


My advice is to go to the college/university that you want to go to no matter how much it costs. I know college is expensive and you don't want to go loan crazy but it is much better to go to a college that you like than to settle for the one that you don't like just because it's cheaper. Trust me, I learned the hard way; I went to the cheaper university and waisted my money because it was not challenging at all - it was easier than high school. And then I finally decided to go to where I wanted to go in the first place and I love it.! Yes, there are a few things that I don't like about it but it's definately better than where I was.


Focus on academics in your choice. Look at where the school is in conjunction with your home, and how far you are willing to travel. I would say don't be afraid of new things or new people. Try to get involved and want to learn and grow in more than just academics.


This is a great environment for your kids to be because it offers a social life prospective as well as academic strength. If you want your children to succeed in life, this is the place to be.


Find a place that if fitting to what you love and enjoy doing. Also make sure that the school excells in the major you want to adopt


When choosing a university, decide what is most important to you and find it. Size is a huge factor in the experience you will have so start by looking at the differences between big and small schools. Remember, think outside of your box. Just because you would never have considered a school doesn't mean it's not the right one for you. I wanted a small school with good student/teacher relationships. I love OBU and would never go anywhere else. Don't let money hamper the quality of education you receive. Figure that out later. You're only in college once, don't let anything stop you from making the most of your opportunites.


To parents i would say have your kids go and visit college campuses, things can be alot different in person. i would also say please don't push your children to go to your alma mater, let them choose a place they fit in best. To students, when you visit a campus, ASK QUESTIONS!! Don't be afraid of what they might think, admissions is here to help you see if this is where you belong! Once you do pick a college, you will find people just like you no matter where you go, be friendly and don't change who you are just to fit in. Don't be defined by a can of beer, but how much knowledge you can gain in four years. These really are the best years of your life! Get involved, life is to short not to make a difference.


Go where you think you will grow the best. Don't follow friends, don't follow society. Make your own path. Always live life to the fullest everyday, so that at the end of the day you have no regrets.


I would say make sure you can find a college where the professors care and where you can make great friends because those are the things that will help you suceed.


The advice I would give would be to make the most of your college experience. Do not let your parents, church, or peers determine where you want to spend the next four years of your life. The college you choose is a very personal choice and one that will affect you for the rest of your life. Take time to make your decision, really think about it. So, what if you choose a school the is expensive? The are always ways to find money for school, i.e. grants, scholarships, loans. Let nothing hinder you. Go fully into what you choose and make the most of the time you have there. You are a student for life, but the last four years of your school education is so crucial to the growth of you as a human being. Make smart, thoughtful choices.


Please make sure you fill out you financial aid as quickly as possible. Attend visitation days at the college, look around and actually try to imagine yourself living and interacting at that school. Do attend welcome weeks and activities that bring people together, don't be afraid to stand out and be yourself, because everyone is feeling the same way that you are, a little nervous and out of your comfort zone. Be assured that this will pass and will feel just as good if not better than being at home. Make sure you search the college on status in the academic perspective and the size of classes that you like to be involed in. Also, talk to your professors, generally they love to socialize and help students get the best out of college. The porfessors ans investing into your future and talking with them makes things go by a lot easier. Stay focused, of course have fun, it is college, but still strive for a great GPA and you will end up happy and satisfied with yourself and your school!


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Make sure you visit the college campus and you feel comfortable there. Once you choose a college as the student you need to feel like you can be comfortable enough to make friends and get involved in many different orginazations.


I think it is of utmost importance to visit any and all schools that the student is interested in, sit in on classes, and meet professors and students. This is the only way to really get a feel for the kind of school of which you want to be a part. Parents, don't limit your child. If they're looking at a place that might be too expensive, but will give them a great education, maybe it's worth it. Try to get a real idea of what you want out of college, and find a university whose vision lines up with yours. It is so important to get involved with some kind of organization at college. Whether it is faith-based, community service-based, or even just a social club to meet new people. A student has to get involved to have a great college experience, but it's not just about the experience. Don't forget that in choosing a college, one is choosing a path for one's future. It's hugely important to find a university that will help you become the kind of person you've always wanted to become.


Schools with strong academic values and faculty interest in the students are two qualities to look for. Look for a university which has strong community connections with the student?s major. Job placement and internships in the business community will strengthen the learning and focus of the student. Seek universities that will deliver what they promise.


Go to class. Talk to your professors. Engage in campus activity.


Remember why you are going! College is so much fun and making friends and getting involved is SO important. Don't forget about your passions! I have a passion for people so I am making sure that I focus on people and get involved in things i care about! Take advantage of your opportunities at college. Take each class as an opportunity to grow in knowledge because it definitely will help you in the end and for other classes. Remember you or your family is investing a lot of money and time in this for you and you want to make them proud! Step outside of your comfort zone, try new things, make new friends, go out to events you wouldn't normally do!


When trying to find the right college choice you have to know what you look for in a college, such as if you are a large college type of person or a small college type. Also you have to look at your own personality and using your likes and dislikes you can look at that college and see if it fits your personality. When making most of your college experience you need to try almost all of the activities that the campus provides and get involved in clubs and organizations. Whatever it takes to make you feel right at home there is what you are looking for. Any college where you feel that you are wanted and are respected by both the students and faculty is a place where you can look for a good education and a great college experience.


I would say that the most important thing is following your heart. Find a place where you feel at home even when you've been on campus for 3 months straight because of the people around you. Find a place that you can study as well as play, learn as well as have fun. Find a place where the worries of the world become a little smaller, and the goodness of God is very clear to see.


For me, it took a year at a college that I thought was the one to find out that it really was not the college for me. The staff was great, but my heart was somewhere else. I also lived at home, which made it hard to really focus on my studies. First, I would give the advice to students to move on campus first. Get to know your piers and create great study habits, or else your set to fail. Pick a major that you want. It's not always about money. If you do not enjoy where you are or what you are studying then it will be hard to make good grades. Get to know some professors beforehand. They are the ones teaching you. Mostly, I would say to go where you will be happy. It's not always going to be the biggest town. Look at the academics of the college. Look for who has graduated from there, and where they are now. Look at the housing also, though it might not be the best. A happy student makes the best grades and learns the most.


make sure you know the college well before attending.


This is the million dollar question, right? Everyone in this culture is looking for advice everything from marriage issues to advice on how to cook chow mein. Advice is a dime a dozen these days and everyone has some from presidents to talk show gurus to the mailman. I could use this space to offer college students all the tired, worn-out, and clique-ridden advice I wanted to and it probably would end up where it always does-- in our mental garbage dumps. I could remind students of their new freedom and how not to take it for granted (except, of course, on the weekends). I could alleviate their parents fears by saying that college students don't drink that much and often use safe sexual practices (if, of course, they have time for sex considering they are so busy studying). I could promise students all fun and frolic awaits them at their new destination, but I am not going to say that. Instead I will say one thing: "Fear God, for this is man's all" (Ecclesiastes 12:13). If college students lived out this Bible verse, they would change the world. Students: go change the world!