Pitzer College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pitzer is known for having a liberal campus that allows their students to stand for their beliefs and change the world around them. Apart from holding the title of college with the best food, students at Pitzer are also known to be some of the happiest college students. Not only are Pitzer students friendly, creative, and positive, but we are also intelligent and determined. Most of us seek to help make the world a better place through cultural understanding and nearly most of the student body studies abroad before graduating to experience cultural understanding.


Pitzer is best known for being a bunch of hippies, but that's not necessarily true. We were built in the 60's and there have been many hold-over stereotypes from that era. However, we do believe in social responsibility and we do like to reduce our impact on the environment (both of which have been twisted to make us look like hippies.) We're also known for our non-traditional Educational Objective system (take a look, it's the best)! And, lastly, two major music festivals: Reggaefest and Kohoutek.