Oral Roberts University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Oral Roberts University is a center for high quality education, christian growth, and athletic development through the support and assistance of coaches, professors and faculty members.


A place that has great staff, that seems to really care about their students and really care about education, and a place with the friendliest students that are easy to get along with.


I would say my school is very unique and has creative and amazing people.


I am a transfer student and they have made me feel very very welcome here.


Oral Roberts University is a Christ-Centered school that strongly encourages the growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit.


ORU is a school interested in educating the whole person, spirit , mind and body, and equipping students to be influential leaders in their chosen fields and the society.


Oral Roberts University is a comprehensive university interested in developing the whole person, nuturing traits such as intellectual abilities, physical fitness, and professional competence, so all who attend may succeed in whatever they plan to do in life.


Christian School based on the Bible and the Holy Spirit


Very academic based but very school spirited and involved in the community.


My school is a meeting place of the most brilliant minds, and those who wish to know the widom offered.


Oral Roberts University is amazingly diverse, not only in people, but also in ideas, with a strong sense of belonging and closeness that you dont ever want to graduate!


Oral Roberts University is an inspiring, uplifting, spiritual school.


A place for the whole person to gorw, spirit, mind and body.


I loved ORU, and it was always my first choice. Since graduating, I know that the school has made MANY changes and upgrades, both cosmetically and academically. I would highly recommend this school to prospective stduetns. The only bd thing I have taken away from it is all the student debt I have, which basically amounts to a house mortgage, but I wouldn't trade my experiences or relationships cultivated there for anything.


My school has the potential to be one of the best universities on Earth, but there is a lot of updating that needs to happen. There needs to be an update on the rules, how some of the things at the school are structured and many new buildings and equipment.


An ethnic and culturally diverse school of higher education to train people to go into their chosen field as professionals while maintaining a Christian worldview.


It's a wonderful place to grow academically, as well as emotionally, socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually.


Oral Roberts University is a Christian university that seeks to bring new relevance to Christianity by training their students to excel in all areas and live healthy lives; ORU allows one to learn and grow in an environment where one is "safe" to explore and discover one's core self.


It's a great place to get a Christian education