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Pitzer is a small school, which means that most of the student body knows one another and it is inevitable for students to establish some sort of relationship with their professors. Pitzer does not only feel like a college campus, but it also feels like a tight-nit community in which everyone is willing to help one another. Although it was only established in 1963, Pitzer has made a name of itself in just 50 years. The campus on its own transmits positive energy and provides a friendly atmosphere for everyone. It is a warm enviornment overall.


Hear from those who lived to tell the tale--a tale as old as time: Roommate horror stories


Pitzer students describe how they're managing in an economic recession.


5 students give us an inside look into...their bags!


10 Topics, 8 Students; this is the Best of what Pitzer has to offer.


The student body population at Pitzer is changing. The slacker/hippie type of person is getting rarer and rarer. Instead the incoming body is smart and motivated. In the next couple of years Pitzer will hopefully become a school recognized for not only environmental awarness but also academics.


The laundry machines accept Claremont Cash, meaning you can use your id card to do laundry instead of a stack of quarters. This is very convenient. We also have seven or so dining halls. If you get bored of one, you have a variety to pick from. This is also very convenient. Take advantage of it.