Oral Roberts University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about the school is the integration of the Christian faith with secular and academic courses. The professors are sound in their docterine and experienced in their fields. The professors really do care for us students and I honestly believe that every student knows it.


The best thing I thin is the best about this is school is the diversity. We have every person from every state, country and nation from around the world. Its such a diverse school that you cant help but to learn about someone from another place. It opens your eyes to the world and what it has for you just in one setting. Its diversity speaks out load and every person has his/her own story to tell.


The best thing about Oral Roberts University is the people you meet there. They are all passionate Christians that are excited about what they do...and they're very cool and down-to-earth. In only one year, I've met people who I know I will still be friends with 10 or even 20 years down the road. These guys have supported me through thick and thin, and whatever problems arise between me and another friend are quickly resolved.


The best thing about my school are the professors. They are great teachers and are exceptional people as well.


The best thing about Oral Roberts University is the encouragement students receive not only to better themselves, but to become all that they can be in order to help others. There is a strong emphasis on stepping outside yourself and acting in true concern and love for people all over the world. Every class, every chapel meeting, even the atmosphere speaks, "You can do it! Be all that you can be, because others need what you have!" It is a wonderful school with an atmosphere of kindness and selflessness.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the campus itself, because it is so beautiful in so many words.


The unity of our school is amazing. We have enough people that there is a lot of variety, but yet we are all close to each other.


The whole person focus; how they seek to build you, train you spirit, mind and body


I really value the quality of education that I am recieving here from such distinguised and succesful people in a diverse arena of fields of study. Their success compels and inspires me to make the most of my time here so that I can excel in my career.


The friendlienss of the students on campus has made college fun. Finding the support to make it through classes or just someone to hang out with could not be easier. The positive atmosphere on campus encourages students to achieve their best.


the atmosphere of God's presence on campus everywhere


Christian Atmosphere


ORU has a very friendly environment in which it is easy to grow and learn. They also prepare you for after college by helping you find yourself a job or even finding a job for you. ORU is a christian college for which I am thankful.


Personally I love the fact that you can openly discuss religion at this school without fear of people looking at funny.


The Christian environment. It takes out so many other issues such as alcohol and drugs. Allows to focus on school work and a less stressful social life.


The spiritual life and quality of teachers and students.


The best thing about my school is probably that the professors are very credible, they are always available and they really do care about the students and their success.


The best thing about my school is the diversity on campus. I love knowing people from all around the world. Even though there are people from everywhere it still feels like a close knit community, which is what I love. The academics is also excellent. It defintely challenges you to be the best you can be.


The best thing about ORU are the people. No matter where your from, the peiple is what makes the school. Every person brings something different to the school. Majority of the students are friendly and geninue. As a body of students, we are all there for one another. without the people at ORU, the school would not be ORU.


the community spirit


The friends you make.


I love the openness and availability of the professors to help students outside of the classroom. We don't have to settle for a professor's assistant because each faculty member has office hours throughout the week that are readily available.


THe best thing about ORU is the involvement with God and how this school has opened my eyes.


The best thing about Oral Roberts University, is the friendliness and compassion of most of it's students and faculty. There are endless amounts of extra-curricular activities, in the school and out in the community. And because of the small size of the school and teh campus, I love that everyone knows each other and is always willing to help.


The Chapel services, they are amazing and Take you right into the throne room.


A first-class academic experience in a strong, charismatic, Christian environment.