Old Dominion University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A Lion.


The kind of person looking for interaction with diverse cutural/ethnic groups. Individuals who love the beach/ocean will definitely enjoy themselves at ODU.


If your an average person who does all his or her work, feel free to come to this school. The school requires people who are active and are able to benefit the college after they graduate. ODU looks for students who are hard workers that can balance their lifestyle with schoo work. In ODU uou must be dedicated to your goals and achieve your dreams.


There is no specific type of person that should attend Old Dominion University. The school is so diverse, that anyone can find a place to fit in. There are multiple clubs, societies, sports teams, and Greek affiliations. There is truly something for everyone.


Any body could attend this school. This school is perfect for someone who is shy and does not know how to make friends easily. I was a very shy person, and Old Dominion helped me make friends and become a better person.


Old Dominion University is a very diverse college, hosting students of all races. When students are looking to find the right college, they want to see which college fits their personality and goals the best. Old Dominion University is a great school because there is a large variety of people attending. If one is interested in exciting footballs, laid-back people and fun teachers then Old Dominion University would be the right school for you. If you love being a short drive to the beach or mall- attend. The Ol' Dirty is a great school for all.


The kind of person to attend this school should be well driven in taking their future career to the next level. This person should also be optimistic in making their future a bright one and is willing to inspire others in doing the impossible.


Old Dominion University is perfect for those that are positive and open minded. There are a variety of activities for anyine to do here. We are a very diverse school, so it is good to be an open minded person to get a long at this school.


People who are interested in getting a quality education, working with experienced instructors, being served by a helpful staff, and having plenty of research opportunities and help along the way should attend this school. The staff is an effective resource for students looking to get in to graduate school/


People who like being near the water and being surrounded by city life.


A passionate, diligent, tenacious individual is one who should attend this University. At my school, we are proud of what we do within our campus walls and outside them in our community. It's absolutely imperative that we all come together as honest individuals, motivated to make a difference and be ourselves in a constantly changing society. ODU students must be hardworking, adaptive people.


I would say you should only attend ODU if you are a social person. Attend to ODU if you like to have plenty of resources and oppurtunities around you. You should be prepared for plenty of distractions. Positive distractions may consist of football games, and concerts. Negative distractions consist of parties, and peer pressure. Attend ODU if you are ready to become a monarch!


Really any type. We have a wide variety of people here. Most people are career focused.


Someone who is committed to learning, accepting of diversity, focused, and prepared to work hard should attend this school.


This school would be a good choice for engineering students in the area. It a good program in a growth field. ODU offers lots of connections to prospective local employers, and there are plenty more nearby. There is a lot of important research going on, and as a result a lot of very talented people.


I believe a very open-minded person should attend this school.


Someone interested in a school with a lot of diversity, including opportunities for international students.


Any one can attend this school. It is a very diverse campus many different types of people everywhere you go. I really would recommend this school to any engineering student that hopes to get a well paying job after school.


A person who enjoys a growing university campus, along with being in the center of a booming area. The area surrounding the on campus is full of laid back area's to hang out, along with several shopping centers, and dance clubs are plenty to be found. Old Dominion University is the perfect place for a first time college student to attend, even a person who is scared of being away from home. Old Dominion University has a way of capturing your heart.


any type of person can attend it but you have to be able to pay for it if not you dont do much you dont actually do anything.


A person who is open to different people; one who enjoys diversity. Also, a person would is goal-oriented and does their workload on time and effeciently. Anybody who is willing to meet new people and make long lasting relationships and friendships would love to be attending this university as well.


Those who attend Old Dominion University should be open to expreriencing new things and meeting new people. Old Dominion is a very diverse campus and offers its students a chance to learn about other cultures.


a person that is open to being diverse and to many new experiences. someone who is ready to have a lot of school spirit. someone who likes sporting events. someone who likes being close to the beach but still okay with living in the city. someone who is open to many majors and things that old dominion has to offer thier students.


Anyone looking for a great education and a wonderful university experience.


Someone who loves the beach, wants a suburban atmosphere outside of a city, wants a bigger school but not too big where you are just a number


A well organized individual that is habitually self-motivated. This individual cannot rely on past experiences to determine future success or failure. They cannot be afraid of failure, to ask for help, or be unwilling to leave their comfort zone on occasion.


A positive, open-minded person who is commited to their education should attend ODU. You should be a person that is able to make good decisions and not be distracted by the party scene.


Honestly this school is very diverse in ethnicity and culture. So anyone is welcome, I have yet to hear of anyone that is not meant for our school.


That is the great thing about ODU. Anyone can attend this school and fit right in because of the school's diversity in their student population. However, if someone is not particularly fond of diversity or large schools in a urban background, I do not recommend the school.


Any person who wishes to advance their career. Old Dominion has a diverse array of degrees available for all types of people. The university doesn't really offend any one group of people from participating.


The type of person that should attend Old Dominion University, is an individual who is highly motivated to learn and do well academically. Not only is academics important, they must be a well-rounded student. They have to want to get involved in campus activities and join organizations or clubs on campus. It is important that this person is open-minded when it comes to meeting others from different cultures and backgrounds. Old Domionin University is big on school spirit, so this individual must want to wear school colors on Sprirt Fridays. ODU is for the well-rounded student!


A person that is open-minded to learning new ideas and prepared to have an ultimate learning experience along with being open to being socially connected because that is what being a monarch is all about!


When attending Old Dominion University, the type of student that would thrive best would be a diverse, open-minded, enthusiastic person. The student body and faculty members at ODU are very school spirited and very diverse. There are many clubs and co-curricular groups at ODU that incorporate one or many different cultures, races and genders. ODU's students, faculty and alumni are also very, very school spirited. Old Dominion's athletic department is highly endorsed and has an overwhelmingly high number of fans.


A hardworking, driven person who is going to stay focused on their academics


I think that bright, hardworking students who see's themself in the buisness world as succsessful people should go to this school, and students who are open to new culture.


a person who is motivated and hardworking. You must know what you want to do with your life when it comes to picking a major or a job. Have a well rounded spirit and willing to learn more . Have school spirit , be willing to volunteer. Just have fun while learning.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be a person who is serious about there academics and not caring about being caught up in the social life in surrounding towns.


Old Dominion is not a school of discrimination. However in my opinion, students who are willing to work hard, and be apart of the school will enjoy being a student at Old Dominion. Old Dominion doesn't have any tolerance for any student who does not go to class and flunk class.


people who enjoy being in a quite environment


Someone who is interested in diversity and a multidisciplinary appraoch to education. Old Dominion is a wonderful school for those who want to pursue education or engineering.


Anybody can attend this school and fit in. There is a group or organization for everyone and everyone is accepting of different cultures and backgrounds. The work load may seem daunting at times, but what you will get out of your expirence at ODU is going to stay with you for a life time.


Outgoing people looking for new experiences. Coming from a very small town in NJ, ODU's diversity has opened me up to new outlooks on life and has changed me for the better. I couldn't imagine going to any other school.


Person's dedicated to receiving an education.


Very focused and business oriented person.


Any one that like diversty and enjoys learning.


A person who is willing to go beyond what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to assignments in ALL of their classes.


Any student can attend this school. It's very diverse and open to anyone. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to attend this University. There are so many kinds of people on campus. All different races, ethnicities, and cultures are all over the campus. It is a fantastic place to meet new people from all over the world and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to meet new and exciting people. This university welcomes any kind of person and I think that's how every school should be.


Someone who is serious about their future but also wants to maintain a social life, enjoy the atmosphere they study in, and make friends.


Any available person should attend this school. Unless a students wants to do study farm or rural studies, this college is a prime place to study.


A person who is social but could be a hard worker. There are many things on this campus that you could get involved with, but you have to mangage your time well to succeed.