Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not religious would probably be very frustrated. I am a very liberal person and already I am getting frustrated with the school.


People without a desire to know Jesus Christ or serve Him


It's very interesting to see some students who attend Oral Roberts University leave the school due to disagreeing with what it stands. One must understand that this university is a private Christian school. Anyone is welcomed of course, but the school focuses on the student's well-being and their relationship with God. We have devotions, nights of worship, etc. If one is unconfortable with that setting, I could understand. Maybe it's not for that person. They should keep in mind, however, the mentality of the school.


A person that doesn't wanted to grow deeper in their relationship with God or doesn't want to be stretched in higher levels in the academics.


Someone who doesn't really have a career goal,thirst for knowlege or relationship w/ God.


Someone who does not take academics seriously and desires to live an unbalanced, unhealthy life.


One who is not serious about learning. You will get the best education here that will prepare you for your furture.


Someone who isn't a Christian will probably get pissed off by having to go to chapel and the Bible courses that are required and such...


Someone who likes large schools, or who wants to be in a soroity or fraternity.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person that is not movitated to excel in all areas of life. A person that is not ready to work hard in the classroom. A student who is not spiritually alive, physically disciplined, intellectually elert, or socially adapt will not succed at this school.


Someone who doesn't like small schools, or has a problem with and/ or following conservative old school Christian views and rules in the open


Agnostic, Extremely liberal, close minded, harsh or bitter towards the church or religion.


Non-Charismatic or Non-Evangelical Christians, liberals, freethinkers.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who does not want to be at a christian school. Another type of person that should not attend is someone who does not want to be responsible and behave responsibly and any person that does not want to do school work but only wants to go to school to party.


People who are not open to ideas that are contrary to their own, who have such a distinct of how things work that they are not willing to learn new ways or possibilities.


An athiest or person who does not agree with the Charismatic ministry should look for another school.


Anyone willing to work hard, has an open mind to Christ, and is willing to open up socialy tomany different people.


The type of person who won't take their work seriously, who doesn't want to grow. Or perhaps the person who won't be okay with the spirituality of the surroundings. In reality, it's a Christian college, but they'd accept others as well, if the student can still comply with chapel, etc. ORU requires discipline, but also a person who's not scared to have fun. However, if a person is not called here, he/she should not come. Period.


The kind of person that is looking for a party school or an easy ride. Anyone who is not dedicated to working hard, is small minded, easily offended or cannot handle challenges. Anyone not willing to be part of a community or not willing to give back and sow kindness and the love of Christ.


The kind of person that should attend ORU should be one that expects to be challenged intectually, physcially, and spiritually. This person should possess the determination and drive to excell and expect nothing less than a quality education. In addition, striving for personal growth and development and possessing a good attitude.


People who have a problem with authority because there are various established strict rules and regulations at ORU (ie curfew, dress code, etc).


Any person who is not willing to follow rules should not attend.