Orange Coast College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I do not know.


Phoenix was one of the first online Universities in the nation, it has grown exponentially over the years and I feel that they are moving in the right direction


The school is best known for its soccer team, the many different fields of Arts; painting, film, phototagrophy, furniture design, fashion, interior design, flower design, and ceramics our welding is one of the best for community colleges companies like Miller, Lincoln Electric contact the school asking for welders all the time.


It is best know for its sports programs and academic classes. The teachers are well known for being the best at what they teach. The campus which Orange Coast College resides on feels like a real University campus. It is very open and spacious, with the luxury of new building going in almost every semester to provide students for higher learning abilities. The location of the campus is also very helpful to a lot of local students that don't have to drive so far.


Orange Coast College is best known for its constructive professors. Through constructive professors comes stupendous students. The professors here go far and beyond in aiding their students to aspire in reaching their goals. These professors often go out of their way to be proficient in their teaching and doing everything they possibly can for any student they come across. Professors of this college have great personalities and easily have a close bond with their students. They have an immense amout of patience and admiration for both their students and their position as an educator. They are highly respectable human beings.


I would s.ay that my school is best known for the quality of the education which is offered to the students and community locally and internationally. Accessibility and efficiency on many levels of on campus services offered, as well as comparitively low tuition costs, make Orange Coast College a great and viable stepping stone in the journey of one's education.