Orange Coast College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I get lost easily.


I do not feel frustrated with my school they truly set students up for success. The professors have high expectations and I feel prepared to transfer to the University of California.


Everyone is busy with their stuff and it doesn't feel like a college. There is not alot of school activies.


The most frustrating aspect of Orange Coast College is the commute. It takes at least 45 minutes in the mornings to get to school because of traffic and the need to drive the freeway.


I am currently attending a community college in California, and am experiencing first hand what a bad economy does for college students. The school has very little money to hand out, and very few employees to work on assigning the money. The most frustrating thing I've encountered at my school is the time it takes to recieve financial aid, and the small amount of money they are capable of awarding.


The most frustratung thing about my school is dedicating your time into classes and textbooks. Students like me have to study really hard and college is no joke. College is a place where people can success into careers.