Olivet Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I, being a musician, love the music classes and art classes offered at my school. The campus is very large and allows for the company of many people while studying, or you can find a private spot in many of the areas to do private studying. The clubs on the campus are pretty abundant and cater to more than just sororities and fraternities.


I have never bragged about my school.


I brag to my friends the most about how much scholarship money I get from Olivet. Olivet is known for how much support they get from alumini and how much the scholarhip money helps their students attend the university.


How beautiful the campus is and how personable the professors are. Because it is a smaller school professors are able to get to know students on a more personal basis. They become your friends and really have a desire to help you succeed. When you are away from home it is really encouraging to have professors that care about you.


I usually tell them about how many awesome friends I've made here.


Great professors who really care about your work and growth both personally and spiritually.


I brag about the Christian atmophere at my school. The people are amazing, and the teachers really care about their students. To learn so much about yourself and God in one of the most developing stages in life is an amazing opputunity.


I brag about the people there. The students and the professors are so encouraging. At first you think they're all crazy, but you learn that they are just excited about learning and helping you learn. A lot of the people there are optimistic and love everyone. This is the ype of environment that I love to be in.


That the classroom size is small, and you can really meet the people on campus. Also since it is a private, Christian school, professors give devotions or say a prayer to begin class. Olivet is definitely a community driven school. I never have a teaching assistant teach my class, it is always someone who has the status of a professor or doctors, who knows what they are talking about.


I love that the majority of the campus does not drink.


That it is close to Chicago. Around 50mins. And the campus looks like a garden.


I probably brag most about the campus life in general. I love my friends that i've made here. We have so many events where our school comes together and just has fun together. It feels as if we're a big family, and like we're at camp all year round.