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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My name is Roxanna Castillo and if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say don't give up. What you do in high school can determine how college will be. Listen to your sister when she says you need to study, becasue if you have a low grade point average you will not be able to go straight to a University and you will waste more time. Education is very important and it is not about getting passing grades. Just finish high school, you will love college. College will be harder, but you will be able to choose the classes you want and you will be working towards your dream job. Fill out scholarships this year because when you go to college tuition is very expensive and you will be a grown up and have even more bills. Enjoy your senior year to the fullest and give it all you've got. Your grade point average will separate you from the other students, so try your best. Most of all believe in yourself, because I promise you are smart and can do so much better then you give yourself creedit for.


The advice that I would give yself if I were able to go back in time and make the arragements for transistioning to college life would be to start looking early on for colleges that offer selected career field studies. I would strongly advise that financial aid is a must when looking to enroll into college, and to search for your best options for financial aid in order to ensure and meet your financial needs and goals. I would suggest to meet with the financial campus aid to fully understand how to meet your needs and to afford college.