Old Dominion University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


where the campus is...everything is within a half hour


I love the size of the school. There is such a variety of people that you can enjoy different groups of friends and meets lots of new people in classes. In addition to the sudent body, I love the campus. It is small enough where you can get to your classes quickly. The surrounding area also offers so much in terms of food and social events. Norfolk has a lot of fun places.


My school is very fun and accepting.




I boast to all of my friends that Geology is the best major because we normally go on 3 field trips in each class per semester. The entertainment of field work easily breaks up the monotony of classroom academics.


I use these exact sentences: "ODU is the best school ever! Seriously, come visit if you don't believe me. It's the best school and everyone should go there!"


I brag about the flexibility in the class scheduling and diversity among students. Studies are innovative classes and the distance learning setting promotes a deeper understanding of culture.


Since ODU is ranked #6 in our football athletics i brag about that all the time. I mean this is a lifetime memory where i can brag to my children's children about how my college football team made it to the NCAA championships. Who can brag about that other than huge colleges such as Albama State or even Oregon state. I hope our football team keep impressing everyone years to come. We are the underdogs! Go ODU !


The best type of place to start a life away from your family. Having grown up in the area I dont feel like I'm in Norfolk when I am on campus because of the diverse atmosphere. There are plenty of ways to get involve in the school and make long lasting friends with a wide variety of clubs and organizations. There are also many departments available to help you grow academically and as a person. The University definitely helps you during you time there and sets you up for success after you graduate.


It has the best Theatre Program!


I tell them about how much I love the food here. We have many different places where the students may eat for free at. I am never hungry while I am here.


We have the best sports teams in our state.


When talking with others i explain to them that ODU id a great school to attend.


Old dominon University has a great sports program. With our new football team, out-standing basketball team, and our sailing program we are coming up as one of the greats in the college sports world. Also, I like to brag about the schools engineering program. We are one of the top ranked schools in the state when it comes to this. That is really what made me want to attend Old Dominion and that made it my number one school choice.


About our new football team!


We have great faculty.


location, school spirit, sports, atmosphere


Old Dominion University is full of diverse organizations which suit the needs of all students.


The sense of community, and how friendly the staff and faculty are. I brag about how you can always find something to do on campus and the campus is diverse; therefore, you get to interact with a lot of different people. How good are football team did for its first year, and the everyone has school spirit.


I brag about the fun events.


The thing I brag about most when telling my friend about my school is how much the professors want to help the students. During my high school years, I always felt like I was in a constant competition with my teachers, trying to prove them wrong about my academic capabilities, but when I started school at Old Dominion, I truly felt like my professors wanted me to succeed. This had made a huge difference in my academic career. I want to not only do well for myself, but for my professors as well.


When bragging about ODU i mention our Rock Climbing wall in our brand new REC Center. I also mention our brand new football team that had the best starting season of any school EVER.


How the classes are fun and interesting and that's what motivates me to keep the good grades and high gpa that i already have.


I don't brag about anything when I talk to my friends about my school.


The convience because its in the city and close to the beach. The sporting events and how school spirited all the students are.


I brag about the School Spirit that everyone has. Everyone that goes to my school is proud of the fact.


Campus Life, academics, the helpful professors, financial aid, and I can get around campus without an car


The best part about living in Norfolk and attending Old Dominion University is being able to balance school, work and social activities. I love living near the beach and in an urban envriornment!


Campus. its organized and in place


Academic/campus life


Most of the time I brag about the facilities and new editions such as our new football field, first year football team, new recreational center, and things of that nature.


I would brag that Old Dominion University is a massive school with great diversity which provides a great advantage of other colleges and universitites. Also, the professors are not simply looking for a paycheck but actually there to teach and help students excel beyond their expectations.


When I brag about Old Dominion University, I speak mostly on the people there and the new construction done on campus. Our campus is looking brand new and better every day, while the people there are some of the best people I will ever meet.


Our great campus. It is beautiful and very well taken care of.


Nothing, really.


Our lady's basketball team is the best in the state of Virginia. They have won 16 straight conference championships!


Everything is within walking distance. Mostly what you need you will be able to get without a car.


my Teachers, and how much i learn.


I tell my friends about the feeling that I receive when I'm walking around campus. It just gives me a feeling that says ,"I'm home, I'm where I should be." Its hard to describe to people know have never experienced that feeling, but for those know have its wonderful. I wouldn't change school for anything. I'm home.


I discuss the interactions that I enjoy with professors and advisors on campus. They are all kind and helpful, quite a few of them I have an existing repitroire and working relatioship with.


How there is field of study for just about everyone.


Campus life, academic and career opportunities, friendly atmosphere, great campus


Beach being close, music shows


We have a monerall


Mostly, I brag about how close it is to the ocean. Many of my friends moved away from home for college, out west. So they are pretty far from an ocean to swim in.


I brag more about the women's basketball team than anything else.


I brag about my teacher, DR. habib and the wonderful english department.


The city of Norfolk and ODU's proximity to the beach.


The location and size of the school. Also the hands on courses available.


It's great size, okay location, plenty to do and learn.